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Program P90X home fitness

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Program P90X home fitness
The contents

  • Р90Х — effective fitness program
  • The pros training on Р90Х
  • The disadvantages of the program
  • Rules training home fitness

Some people are uncomfortable to visit the gym, spending on the road a significant amount of time and for classes a substantial amount of money. However, the home training does not always produce the desired results and often disappointing. It is for these situations was developed a fitness program Р90Х, allowing you to obtain good effect of exercise.

Р90Х — effective fitness program

Р90Х is a training program for ordinary men and women who have average physical condition and want to improve your figure and athletic performance. It was developed by professional trainer Tony Horton in 2004, and after the stunning progress of his players involved in the program, began to gain increasing popularity.

Training on Р90Х not suitable for building muscle in men, but copes well with the task of forming a relief toned body. Women shown to get rid of excess fat and gaining a slender form.

The main characteristics of the program Р90Х include:

  • the duration is 90 days at a frequency of training 6 times a week, and then only one day a week is left for rest and recovery;
  • fitness training is about 1-1. 5 hours;
  • in one lesson, you combine exercises from different areas: yoga, stretching, karate, power home fitness;
  • involves the use of various sports equipment: dumbbells, horizontal bar, gymnastic Mat, stops for push-UPS and blocks for yoga;
  • training must be accompanied by a admission of sports supplements;
  • adhering to the program, it is important to follow a certain diet regime and nutrition;
  • the complex Р90Х included how to video, fitness at home, workout plan, nutrition rules and calendar.

The pros training on Р90Х

Training with the use of this program differ significantly from those that are offered everywhere. The effect is much more pronounced and stands for a number of reasons:

  • Helps to overcome the plateau.

The muscles of any person over time you get used to similar loads, then a so-called “plateau”. This condition is characterized by low response of muscles to exercise, then progress stops, there is a period of frustration, in which a cast of fitness classes. The program Р90Х based on the principle of shokirovaniya muscle that helps to overcome this stagnation. This is due to the unification of different areas and exercises in one workout and change the combinations every 3 weeks. This approach helps the body get rid of excess body fat and build muscle.

  • Convenience.

Training program Р90Х no need to visit a gym, spend a lot of time and money on the road and pass. This home gym is useful to all, without exception, are overly busy people, new moms, introverts and those who cannot afford to buy a subscription. By purchasing the program, you can train in the yard, living room or garage, provided that it is possible to view the video lessons.

  • Entertainment and stress relief.

Videoframerate are easy and effortless, they are quite informative and help to relax mentally by reducing stress levels.

  • Safety trainings.

Classes are structured in such a way that each of them has warm-up and hitch with elements of stretching, which reduces the risk of injury, increases motor activity of the body and the effect of fitness.

The disadvantages of the program

This fitness program has some negative sides, which, however, does not make it less effective and attractive. Among them:

  • The financial costs.

An advantage of training on Р90Х is that in this case no need to pay for a gym. But, first and foremost, you need to purchase the program recorded on electronic media, as well as the necessary equipment, sports supplements, which in total amounts to a considerable amount of money. In our country you can do without buying CDs and download videos from torrent sites, but at least the minimum equipment to buy still have. As for supplements, they are not mandatory, but desirable condition for such fitness. You can do without them, only focusing on your diet and providing the body with all necessary nutrients.

  • High intensity.

The training program Р90Х requires a lot of energy, and therefore is not suitable for everyone seeking to improve your body. For example, the elderly, obese or have suffered an injury of musculoskeletal system is unlikely to survive 90 days of high-intensity exercise. The Creator of the program encourages all who have decided to do to adjust all the exercises to fit your ability and to take into account the peculiarities of the organism.

  • The lack of translation.

The program is presented only in two languages: Spanish and English, which is a little uncomfortable. However, to ensure proper execution of exercises are enough video tutorials.

Rules training home fitness

Home fitness program Р90Х provides a fairly good effect for your figure and overall body health. To improve the efficiency and convenience of training, follow these recommendations:

  • Among the three options Р90Х (Classic, Lean, Doubles) choose a classic, which is universal for all. The second option provides too low power load, and the latter very high.
  • Strongly maintain your body throughout the program in order to avoid exhaustion. To do this, change your diet to a more healthy, follow the right regime, a full night’s sleep and be sure to take enough time to warm up and stretch.
  • This training is very intense and complex, so to maintain self-motivation, try to focus on the future benefits and the positive effect that will undoubtedly come.
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