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Program training with dumbbells at home

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No need to abandon the sport, if it is not possible to go to the gym. Dedicate a few hours a week training and achieve positive results. In this article, we’ll show you how to train at home.

If it is not possible to go to the gym and work with a coach, but you want to increase lean body mass, home exercises with dumbbells will help.

Preparing for class

For the effectiveness of exercise, use of exercise equipment. To workout at home dumbbells are multifunctional shell. With the help of this simulator you can improve the muscular system biceps, dorsal division, forearms and trapezius muscles. But need to pick up individual sessions with dumbbells. During the study program, pay attention to technique to avoid injury and try to load the muscle group for which you perform exercises.

An important aspect of training at home with dumbbells is the selection of sports equipment. There are several types of dumbbells:

  • Female – consist of a hollow tube, the filling which changes the weight of the projectile. Usually they fall asleep sand.
  • Disposable products have indivisible structure with a fixed weight. They are made of different materials.
  • Trade is a modern sports equipment, consists of a neck and a few pancakes.
  • Don’t forget to pick out comfortable clothing. Even if you’re not in the gym, do not neglect this item. Classes without shoes or in shoes with flat soles adversely affect the spine. Periodic loads can have a negative impact on the body.

    During class do not neglect drinking water and keep water balance throughout the day.

    Preparation of the program of exercises with dumbbells for beginners

    If you already have some experience of playing sports, trainer suggest exercise with dumbbells for weight start with a weight of 10-13 kg for males and 5-7 kg for women. What weight is appropriate for you, depends on the physical condition of the body. For beginners strength training starts with basic exercises, a feature of these lessons is repeated. You can start with the following program (run approaches with dumbbells):

    • the attacks from the 3 approaches on 10 repetitions;
    • sragi – 3 times with a weight for 8 repetitions;
    • squats 8-10 times;
    • pushups in two approaches with the maximum number of repetitions;
    • press in a variety of interpretations in the amount of 8-10 times;
    • thrust in the slope to a belt of 5 to 10 times.

    Having defined the program, set the interval sessions. Experienced athletes are advised to devote time to training three times a week to muscle in between them time to recover. For novice athletes the muscular system is resumed very slowly. For best result sessions to discuss exercises with dumbbells for a week, devoting each workout single muscle group.

    For best performance, skeletal muscle is to perform warm-up, 40-50 min. tell her No need to wear out the body with large weights, it is better to perform exercises regularly, then the result will be noticeable. Put it in sport mode the cardio. To carry out them is either in the morning or directly after strength training. After a workout, also do some stretching exercises, leading to tone all muscle groups. This will help to relax muscles and relieve pain, prevent injury during exercise.

    In order to muscle mass grew more intense, is to revise the diet. During exercise the body spends a large amount of energy, therefore, the daily calorie need to increase. Eat high-protein foods low in fat and fast carbohydrates. Eat about 5 times a day in small portions that will promote good digestion. Vegetables and fruit due to the fiber aimed at the digestion of high-energy products.

    The program is split training: swinging with dumbbells

    Split-training is a system of training used by many professional athletes. The main principle of training is considered to be the breakdown of the program for different muscle groups, so you make the load on one muscle group in one day. This principle allows not to overload the muscles. After you’ve learned about working with free weights, take classes 3 times a week, with a rest of 1 day. This program is aimed at people who find it hard to gain muscle mass, the exercises women can perform, a properly chosen working weight. With the experience you can drop some exercises ineffective for you. However, you should know that there are basic and auxiliary exercises.

    First day workout:

    • conventional squats in three sets of 12 times;
    • push-UPS with the prone position: 3 sets of 12 repetitions;
    • lifting weights while standing, while strengthening the biceps, three sets for 15 times;
    • twisting UPS: 3 sets of 20-30 times;
    • French bench press with dumbbells: 3 sets 12 times;
    • thrust in the slope to the belt of 10-12 times for 3 sets.

    Second day workout:

    • plate with the pulling rod to the body: 10 times, three sets;
    • sragi – 3 sets with light weight for 8 repetitions;
    • twist 15 repetitions in three approaches;
    • the donkey raises with a barbell: 20-25 repetitions;
    • deadlift: to perform 12 times in three sets;

    Third day training:

    • attacks to perform from the 3 approaches on 10 repetitions;
    • a show of hands with equipment – 12 times;
    • the leg lifts at 45° from the prone position perform 12 times for 3 sets;
    • pull-up 5 times in three sets;
    • exercise “the hammer” for 15-20 repetitions in three approaches;
    • pulling the rod to the chin of 10-12 repetitions for three sets.

    The interval between do minimum reps, and between sets – 1-2 minutes.

    During exercise, constantly try to keep the muscles toned. If you feel that it is hard to set, then reduce the number of repetitions, but do not break technique. The first results will not come quickly, especially if not exercised earlier. It is very important to run classes regularly, following the right technique of the exercises, gradually increasing my working weights.

    Begin to increase the weight of dumbbells when you do not feel sufficient load. Athletes experienced stress that to gain muscle you need a constant progress of the weights you work with. Each time add 1-2 kg from the previous weight. Not to spend money buying a new exerciser, it is better to buy a prefabricated sports equipment. When I felt the lack of load on the muscles begin to increase the number of approaches.

    The advantages of training with dumbbells: safe for the joints, allow lessons in a small room, helping to equalize the imbalance of muscle groups on the left and right parts of the body. You’re now prepared to the sport, but it is important to always listen to your body. If you feel discomfort during exercise, it is better to abandon it without damaging the body.

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