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Professional Oleg Kryvy is prepared in a different Federation

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Ukrainian professional bodybuilding from Ternopil, acting Federation IFBB Elite Pro, Oleg Kryvyi preparing for the spring season. The weight of the athlete at the end of December, according to records on the page of Instagram, was of the order of 105.5 pounds. However, in an interview with power sports Generation Iron Oleg admitted that most likely will replace the Federation for their performances to another:

If we talk about the Elite Pro is, in principle, I’m happy. But I really did not like the situation that occurred already in the autumn season, in the context of the World Cup and the prize: a lot of neponyatok, it should not be. I’m preparing now for the spring, and probably even not likely and almost 100% it will not be the Elite PRO, and the other Federation. Competitions will be held in April and may. Preparing I, too, can say, 3 years. There are people with whom I can at any time to consult. These are people from the professional world of IFBB PRO. About how and what to do. So in 2019 will implement a new Federation and, most likely, in the IFBB Elite would never.

We wish our champion the brightest starts in the new competition season!

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