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“Problem areas” of the female figure, why appear and how to eliminate

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Unfortunately, most members of the fairer sex on the body there are places where fat is deposited in greater quantity. These zones are called problematic. Really, the joy they bring. Women puzzled how to get rid of the “problem areas”, and some do not know where they come from. We will help you to understand all this. Carefully read the article below.

About sore

As a rule, in the category of “problem areas” in women include the waistline, hips and glutes, do some more triceps. Improper nutrition and lack of physical loads appears fat the first thing there. Cellulite booty “ears” on the hips and a wide waist and beautiful feminine figure is not given, rather the contrary. It can be a long “race” weight, but not realizing the cause of the fat in selected areas, to get rid of it once and for all is unlikely to succeed.

Scientific facts about female physiology

Receptors, blocks the processing of fat is in any body, regardless of gender. In men, they are localized in the waist and lower the press, and women in the abdomen and hips. Hated the fat, from which all dream to get rid of, this deferred triglycerides. We don’t prevents fat concentrated in the muscles, all they want to remove fatty tissue, those deposits of fat in the body. This tissue consists of cells called adiposity. Their function is to hold the accumulated triglyceride droplets, which serve for the body’s energy source. In adipocytes in the body is stored potential energy in the 60-100 thousand calories. To use it to lose weight, you need to establish a process of splitting of fat cells – lipolysis.

How is lipolysis?

The result of lipolysis, the triglycerides break up into three separate fatty acids and a molecule of glycerol. Fatty acids bind with a protein in the blood, transported to active tissues where they can be burned. The better the blood flow, the more fatty acids are “prepared” for burning. All the fat will go away only when the acids in the body will not remain. It all comes down to ensure normal blood flow in all zones, including the “problem”. Here lies the answer to the most pressing women’s issue.

Scientists have proved that in the hips, belly and waist blood flow is poor, so there accumulate fatty acids that are very difficult to burn.

Then what to do? Exercise! It physical exercise will help to establish blood flow and to burn fat where the most desirable.

How to remove fat from “problem” areas with cardio workouts?

Strength exercises focus on building muscle mass, and cardio will help quickly reduce your weight. Practice has proved the effectiveness of high intensity interval training (VIT), which is the alternating load when performing exercises. For example, jog for 500 meters and the subsequent walk 500 meters, then all over again.

What would you have been enduring for a long time to run fast you can’t, and alternating running with walking will help to prolong exercise time and increase the distance. If the spot you will be able to master one kilometer, with a reprieve in the form of a walk will be able in total to cover the distance in 2-3 kilometers. If the forces you leave, replace running with skipping, the intensity of it is less than sprint, but higher than ordinary walk. Now imagine what a blow to the hated fat!

Other types of cardio

Of course, running is not the only option cardio workout. There are lots of other, not less effective:

  • Swimming. Aside from weight loss helps to strengthen the crust, as well as overall improvement of the body.
  • Cycling. Occupation is not only pleasant but also useful. You can arrange family bike tours, then they will not be perceived as an exhausting exercise, but as a pleasant pastime.
  • The elliptical machine. Helps fat burn and muscle pump. The greatest burden falls on the quadriceps (front leg muscles) and triceps (back of arms).
  • Step aerobics. If possible, sign up for group lessons, work in teams, always motivated to achieve great results. For training at home with no rack for the tap use a low chair. Most importantly, make it sustainable.
  • Jumping rope. The intensity is also better to change, a minute to jump as quickly as possible, then as many simply walk in place.

Minimum training duration is 15-20 minutes, with time duration increase is recommended.

Program workout videos from famous trainers

The Internet is full of information about nutrition, physical activity, etc. this has advantages and disadvantages. The disadvantage is that not all information is correct. Probably every woman once in my life sat on a diet, and how it came to this? Through the Internet, which talked about the miracle effect of diet, the Kremlin, etc. fortunately, there are advantages, because of practical advice and live training, too, abound. You have the ability to sample effectively from all that is offered. Don’t bother looking, we can help you.

Three popular coaches who know their stuff!
1. Anna Kurkurin

Her relief muscles are really impressive, but few people know that behind all this are years of grueling hard work. To class today to Anna tend to get not only women but also men from all over the world. She still continues to train and help us all to become slim, healthy, beautiful. In its Arsenal dozens of complexes for weight loss, so choose for themselves the best everyone can do.

2. Jillian Michaels

American coach who knows firsthand what a struggle with excess weight. In her youth, her weight exceeded 100 kg and complexes has increased exponentially. Then the global rethinking of life a review of lifestyle, particularly dietary habits, and voila! The result was not long in coming, since then and to this day we have before us the beauty, which, without exaggeration, the whole world admires. Her workout on the Internet you can find free access. There is even a set of exercises called “No more trouble zones“, which in English translates as “No problem areas”.

3. Valerie Turpin

French woman with perfect figure. Her grace and elegance is the main motivator for others. Her beauty she maintains a regular training, while sharing their secrets with everyone. In the collection of her video lessons is a complex of exercises for lower and upper abs, thighs + buttocks, killing five on the sides and etc. Conveniently, most classes do not last more than 25 minutes, and therefore suitable for beginners. If at first difficult, oblegchat exercises for themselves (for example, instead of jumping alternately take your leg out to the side).

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