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Proper stretching during the cool down

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Proper stretching during the cool down
The contents

  • Why the need for stretching after a workout
  • Stretching exercises for a cool down
  • The rules of a cool down with stretching
  • Hitch after strength training: warm-up of legs, arms and spine
  • Hitch after cardio and aerobic exercises

Each training session includes the following stages: warm-up, main part, hitch. The last paragraph is aimed at relaxing the muscles and contains a complex of exercises for stretching and restoring breathing.

Why the need for stretching after a workout

During physical exertion the body is under stress. It is therefore important to help him after that to fully recover. Hitch facilitating a smooth transition from the intensive pace to rest. Stretching of the muscles restores the respiration and pulse, which have increased during fitness activities, but is also a way to prevent muscle injuries and sprains.

Remember that a sharp transition from exercise to rest affects the body and reduces the effectiveness of basic training. During the cool down comes a feeling of lightness, relaxation of muscle tension and fatigue.

Stretching exercises for a cool down

Before you begin stretching the muscles during a hitch, it is necessary to restore the respiratory and cardiovascular systems to prevent too sharp a drop in blood pressure. This will help to avoid dizziness, nausea or loss of consciousness.

The stages of the hitch:

  • Cardio: jumping rope, walking or slow Jogging, Mahi hands and feet.
  • Breathing exercises: deep breaths.
  • Stretch: tilt backwards, forwards and sideways, a pose of “frog”, “candle”, attacks legs.
  • Massage: rubbing, patting, pinching.
  • The rules of a cool down with stretching

    While not a hitch aware of the following rules:

    • do the exercises slowly and in a relaxed state;
    • breathe deeply and not often;
    • get pleasure from each movement, feel the strain and relax the muscles;
    • observe the sensations while stretching: if you feel discomfort or pain, stop the movement and go to another exercise;
    • drink water in between exercises in small SIPS.

    If you feel dizziness or weakness, need to slow down to a minimum or sit down until the discomfort passes. The hitch the main thing — to focus on my health.

    Hitch after strength training: warm-up of legs, arms and spine

    Strength training is aimed at muscle growth, increase strength and endurance. After exercise the muscles become rigid and easily traumatized. Stretching returns elasticity and reduces pain that occurs after exercise.

    An example of a hitch:

  • The rotation of the head 5 times clockwise, 5 times counterclockwise.
  • Running in place: 10-15 minutes.
  • Circular motion straight arms 7 times back and forth.
  • Stretch arms up (to stand on tiptoes and stretch up to 5 seconds). To do 7 repetitions.
  • The inclination of a trunk forward, back and sides: 5 bends to each side.
  • Tilt body forward with the touch palms floor: 7 approaches.
  • Massage muscles of the body: within 10 minutes.
  • Shake: shake hands, feet, jump — a couple of minutes.
  • The hitch may include elements of yoga. This is a great stretch muscles, as well as the way to restore breathing and heart rate:

    • Asana Tree.

    Stand up straight, inhale. Bend your right knee, place the other foot on the inner part of the left thigh. Close the palm on the chest, pull your elbows to the sides, straighten your back. Exhale and fix the pose for 2-3 minutes. Repeat with the opposite leg. Asana trains the sense of breath control.

    • Asana Warrior.

    Stand up straight and take a deep breath. Perform a lunge forward with the right foot. Keep the left foot completely touches the floor. Extend hands over head and roll in palms. Exhale and abstain in the pose for 1-2 minutes. Through this exercise, trained endurance and improved leg extension.

    • Asana Triangle.

    Widely spread your feet at least 1 meter from each other. Left foot turn to the outside. Take a breath, perform the tilt body to the left, at the same time throwing the right hand over the head. Exhale and fix. Repeat in the other direction. Exercise contributes to the quality of the stretching leg muscles.

    • Asana Baby.

    Get on all fours, take a deep breath and push the buttocks to the feet. Hands should be outstretched. Are in the pose for 1-2 minutes, breathing deeply and evenly. Asana helps to eliminate muscle spasm and to relax the body.

    Do the exercises as long as there is enough stretch. If you have not practiced yoga, do not demand too much of yourself. The first time you might not be able to hold the pose for 30 seconds. Start with short intervals and gradually increase to the specified standards.

    Hitch after cardio and aerobic exercises

    After intensive work of the heart can not slow down too sharply. Therefore, the first 5-10 minutes, the hitch should consist of light cardio. Then proceed to stretching exercises.

    Diagram hitch:

  • Walk slowly for 7-8 minutes.
  • Bend one knee, place your foot on the toe and perform rotation of the thigh 7 repetitions each leg.
  • Stand up straight, stretch your arms parallel to the floor. Make 5 swings forward and backward one leg, then the other. Increase the amplitude with each stroke to practice leg extension.
  • Alternately, perform 5 forward lunges on each leg.
  • Sit on the floor, extend your legs in front of him. Tilt the torso forward and reach hands to feet. Lock position for 10 seconds. This is a good example of stretching exercises several groups of muscles (legs, arms and abdominal).
  • Remaining on the floor, spread your legs as wide as possible, arms close behind. Bend alternately to the right leg forward and left leg. Make 5 repetitions.
  • Stand up straight, hands rest on the hips. Lean forward and make a circular motion around himself. Do exercise in both directions.
  • Bend feet in knees. Right knee turn in one direction, left foot pull to the other. Run 6 times.
  • Hitch after a workout has not only health but also a calming, relaxing effect. Doing regular stretching exercises, you will experience every part of your body and get real satisfaction from the work done.

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