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Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

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Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition – protein-carbohydrate complex for a set of muscle mass. The gainer is characterized by high quality of raw materials, is well absorbed and received a high rating among professional athletes. The product is designed for those who find it difficult to gain muscle mass, eating regular foods. It delivers only high-quality amino acids and glycogen, and helps to recover after a workout. Weight gainers – this is not some banned substances, and the usual sports Supplement designed to equalize the imbalance in the diet. Simply put, it is a cocktail of fast digesting macronutrients for those who are tired to eat pasta and meat six times a day.

The contents

  • 1 Effects from taking
  • 2 Balanced additive
  • 3 How to take Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition
  • 4 Reviews

Effects from taking

  • The increase in muscle mass relative to total body weight;
  • The growth of muscles;
  • Acceleration of regenerative processes;
  • The increase in strength and General endurance;
  • The increase in net power

Gainer suitable for beginners who have just started bodybuilding or fitness. Athletes of higher level, too, can take it for their own purposes.

Balanced additive

Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition contains not one kind of protein that is quickly absorbed and ceases to “feed” your muscles after an hour. It is a complex from fast and slow sources of amino acids. The whole 7 hours after supplementation the body will get small amounts of amino acids to restore strength. The additional intake of amino acid complexes is not required with this weight gainer.

Carbohydrates are maltodextrin. It is energetically favorable source of carbohydrates. It allows the body to do hard work for a long time. Therefore, Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition ideal not only for body builders but fans of powerlifting and weightlifting.

Carbohydrates and proteins are additive in a proportion of about 1 to 1 serving provides parish 650 calories and about 60 grams of carbohydrates and proteins. Fat only 5 g, which facilitates the absorption of major macronutrients. The complex has the vitamins and minerals that allows you to make an appointment gainer snack or a full meal.

The additive does not contribute to fat gain, as it doesn’t contain excess calories that can’t be spent on muscle recovery. Unlike other gainers, it’s “easier” about 350 kcal per serving. This does not affect massonary qualities, because all the macronutrients, Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition are in high biological availability and are digested efficiently and completely.

How to take Pro Complex Gainer by Optimum Nutrition

The basic rules are:

  • Make every day;
  • For hardgainer dosage to three portions;
  • Wishing an easy recovery after a workout is enough 1-2;
  • “Of course” does not exist, a weight gainer drink all masonary cycle training

In training days you should drink a serving after one in the morning and in the afternoon. Hardgainer can enjoy a cocktail right before bed. One serving is a scoop of powder, dissolved in 400 ml of fluid. Some prefer to make a weight gainer with milk or juice, but not necessarily. Even if there is no shaker, only plain water and a mug, you can prepare a delicious cocktail, because the powder dissolves perfectly. The drink is not cloying, and moderately sweet and thick. Difficulties with reception of the majority of users does not occur.

Tip: to accelerate recovery processes after exercise and growth of power can be added to the drink portion of the amino acids and creatine.


This product is of high quality. Reviews indicate that the typical gainer is not a problem – bloating stomach hurts after taking, bloating and diarrhea no, the drink is digested, like any ordinary food.

The authors of the reviews noted a pleasant taste, especially in products “Chocolate”, “Vanilla”. But the berry-fruit options enjoy. But many claim that the taste reminds gainer strawberry milkshake and goes down easy.

There are forums and negative. Individual athletes criticized the pricing policy of the company, and they say that this product is not available to the common man. While protein products in conventional stores are becoming more expensive, this assertion remains controversial. It has long been estimated that the cheapest sources of quality macronutrients – just in cocktails.

The second is the lack of expected results. Here it is necessary to consider the factor of inflated expectations. Many believe that banks with gainer, they will look like a professional athlete, but it’s not. The result is a combination of genetics, training style and the presence or absence of errors in observing the sport mode. Just drink a weight gainer, lift weights haphazardly, and eat the rest of instant noodles – a bad strategy for a set of muscle mass. Only compliance with all components of a training regime, proper diet and the consumption of quality supplements will result.

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