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Program effective two day training per week

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For a set of muscle mass, weight loss or just keeping in shape should be to train three times a week. If you can not devote as much time, you can reduce the number of workouts to two. Let’s look at what exercises are included in the 2 day program.

Features two day training

Training include basic exercises which help to increase large muscle groups. Also in the training program, 2 times per week included isolation movements that help to develop small muscle fibers.

To achieve a positive result, it is necessary to carry out the training from one and a half to two hours.

If the session lasts longer, the feeling of overtraining, and muscles will begin to burn. If the set of exercises takes more time – it is necessary to reduce the number of sets or less rest.

It is important to follow a proper diet. This will allow you to recruit for the month, from three to five pounds of muscle mass or lose extra. Every week should change the number of repetitions in sets. It is important not to go beyond the specified limits.

If training 2 times a week includes pushups and pullups, but you do not know how to do them – may be replaced by other basic exercises. The program includes classes on the study of the AB, back, and legs.

Program two day training per week

Sessions are held 2 or 3 times a week. The training program is carried out by a specialist who understands physiology and anatomy, and understands the technique of all exercises. There are two-day training for muscle growth, weight loss and fitness.

Complex for muscle gain

The program can be divided into 2 parts. The first training – work the muscles of the arms and back, second breast.

The first day involves performing these exercises:

  • The class begins with a warm-up. It is necessary to warm up the muscles that will help not to get injured. The duration of the warm-up – five to ten minutes.
  • Twisting. Performed on an incline bench. Worked out press. In addition to the classic crunch, you can use the side. This will help build up oblique abdominal muscles. Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Squats are classic. Perform with the weighting – bar. Involves the buttocks and quadriceps bird. Do 4-5 sets of 6-10 reps.
  • The leg press. Doing in the simulator. This exercise in the workout program 2 times a week helps build leg muscles and lower abs. To do 4 at 8-12.
  • Pushups on the bars. Work the muscles of the arms and shoulders. Perform 4-5 at 8-15.
  • The pull-UPS. Perform on a horizontal bar with a reverse grip. Rise to the level of the chest. Do 3-4 6-10.
  • Pull rod in a standing position. Involved the biceps and the shoulder muscles. Do 3-4 at 8-15.
  • After a workout, doing the hitch – stretching.

The second training consists of these exercises:

  • Is warm up for five to ten minutes.
  • Hyperextension. Increases spinal muscles, helps to align your posture. Performed on a special simulator. Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.
  • 2 training session per week includes the classic bench press in the supine position. Perform on a horizontal bench 4-6 laps of 6-12 repetitions.
  • The thrust of the upper block. Doing a head. Used thoracic, trapezius and deltoid muscles. Also swinging your arms and shoulders. Do 3-4 sets of 8-12 times.
  • Deadlifts. Perform with the weighting – bar. To do 4-5 5-8.
  • The layout of dumbbells. Sway your chest muscles, arms and back. Dumbbells are getting divorced at an angle of 20 degrees. Do 3 sets of 10-15 times.
  • Pullups on the bar. Perform with a wide grip to the chest. Are utilized a wide, round, rear deltoid, rhomboid muscles. Do 3-4 6-12.
  • 2 training in seven days ends with a hitch to increase the length of muscles.

Exercise for weight loss

On the first day doing these exercises:

  • Cardio load. Perform 15-20 minutes. The tempo is medium. In the end, you must do one interval – acceleration for 20-30 seconds.
  • The leg press. To do machine – 3 sets of 15 repetitions. Use a small weight. Perform at a fast pace.
  • Hyperextension – 2 20.
  • Lunges with weights – free weights. To do 3 for 15.
  • Breeding dumbbells lying down. Perform on a horizontal bench – 3 rounds of 15 times.
  • Bending of hands with dumbbells. Perform in a standing position with supination – 2 at 15.
  • Dumbbell bench press in sitting position – 2 to 20. Use light weight.
  • Circuit training at the press. Twisting on a special Mat – 10 times. Lifting the legs in vis – 10. Then twisting in the Turkish chair – 10 repetitions. Leg raises from lying position – 10. Do 2-3 laps.
  • Stretching the major muscles of the lower back and legs.

The second workout 2-3 times per week involves performing these exercises:

  • Cardio. Perform for twenty minutes. The average pace. At the end of acceleration in two or three minutes.
  • Extension legs. To do in the simulator – 2 at 15.
  • Dead or Romanian deadlift – 3 rounds of 15 times. Use weights – a barbell or dumbbell.
  • Plie squats – for female. The leg press is for guys. Do 2 for 20.
  • Bench press from chest to hammer. To do 3 for 15.
  • The extension arms on the block. Plus flexion with weights – a barbell or dumbbells. You should use a small weight. To do 3 for 15.
  • Cardio at a slow pace for 10-15 minutes.

Classes to keep in shape

My training 2 times a week includes such exercises on the first day:

  • Cardio. Duration – 10 minutes. The average pace.
  • Squats with barbell – 3-10.
  • Hyperextension – 3 at 15 times.
  • Flexion and extension of the legs. To do in the simulator 2 through 10.
  • Pull – UPS- 3 sets with the maximum number of repetitions.
  • Flexion and extension of the hands with weighting – weights. Do 2 to 10.
  • Lifting the legs in vis – 3 to 12.
  • Hitch – stretching.

The second day of the training:

  • Cardio. To run ten minutes. The average pace.
  • Bench press bar in the supine position – 3 for 10 times.
  • Breeding hands with dumbbells. Make angle of 30 degrees 3 to 10.
  • The leg press. Use a lot of weight. Do 3 to 10.
  • The pull rod towards the back in the slope.
  • Hyperextension – 3 at 15 times.
  • Crunches on Roman chair – 3 at 12-15 reps.
  • Hitch – stretching.

If you stick to the proper technique of the exercise – the result will be visible very soon.

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