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Products that you can’t eat on an empty stomach

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sweet food causes the release of insulin. For the pancreas is like a bolt from the blue: from a state of complete rest is required to switch to emergency operation. This can lead to disruptions in the digestive system, and prolonged abuse sweet on an empty stomach to diabetes.

Yogurt and other dairy products

In fairness, we note that much harm yogurt or kefir on an empty stomach will not bring, but… good too. Hydrochloric acid in the stomach kills all the beneficial bacteria, so that food turns to body is just in ballast.


Rough fiber, which is rich in pears of any variety, very good for digestion, but it must “accelerate” the other food. Therefore, as a dessert pear is almost a perfect choice, and on an empty stomach it will give a feeling of heaviness in the stomach and can even damage his mucosa.


Tomatoes are rich in tannic acid, which upon contact with the hydrochloric (stomach acid) increases the acidity of the medium so that it can lead to ulcers.


Rich in magnesium, bananas are very good for the body, but if you start your day with a banana smoothie or add to a banana porridge, magnesium metabolized too quickly, and for the heart muscle this extra threat.

Cucumbers and other green vegetables

Do not start the day with salads in General: raw vegetables are digested slowly, and if a sufficient amount of gastric juice has not yet developed very slowly, until the body begins to break down the composition of the vegetable acids, will create a favorable situation for the occurrence of heartburn.


The juice or decoction of the hawthorn is often recommended due to lack of vitamin C, and it is justified. However — not on an empty stomach, acidity soar to dangerous values.

Milk and cheese

Protein-rich foods are only good in combination with fiber. Otherwise the body will immediately break down the proteins on useless components and utilizes.

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