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Proven exercises for weight loss at home

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To have a sporty fit figure in our time – the norm. With an abundance of fitness centers, gyms and weight-loss products, literally jumping out of television and online advertising, having extra kilograms seems to be indecent. Not everyone is willing to spend time playing sports outside the home. There are several reasons for this: it’s a pity to go there and back, a lack of money or a banal shyness. It does not matter, there are excellent exercises for weight loss at home, tested by many, now slim, people.

When self-study, the main thing – do not forget about discipline, regularity and proper nutrition. No complex will be used for the future, if you do it when you want, and then have a snack with buns. Therefore, the proposed program is designed for an elementary diet and daily half-hour classes.

Warm up

Any exercise will benefit from warm muscles, so you can avoid injury and concentrate load. Warm-up start from the upper body, gradually going down:

shoulder girdle;

The easiest way to warm up is to work out all joints with rotational movements and then rubbing the skin.

Warm up at home

Warm-up for hands and shoulder girdle

Rotation of the joints. The right and left shoulder can be operated simultaneously or in turn. The brushes do not hang out, but are compactly assembled into a fist.
Rotate the elbows, both simultaneously in different directions.
Circular movements of clenched hands.

Warm-up for hands and shoulder girdle

Warm up lumbar

Stand straight, work to be only the body. Perform alternate twisting of the torso left and right, with fixation of the legs and pelvis. The shoulders, neck and head in this exercise are also immobile, and the gaze is in front of you. Perform 30 turns.
Standing, back straight. Perform 10 twists in a row left and right.

Warm up lumbar

Stretch your legs

Start with a stop. Place them alternately with the toe on the floor and rotate them without lifting them.
Stand straight, legs together. It is necessary to carry out lifting on the socks, linger for 1-2 seconds and return to the opposite position.

After the warm-up you can proceed to the main program.

Stretch your legs

Complex for weight loss

Since the exercises for losing weight at home are designed for every day, they will not take much time. They should be carried out in the morning when the body is most active.

Tightened buttocks

Static squats. Stand straight, legs wider than shoulders, bent at the knee at a right angle. Exercise is to stay in this fixed position for a long time.
Classic squats. The perfect exercise for the buttocks. Perform several techniques for 20-50 times in a row.
Jumping out. Starting position – squatting. Perform a jump up as high as possible and return to the end. Do about 20 times.


Slender legs

Mixing breeding. Starting position – lying on a flat surface. At the same time, under the pelvis for a small lift, place an aid or hands. Legs with feet together to lift up and spread to the sides, and then back. Do this exercise at least 10 times.
Sumo squats. Stand straight, feet shoulder-width apart, feet and knee joints turn out. Perform slow squats to the half-squat position and lock in it for as long as possible. Then return to the starting position and continue the exercises. Repeat up to 10 times.
Mahi. In the prone position, bend the lower limb at the knee joint. Upper straightened foot slowly swinging to the maximum possible height. These exercises for losing weight at home are good for beginners and have a good response in the muscles.

sumo squat

Tight belly

Press. The prone position, head put on the wrists, legs straight. Raise the torso, touching the knees of the chest, and return to the starting position.
Twisting. Starting position – lying on a flat surface, knees bent. Perform hull lifting with twisting.
Lift the legs. Exodus – as in the previous exercises. Raise your legs to an angle of 45 degrees and lock in this state, how much strength is enough. Run up to 10 repetitions.

home press

Graceful back

The back, in particular the spine, is responsible for the viability of the whole organism: joints, nerves, internal organs and the muscular skeleton. Keep it in good shape is necessary.

Starting position – lying on your back, arms along the body, knees bent. Raise the pelvis up and down, trying to increase the amplitude, and linger at the top point a little longer.
The position of the original is the same. Raise up arms and legs, slightly lifting the pelvis, return to the opposite position and repeat up to 40 times.
Lying on your stomach, lift up all four limbs at the same time and come back. Repeat up to 40 times.
Tightened hands
Push-ups are classic women. Take an emphasis lying down, as in the male version, only the legs below the knees placed on the floor. Perform the exercise about 10 times.
Bench press. A low chair or sofa will do. Turn your back to the selected object, crouch on the floor, with a basin and elongated straight legs pressed to it. Hands to take up the projectile, rise, tearing the hips from the floor. Now, from this position, crouch down, bending your elbows, without touching the ground with the buttocks. Repeat up to 20 times.
Statics. Stand straight, arms in front of the body horizontally. Keep this position as long as possible.

Here is a simple set of exercises for weight loss at home for women and men. To lose weight went faster, you must not forget about the diet. Now we will analyze it in more detail.

Classic women's pushups

How to fix weight loss diet

Balanced nutrition – the key to early weight loss. Appearance and well-being in general depend on the quantity and quality of food consumed. This is a reason enough reason to reconsider your diet, get rid of bad food habits and get useful ones.

Calorie deficit

If you are overweight, there is such an opinion that a person who is losing weight should consume a little less nutrients than is prescribed by the norms.

The calculation of the required amount can be made according to the formula: (655+ (height in cm * 1.8) + (weight in kg * 9.6) – (age, full years * 4,700 * activity coefficient)

The last component is different according to this principle:

1.2 for a person not sports,
1.38 – about regularities from 1 to 3 lessons per week,
1.55 – 3-5 lessons per week,
1.73 – more than 5 workouts weekly.

For people who want to lose weight, from the result of the calculation should throw 400-500 calories.

The balance of fat, protein and carbohydrates

In the daily diet, proteins should be removed 30-40% of the total mass, fats up to 20% and 30-40% carbohydrates. The latter should preferably be consumed from morning to dinner, inclusive, and in the late afternoon switch to proteins (eggs, white chicken and lean beef, fish products, cottage cheese and dairy products, nuts, soy).

protein dinner

Bad food – exclude

Undoubtedly, for the sake of a good figure, you should forget about some tasty, but harmful food. Sweets, muffins, street food, drinks with glucose, fatty, fried, smoked and spicy – exclude forever. It is difficult, but if you do not abandon the above products, those extra pounds will remain in place, and even increase. Even if you do the most effective exercises for fast weight loss, but do not comply with the correct diet, the results will not be. Only disappointment from the “nothing” of the work done will come.

With the right approach, many products can be replaced by more useful ones. Stevia instead of sugar, fresh yogurt instead of sour cream, “Caesar” instead of “Olivier”, fresh lemonade instead of store products, and so on. On a diet, life does not end.

Stevia instead of sugar

Reduce portions

This will increase the frequency of meals, and the feeling of fullness will come from smaller amounts of food. As a result, metabolism will accelerate, and calories will burn faster. Ideal to bring the number of meals up to 5-6 times.

power crushing

Avoid monodiet

They are not suitable for everyone, while there is a risk of transferring the body to the “stock for a rainy day” mode, or even the Plato effect and weight loss.

In conclusion, I want to say this. In the article, we found out what exercises to do for weight loss, how to eat at this time. But discipline, organization and the desire not to instill any text. The rescue of a drowning man, as I recall, is in his hands.

The desired weight consists of exercise and diet. Individually, it does not work.

Weight loss rarely comes quickly. Perseverance, setting a real goal and achieving it is the right way.
Want to be slim – be. You are the main adviser for your body, and no one else.

Record your results: regular photos, volume measurements and weighing – help you see if things are moving in that direction.


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