Mon. May 10th, 2021

Eat together!

Only proper nutrition

Products that have not. Anyone. Never.

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who can’t eat


Fat, fat, salt, flavor enhancers. The most harmful foods. Coffin, coffin, cemetery.

Doughnuts, muffins

A sugar bomb. Fatty sugar bomb.

Sweet “cereal” with milk

Unreal amount of gluten and sugar + an irritant effect for the mucous membranes of the digestive tract.

White chocolate

In fact, he had almost no chocolate: cocoa there are only 35%. But because almost all the benefits of chocolate is missing, and 24 teaspoons of sugar on a tile is present.


Well, you know what products are harmful? 500 calories in a small bag.

Diet sodas

Sweet faux for insulin, which was developed and absorb nothing. Hi, diabetes.

White bread

Carbohydrate bomb without any signs of nutrients. Clean calories.

Salty cookies-pretzels

What foods not to eat on a diet? Munch-Munch. 10 stuff — 300 calories. Yum-yum.

Fish sticks

TRANS fats with unknown ribasim under the breading.


Two circles of medium size — daily dose of sodium. And the sodium is almost everywhere, so od’d on the first attempt.


Whole milk kills your skin, causing acne, and your blood vessels, turning them into a cholesterol attack.

The juice from the package

It’s not juice. It is a powder, diluted with water, plus preservatives, flavorings and other zdoroveuchenye.

Ready-made sauces

Thickeners and dyes give them appetizing, but trust me: it is not necessary.

Ice cream sundae

With Gemcom, wafers, chocolate chips and other “gifts” for the pancreas. Mmmm!

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