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Prospects and trends in the fitness industry in Russia

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The description of the state of the fitness industry in Russia. Where and how to move in this business? That is not enough fitness market? What are the most popular trends of fitness already came to Russia and how they impact on development? After reading the article, You will learn the answers to these questions.

Federation of bodybuilding and fitness in Russia for many years actively promotes healthy lifestyle, sport, nutrition. The fitness industry has appeared in Russia 20 years ago, but only in the last decade seen an increase in demand for services provided by the fitness centers.

The relevance of fitness services in Russia

Given consumer demand, the Russian sports industry has created an insufficient number of specialized facilities for fitness classes.

According to statistical information from 2017, more than half of Russians want to do at the gym with instructors, the majority of young people from 25 to 35 years.

Of them doing the full 2.5%. The exception is Moscow, where 7% of the population attend fitness clubs. Therefore, in the capital opened more than 500 rooms.

The growing interest in the formation of the body is associated with the new standards of beauty. Earlier it was popular slender appearance, verging on anorexia. Now the most attractive is considered to be a toned hard body with rippling muscles of the abdominals, legs, buttocks, back and arms. This appearance indicates health, vigor, aspiration to self-improvement. It is impossible to obtain with muscled without regular sessions with a fitness instructor. But the specialists in this area a little. The main interest of those who lead classes in fitness-halls, passed a minimum three-month training. In practice, to learn the rules and nuances of fitness in such a short period is impossible.

The second significant problem of fitness in Russia – the growing number of gyms are poorly equipped to full employment. But due to the lack of quality services in this industry, they have their own client base. In the market of sports services there are three companies that created the necessary conditions for fitness activities in Russia:

  • Alex Fitness (60 gyms);
  • Fitness House (49 fitness centers);
  • “Russian fitness-group” (60 clubs).

To complete the work of a sports club you need:

  • cardiovascular equipment (treadmill, stationary bike, orbitrek);
  • rod;
  • dumbbells;
  • strength training for each muscle group – device with a system of pulleys and levers;
  • free weights, allowing athletes to control the development of particular muscle groups.

The amount of the specified inventory is calculated from the scheduled capacity of the hall. Otherwise people will spend time training, waiting for the queue to the trainer.

Fitness in Russia has just begun active development. The main buyers of fitness clubs, office workers, businessmen, media persons. The majority of sports institutions described type belong to the business class. Economy stratum of Russian fitness industry is practically free, although the demand for it begins to grow. According to studies 82% of Russian citizens want to take care of health and beauty, and 37% of healthy life associated with fitness. It often happens that the middle class is not available regular exercise due to the lack in an affordable price range worthy of fitness clubs.

An important factor is the location of the gym. Often clubs are on the outskirts of the city, especially if the place lures to his wealthy clients. Wealthy people prefer to exercise away from prying eyes. Those who use public transportation is inconvenient to visit distant places.

To promote fitness in Russia should be accompanied by the creation of networks of fitness clubs:

  • reasonable prices;
  • inventory;
  • instructors-professionals.

The initial investment will quickly pay off due to high interest of large social strata of the country.

Athleticism and bodybuilding

The prevailing number of Russian men who chose fitness training, prefer bodybuilding. Strength exercises involve the muscle mass of an athlete. New competitor of bodybuilding was weight lifting fitness.

He focuses on creating beautiful relief of the body. The main purpose of the athletic fitness – train all muscle groups. To achieve full development without the daily visits to the gym impossible. The main condition for the increase in muscles – mild stress of the body, stimulating the secretion of growth hormone. If there is no regular load, muscle mass will not increase. One lesson per week will lead to minor burning of calories. Complicated process of the formation of the relief of the body that carry out several exercises aimed at one muscle group, it is impossible. This will lead to severe damage of muscle tissue. The optimal solution is a daily workout that involves the study of different groups of muscles on schedule. The exception is the abdominal muscles. It is recommended not to make long breaks when they are pumping.

With an increase in those wishing to engage in athletic fitness, the number of customers of fitness clubs has increased. But such training needs to an experienced person who understands all the intricacies of sports. To assess the level of professionalism of the athlete can be due to regularly conducted competitions on athletic fitness.

Women’s fitness in Russia

52% of Russian fitness clubs – women. The beautiful half of humanity is always interested in creating the perfect body. Girls rarely prefer intense strength training. Often the women’s selection falls on cardio or group classes with a trainer.

Achieving women competitions fitness bikini. The jury evaluates the proportionality of forms, uniformity of muscles, percentage of fat in the body.

In 2017, the winner of this contest was the 26-year-old resident of Krasnoyarsk Xenia Romanov. The girl is not the first year participating in such contests. Xenia athletic career started in 2012. Now a fitness model has become a benchmark of sports appearance for women in Russia.

Trends in the fitness business

2015-2016 potential customers sports centers were the representatives of the millennial generation. Creating long-term business strategy will have to focus on the psychological characteristics of young people.

The Millennials are inherent in the rejection of the pursuit of status. Millennials prefer to invest only in what is quickly benefits, avoiding responsibility, easily accepts change, seeks fresh impressions. Young people are perfectly familiar with the information space of the Internet. They will have 10 minutes to compare the conditions of several institutions and choose the right on interests, needs, pricing policies.

As a result fitness clubs need to provide updated facilities. To attract the attention of Millennials need to:

  • To create a flexible schedule of visits, and possibly night shift. Young people find a job that allows you to switch to a nonstandard mode of the day.
  • Advertising oriented social network. Using Internet resources for communication, the formation of interest in and opinions of young people.
  • Conducting online training sessions. For example, a stream on the Internet platforms.
  • Flexible package of services including individual course of study rather than purchase standardized versions with a fixed number of hours.
  • Psychological training of trainers. The younger generation values the result received during class emotions. It is therefore important to create a friendly atmosphere training. Particularly appreciated the personal trainers are able to perform part of the duties of a psychologist and nutritionist.
  • Stretching. Stretching has become extremely popular among women. Girls crave to possess the flexibility of ballerinas.
  • Pool and massage. After a hard strength training athletes relax their muscles. Few people will want to flee to the other end of the city to go through the relaxation procedure. Giving customers the opportunity to swim or enjoy a massage, a fitness club will get an additional source of income.
  • Classes on Eastern practices. yoga is still more popular than fitness classes. But nobody forbids to combine these two ways of caring for your body.
  • Small groups. Valued the individual approach. If in class of 3-4 person trainer will pay more attention to each client.
  • The unstable surface. Not so long ago acquired the popularity of training with the use of suspended or moving platforms. These classes when performing standard exercises require more concentration, train the ability to keep balance, learn how better to control the body in space.

Propaganda fitness

The first rocking chairs appeared in Russia in the early 90-ies of the last century. Institutions had primitive equipment, were associated with criminal elements. This historical feature of the birth of the industry for a long time turned away from gyms many potential customers. Promotion must demonstrate a strong, attractive people enjoying life while fitness training.

Customer acquisition in small towns is possible thanks to an ingenious marketing company. Advertising must inform you that fitness classes have many positive consequences:

  • a healthy toned body;
  • the power of the spirit;
  • the increase in endurance;
  • the development of flexibility.

It is important to explain that fitness is not associated with the intake of chemicals that disrupt the function of internal organs. On the contrary, exercises using simulators – excellent prevention of many diseases:

  • atherosclerosis;
  • diabetes;
  • atrasa;
  • degenerative disc disease;
  • hypertension;
  • gipotonii;
  • varicose veins;
  • ischemia;
  • diseases of the blood vessels;
  • nervous disorders;
  • obesity.

Through fitness improves the function of circulatory, nervous, digestive and respiratory systems of the body.

The fitness industry has enormous potential. The tendency to popularization of a healthy lifestyle aroused the main solvent strata of the population interest to the sport. This creates a platform for strong and healthy competition. The sector lacks specialists, sophisticated PR strategies and the rapid implementation of the trendiest fitness ideas.

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