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Proper motivation on the road to success

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Proper motivation on the road to success

The contents

  • A new life starts with the right motivation
  • Youth and good humor as motivation for fitness
  • Effective ways on the way to a healthy lifestyle
  • Physical activity — a matter of habit
  • Failure stimulates and builds character

Playing sports is known to enhance health, improve health and prolong life. It argued that properly selected physical activity helps not only to gain good shape but also to cope with depression, depression. Unfortunately, due to various reasons not everyone can go to the gym. In this case, training can be arranged at home. Again it does not work? So the whole thing is the lack of motivation.

A new life starts with the right motivation

Most people have at least once tried to start a new life of Monday or the next month. For example, to do morning exercises, jog, eat right, quit finally Smoking etc. But there are cases when the start of the new week, all aspirations have to be postponed or simply forgotten. According to psychologists, the reason is not just laziness or lack of willpower, but in the wrong approach to the task.

Good motivation is the key to continued success. It is no secret that any victory begins with victory over myself, my laziness, fears. In order to begin to move forward, you need to determine priorities, analyse your potential and change the attitude to the problem. It is first important to understand what you want from a healthy lifestyle and sports in particular: in a good mood and confidence, harmony and health, the desire to please others, etc. then you need to choose the most suitable type of fitness, which will help to achieve this goal. Some prefer the pool, some people prefer power or dynamic exercise, there are those who like dancing, stretching, yoga, running, regular walking. Importantly, the classes were not only healthful but also fun, enjoyment. It is also important to tune in to the gradual achievement of the goal, it will eventually yield steady result and will become a habit than methods that lead to rapid change.

Youth and good humor as motivation for fitness

Incentive for regular physical activity can serve, for example, training with like-minded people and friends, to publicly promise to lead a healthier life. So in the future will be more difficult to abandon the goal and give up. For some people motivation are the real stories of those who changed themselves and their lives for the better, pictures of slim and cheerful girls, guys from fashion magazines, pasted on a conspicuous place sayings and statuses that give confidence in the work.

A good motivation will be the fact that fitness helps to rejuvenate the body and prevents premature aging. It helps to strengthen the immune system, normalize blood pressure, establish the work of the digestive system, maintain joint mobility, relieves headaches, insomnia, etc.

Effective ways on the way to a healthy lifestyle

Wanting to achieve something, it is important to set specific goals. For example, set a goal to lose weight, decide how many kilos you want to lose weight. Once a week summarize and even if, in your opinion, they are minor, fix them in a special diary and compare your progress with previous. Positive results occurring changes in appearance — it is also a good motivation, since progress increases the effectiveness of lessons by a few percent.

A similar method can be used and those who seek to pump up or tighten your body, for this weekly measure and record the volume of the arms, legs, waist, and hips.

Because the human body tends to get used to physical activity, the results are not so tangible. Comes the so-called plateau or stagnation. In this connection it is necessary gradually to complicate exercises or alternate the different types of training: stretching, cardio, strength.

Fitness instructors advise not to set ourselves several tasks, otherwise, it’s like chasing two hares. The lack of progress may discourage further studies. Only having to reduce weight to the required level, you can take on the shape.

Physical activity — a matter of habit

Many failures blamed a tight schedule, a large amount of household chores and the lack of in this regard free time. However, according to well-known artists, whose life is connected with constant touring and filming, to allocate 40-60 minutes for a good cause is always possible. This does not have to visit the fitness club, even though group training and spent the season ticket money is a sufficient motivation, but most exercises can be done at home. A morning jog or breathing exercises can charge with energy and vivacity for the whole day, sports in the evening allows you to escape from everyday work and problems. As an alternative will provide training on simulators.

Having defined the nature of home fitness, be sure to make the schedule that I plan to do and cross off each workout. Of course, discipline in this case is much more complicated, you will need willpower and desire to change your life for the better. But after a few weeks the healthy way of life firmly into the habit.

Failure stimulates and builds character

The absence of the expected result, not a reason to give up. For some people failure serve as additional stimulus in work. According to psychologists, it is necessary to be morally ready to such turn. It is known that the correct response to errors or mistakes makes us stronger and persistent in achieving goals. In the case of a bad experience should review the training plan and nutrition. You may need another exercise. Also significant is the role of regular classes. A healthy lifestyle does not imply daily hours fitness. Enough to do one hour three to four times a week in order to see tangible fruits of your labor and confirm the simple truth that a new life begins not on Monday, and with our consciousness and motivation.

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