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Program effective bodyflex Marina Korpan

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Constant exercise will help keep yourself in shape, but may harm your health. The safest method is the body Flex. Training takes about 15 min. let’s discuss the features and lessons of the program.

Features bodyflex

The developer of this program is coach Marina Korpan. The author herself faced with unwanted pounds. Then with the help of breathing exercises and aerobic nagruzkoj managed to bring their body into beautiful shapes.

About the bodyflex Marina written books with tips and recommendations.

Workout bodyflex takes approximately 14-17 minutes. It is usually carried out before Breakfast, after waking up. The advantages of this technique:

  • Getting rid of excess pounds with the help of saturation of the muscles with oxygen.
  • Proper functioning of the digestive system, cardiovascular system.
  • Hard muscles.
  • Filling the human body with energy and vivacity.
  • Normal skin color, condition of the dermis.
  • Preventing the appearance of edema, otdushek.
  • Man is always in a good mood, not feeling tired.
  • Reducing appetite.
  • Accelerating the metabolism.
  • Purification of lymph.

There are contraindications to the bodyflex:

  • Bleeding.
  • The increase in temperature.
  • Diseases of the thyroid gland.
  • Glaucoma.
  • The nurturing of the child.
  • Unstable pressure.
  • Chronic diseases.

Recommendations and main components of the methodology

To improve performance, you should follow these recommendations:

  • Meals should be frequent and gradually.
  • Should give up the sweets, flour and fat.
  • Do not eat before bedtime.
  • You should drink plenty of fluids.
  • Include in the diet fresh fruits.
  • Training in the morning on an empty stomach.
  • You need to control the breath hold time.
  • Study regularly.
  • Classes are held twice a week.

Training Marina Korpan has the following components:

  • The breathing should be gradual with the participation of the diaphragm.
  • Exercises must be performed correctly, including aerobics.
  • Fitness. It is important to observe proper nutrition, otherwise the result will be.
  • Exercises work out stomach area, neck, hands, thighs and face.
  • A great alternative to Botox and fillers – charging for the cheeks.
  • Exercise does not require special equipment.

The complex helps to quickly remove the extra pounds.

Exercises help to release carbon dioxide in the blood during respiration.


The complex consists of these lessons:

  • Lesson # 1. Get acquainted with the breathing techniques. Must be the following sequence: exhale, inhale and hold your breath. Training is directed to all groups: abdomen, chest, biceps, legs, back, quadriceps, buttocks. Completed training “rinsing of the intestines”. For this to be on the floor knees and hands. The lesson is that we need to pull and relax the muscles press on the 2nd exhale. It is necessary to perform efficiently. This is repeated 3 times.
  • Lesson # 2. Mastered diaphragmatic breathing. Then perform exercises to develop muscles of the shoulders, press hands.
  • Lesson # 3. The class is held on the bottom of the body. Perform 6 exercises: twisting on the knees, side stretching options “Seiko” on the quads and upper leg, and 2-3 on your selection for the press. All the movements you need to do correctly. Can’t do the exercises? Can be a little easier. It is important to maintain a balance.
  • Lesson # 4. Learn the aerobic breathing. Then perform the training on his hands, slanting muscles of a stomach. It is necessary to properly control the breath.
  • Lesson # 5. Set: for hand – diamond for triceps – hands “in parallel”. On the hips – it is necessary to rely on the knee. Then pull one arm and leg on the other side. At the press doing “lifting the torso off the floor”.

Before you perform the lessons with Marina Korpan it is advisable to browse the online workout to see how to do exercises properly. It is also important to follow all recommendations. Only then will a positive result.

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