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“Probably” is the worst word in the world: 9 things about living with anxiety disorder

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1. Annoying when people say “don’t worry”

If you could just stop worrying about, you’d do it. But such phrases are forced to worry even more.

2. “Probably” — the worst word in the Russian language

The expression of uncertainty only heightens the anxiety. Much nicer to come up with plans and execute them.

3. You Wake in the night and can’t sleep

The brain starts the wheel of anxiety. You have so much to do tomorrow, now you’re very tired, and yesterday told the chief unpleasant words, and now he’s mad…

4. Are you worried about small things

The phone will run, although it still has half charge. And why friends didn’t invite you to the party? Oh, you missed the right bus, now late by his own fault.

5. You don’t want to be late or come in early

And suddenly it will look weird? What to do while you wait? And if you are late, have to force to wait for other.

6. If you are talking about two people, brain explodes

How to respond to them at the same time? And how to resist the urge to throw the phone across the room?

7. If you don’t answer SMS, so ignore

She was offended by the phrase a year ago? Or just despises?

8. Sometimes you cry for no reason

And please do not ignore it, say nothing happened. Just feeling coming over me.

9. Are you bothered by the lack of organization

So-do lists, organizer and reminder — your best friends.

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