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Protein. How to take to grow muscles of steel?

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Millions of people daily wonder – how to bring your body in perfect condition? It would seem, and in the hall do regularly, and eat properly and muscles don’t grow. If you are familiar with these issues should refer to the protein. And here is how to drink protein, read on.

To begin, let’s understand what is a protein? Protein is a pure protein. Its uniqueness lies in the fact that, once in the body, protein is degraded to such an important thing as amino acids. These substances in turn serve as indispensable building blocks for muscles. If you want to change and create a body of Apollo, without the protein can not do. Learn to accept it, and stable growth of muscle fibers you are guaranteed.

Protein. How did it happen?

There are four types of protein:

  • Whey.
  • Soy.
  • Albumin.
  • Casein.

They differ from each other by the origin and processing methods. But to say unequivocally what is right for you, it is impossible. Each of them has a list of advantages and disadvantages. The choice is yours.

So you have a better understanding of the protein and from which it is obtained, let’s consider varieties of whey protein and their composition. At its core is natural cow milk:

  • The hydrolyzate is one of the most convenient varieties of whey protein. Its convenience is that it is almost instantly absorbed and everything else has additional enzymes that contribute to its better absorption.
  • Isolate – contains in its composition of over 95% protein. Considered the most purified product.
  • Concentrate – contains in its composition from 20 to 80% protein.

Why did we choose for example is whey protein? But because he is the most “fast” from all types of product, respectively, the most rapidly absorbed by the body. Not just whey protein – your favorite protein professional bodybuilders. Thanks to the “speed” and whey product it promotes faster muscle mass of the body.

When drinking a “slow” protein, depends on several factors. Including, time of day, your workout and the goals you put before yourself and your body. How it correctly to make, read on.

Note that the “slow” protein also has several varieties:

  • Casein;
  • Ordinary protein;
  • Proteins of plant origin.

Want to “dry” and work relief? Needed a “fast” protein.

You’re in the mood for a gradual weight, or want to recover after heavy physical exertion? “Slow” protein. Professional athletes usually combine these two kinds of protein.

So how do you make the protein?

So how to eat protein to grow muscles? This depends on the type of protein and type of physical activity that affects the human body.

The average athlete drinks protein not more than 6 times a day. The middle portion does not exceed 30 grams of product. How to take protein? There are 3 rules that will help you to understand this question:

  • Morning. You just woke up and may even not feel hungry, but your body already needs in the portions of the “building material”. Half an hour after waking up, feel free to eat your first serving.
  • You can’t do without protein before a grueling workout. An hour and a half before the start of classes, serving not hurt.
  • After a workout your body is much wearied and exhausted. Nourish it will the protein. He will fill the lack of amino acids in the body and allow the body to recover.

When to make a “fast”, and when “slow” protein? As we mentioned above, it depends on the type of training and goals of the athlete. “Fast” proteins should occupy more than half of your diet. Slow will help your body to recover after a long day. Take them before bedtime. Do not forget that the process of “building” your muscles continue during sleep.

If you’re inclined to corpulence, and spend months in the fight against excess weight, do not worry ahead of time. For your body to become perfect, you need to change the ratio of proteins in the diet. It should be about 80% of “fast” proteins and 20% slow.

How and when to take protein – the concerns of most men and women involved in sports. As you can see, nothing complicated. One has only to remember two or three simple rules, be systematic, conscientious performance. Start to follow them, and a few months you will not recognize your body. In this world, any changes depend on our will. The main thing to want. Go for it!

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