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Program fitness classes for girls in the gym

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Program fitness classes for girls in the gym

The contents

  • The choice of exercises
  • The program fitness workouts for a month
  • Main mistakes when getting rid of excess weight

All fitness classes can be divided into aerobic (cardio) and anaerobic (power): the first involve exercises performed at a fast pace and significantly increasing heart rate; the second — the elements performed in a quiet pace with the weights. The principle of operation of these two directions is different, but in losing weight use both. It is only important to compile the program, considering all of these procedures.

The choice of exercises

The debate about the best direction for weight loss are underway in the world of sports so far: some choose aerobic exercise, others prefer power. If you analyze these types from the point of view of energy cost, it goes as follows: for the same amount of time the athlete is performing aerobic exercise, will spend about two times more calories than if he had made anaerobic. But it is important to consider the fact that after the cardio calorie splurge stop, and after strength training consumption is stored as the muscles need recovery after high physical exertion.

Thus, if we consider not one hour of training, a period of time equal to the day, it turns out that strength training will spend more calories than cardio, therefore, to maintain the long-term result they are more effective. The result of weight training is muscle building: its maintenance requires a lot of energy no matter how active the day passes, so to gain weight back will be much harder.

People with excess body weight are advised to combine these two areas: strength training will create a muscular frame, and cardio will help to remove the existing fat deposits. As aerobic fitness workouts can be used running, exercise on cardio equipment, Cycling, rollerblading, skiing, Nordic walking.

The program fitness workouts for a month

Power exercise can be very diverse, so the program should be prepared to work all the muscles of the body. The proposed program includes two strength training sessions per week. In days of rest is recommended for two of aerobic exercise, choosing them according to personal preferences. A exercise will be repeated every week, but the number of repetitions and approaches will increase.

For classes require dumbbells. The best option would be a collapsible shells, with the ability to control weight. That workout was effective, the weight should be selected so that at 11-12 repeat one of the exercises in the muscles I felt burning sensation and fatigue.

Exercises of the first week doing sets do approach the first element; a break of 30 seconds; the second approach of the same element; a break of 30 seconds; the third approach; a break of 30 seconds; the first approach of the second exercise and further under the scheme. The first day you can use the following fitness items:

  • squats with dumbbells;
  • dumbbell bench press lying;
  • lifting dumbbells in hand;
  • the bending of the arms with the weights;
  • French press;
  • UPS on toes with weights;
  • hyperextension;
  • direct twisting.

For the second day of the first week program physical activity as follows:

  • the layout of dumbbells lying on a horizontal bench;
  • thrust dumbbells in the slope;
  • dumbbell bench press in a standing position;
  • arms bending “the Hammer”;
  • lead hands to tilt back;
  • leg swings (if possible, use weighting or expander);
  • rises on his toes with weights in a seated position;
  • twisting “Bicycle”.

Each exercise performed in 3 sets; one approach 12 repetitions.

On the second week using the same exercises, but the number of repetitions increases to 15. Rest between sets and exercises is already 15 seconds. Physical load on the body will increase because of reduced rest, so to increase the weight of dumbbells should be used with caution.

The program of the third week built on a circular type: perform 15 repetitions of the first exercise; immediately proceed to the second, avoiding a break between them. After completing one lap, the rest in 60 seconds and start the second. Only in the third week spend three full round of exercises.

Fourth week involves a serious burden, which are designed to consolidate the results of past lessons. Training is also built on a circular basis, but the breaks between exercises and sets do not exist. Each element is repeated 12 times. To perform the task will be more difficult, but such a tempo is working fine the body and helps to remove excess weight.

Main mistakes when getting rid of excess weight

Fitness classes have many rules that must be followed to achieve the desired results. In the early stages often committed various errors that slow down the process of fat burning. The most common of them are the following:

  • Daily workout. Despite the overall benefit of the exercises for health, it is important to remember the days of the restoration, vital for the organism, as in the days of rest is the muscle gain. People, long engaged in the gym, workouts usually divided by muscle groups: one day train legs; in the other back; in the third hand.
  • The fear of big weights. Another common myth in the world of fitness: from heavy dumbbells and barbells girl shake muscle as men. In fact, it can be done only when a large amount of the hormone testosterone, which the female body is produces in small doses, insufficient for these purposes. Regular weight training will only strengthen muscles, will make the terrain more clear and beautiful, will accelerate the metabolic processes, helping to eliminate excess weight.
  • Small amount or absence of water. To drink during training should: water speeds up the metabolic processes in the body, supports its life.
  • Reinforced aerobic fitness classes. Daily craze cardio leads to an increase of the hormone cortisol, hindering muscle recovery. The optimal number of training 3-4 a week for 30-40 minutes.
  • Intensified work on the abdominal pressure to gain “blocks”. In fact, to reduce fat on the belly requires a healthy diet and aerobic exercise.
  • Cosmetics and perfume at the gym. The fear to ruin my makeup leads to the fact that girls are engaged half-heartedly, that does not give the desired result, so before training cosmetics should be washed. The application of stable perfume creates unbearable conditions for others, so you should also not use it in front of the fitness center.
  • Small amount of protein. The lack of protein slows down the regenerative processes in the muscle tissues, so after strength training binding protein meal.

The main rule of successful fitness training is the right combination of cardio and strength exercises. In addition, it is important to tune in to the training process, prepare training schedule and constantly adhere to it.

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