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Protein Atlas 80

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Atlas 80 is a protein manufactured in Belarus, characterized by cheap and low quality product on the sports nutrition market. Nowadays, many athletes involved in power sports, you know that the highest-quality supplements for sports nutrition are made exclusively abroad – in America and in Europe, where controlled release of food properly. Atlas 80 is a product which received a large amount of criticism from the society bodybuilders and other athletes.

Negative attitude to this Supplement was the result of the fact that different forums for different sports sounded a lot of criticism. Almost all the athletes pointed to the unpleasant sugary taste additives, digestive problems, problematic solubility and, most importantly, the lack of adequate effect. Almost everyone who bought a similar product, had only problems than good.


The manufacturer indicates the following content of components:

  • Protein is about 80 g.
  • Carbohydrates – almost 9 g.
  • Fat – total 0.5 g

As it turned out, after careful analysis, 100 g of a protein Supplement Atlant 80 contains only 14 g of protein. In this regard, it should be noted that even at very low prices, to buy this product is not necessary, as no benefit from it.

Reviews about Atlas 80, and side effects

Paying attention to the comments left on various sports forums and analyzing them, suggests one conclusion: almost all the athletes who took the protein from the firm’s Atlanta, has a side effect. Some athletes pointed to the manifestation of the usual nausea and headaches, as some have noted attacks of vomiting and pain in the stomach. This was marked and positive feedback, where it was argued that the Supplement has a pleasant taste, excellent digestibility and an excellent effect. It is likely that these reviews were false and were of a purely commercial nature, for the greater attractiveness of the product and its placing on the market of sports nutrition.

On a separate forums also conducted a survey, where they assessed the taste, solubility and effectiveness of additives, as well as its price. All indicators assessments, in addition to rates, Atlanta 80 received a very low rating and this is not surprising, as this Supplement on the sports nutrition market, the cheapest but also the most poor. As life shows, to save on your health should not be, as it is fraught with serious negative consequences.

How to choose a quality product

When choosing such supplements, the emphasis should be on efficiency and quality, but not at the price. In our time only in Europe and in America they make quality supplements to sports nutrition, as their legislation does not allow the production of substandard goods, and especially food. So there adhere to standards compared to a domestic manufacturer.

Buying sports Supplement, it is better to carefully study the package, which shall include all contact information. The packaging Atlant 80 do not have such information. Therefore, the main criterion for the purchase of such goods are reviews on social networks, which can easily be forged. Of course, that the major stores don’t do that, because they need to preserve their reputation.

You should not purchase sports nutrition and supplements at random, not trusted sites. In Internet actually find lots of websites that sell one Supplement. For example, it should be noted this Supplement as a protein KSB 55. On the Internet it is offered by many sites, indicating that with its help it is possible to achieve high results just 2 days, and completely get rid of fat in just a week. Well, the main thing is to pay attention to prices: if prices are too low, and the quality of the product is the same.

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