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Program Jillian Michaels or slim the silhouette for a month

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Today have developed many training programs that promise to quickly bring your body in shape without effort. But, alas, not all of them are effective. In this article we will discuss about the complex Jillian Michaels, who helped lose weight to many.

Complex Jillian Michaels, slim figure which is a confirmation of success, unlike other trainings have proved their effectiveness.

The life of Gillian

Jill herself knows firsthand about the problems with excess weight. In high school the girl was far from ideal, until my mom brought in a section of martial arts, where the coach pulled Jill on the right path.

Aggravated relations with parents was the impetus for refusal Michaels from talking with his father, which coincided with the College. However, considering that sport is more important than the rest, she dropped out of school and got a job in one of the local bars. By 2002, she manages to open a sports club together with a friend, and in 2005, fake diploma Michaels takes a job scouting Agency. Thanks Jillian gets on the TV show that made her famous.

The project theme was to help people on their path to a slim figure. The participants competed in speed of weight loss under the supervision of nutritionists and trainers, one of which was Michaels. To viewers she is remembered as a strict instructor that is radically different from the real nature of the girl.

Five years later, Jillian left the show for the family, but finally give up the career on TV and decided to created their own project, and also acted as the leading one of the most popular projects on the fight against obesity. The program won the hearts of millions “Slim figure 30 days” is designed just for this vital period of girls.

The positive influence of George. Michaels

About the advantages of the system developed by Gillian telling results. Women around the world constantly continue to talk about how they helped and how the program has changed their lives for the better.

At the core of the class focuses on interval training. Work can be carried out on individual problem areas or over the entire body at once, and different levels of physical activity allow you to pick a set of individually, taking into account the degree of training. The motivational component is given much attention, because the main problem of almost all beginners to lose weight – do not drop the class in half and continue to do in the right pace.

Today it is difficult to imagine a more effective exercise program for weight loss. Jill has picked up the right set of exercises and formed them into the required sequence, all you have to do next is to follow the recommendations.

The basic framework of the course

The training complex consists of three levels, each of which lasts 10 days. In each phase of the complex includes exercises on different muscle groups, collectively creating a uniform load distribution throughout the body. Due to the periodicity of the change of exercise, the body has no time to get used to, and the variety of exposure has a positive effect. After completing each of the levels allows for the relaxation of not more than 1 day, go immediately to the next phase is not forbidden. The network will not be difficult to find a video that will help to fully immerse in the process of training together with the author, so focus on the highlights of implementation of the complex.

Phase No. 1

The program for beginners will be suitable to someone who has never played sports. Training will require up to 1.5 kg. dumbbells and exercise Mat. Picking up weight dumbbells, you should focus on personal skills, but a large value of weighting to choose not necessary.

The exercises in this complex are performed with high intensity and already after the first workout, felt a pleasant pain in the muscles, which means progress. It is important not to miss classes and after 10 days, the body will be trained enough to move on to the second phase of the training “lose Weight in 30 days with Jillian Michaels”.

Phase No. 2

When you have become accustomed to a certain load, Gillian will invigorate the spirit and body of the second phase of the author’s training. The intensity of load will increase noticeably and the main focus will be in the upper part of the trunk, namely the shoulders, arms and chest.

Carefully following the recommendations in the video, you will easily be able to achieve success and to abandon the workout.

Do not forget about proper nutrition. This will help to achieve greater efficiency when getting rid of excess weight, and increase overall stamina.

Phase No. 3

Here involved waiting for a big surprise. Load will not be noticeably heavier, soon you won’t even notice the difference in physical fatigue. The fact that the third stage of the training with Jillian is designed for a kind of consolidation of results, and the body is already used to intense training, better prepared to cope with the exercises.

During the passage the third phase you will begin to notice how the terrain is drawn of the entire body. The cardiovascular system also will be strengthened and overall physical condition will improve considerably.

Recommendations from the author

The Michaels recommends against the use of scales throughout the course. Possible for the first half of the training will not change as rapidly as we would like. This will trigger a waiver of training.

Use the measuring tape, which will indicate changes in volume. Measurements spend after each phase and thus to monitor the dynamics.

The program itself is already more than 10 years shows the effectiveness of what can be ascertained by reading the numerous positive reviews from those who have completed the weight loss program John. Michaels. The main way to success is to follow the recommendations to follow the diet and systematic exercise.

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