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PRO BCAA by Optimum Nutrition

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Leucine, isoleucine, valine and glutamine are part of the amino acid PRO BCAA from Optimum Nutrition. Unlike conventional BCA, the complex is fortified with glutamine to support the immune system of athletes during the period of active work. The brand is well established in professional sports, and among fans. Amino acids are designed to block muscle catabolism on drying, and help to recover from serious massonary training. The complex is suitable not only for bodybuilders, but and power athletes and ordinary fitness enthusiasts who want to retain maximum muscle while you are losing weight.

The positive effects of the Supplement are:

  • Maintaining lean muscle mass during a caloric deficit;
  • Build muscle in masonboro period;
  • Support energy metabolism during exercise;
  • Improving the recovery processes after it;
  • Accelerating the protein synthesis within the muscle fibers;
  • Increase power performance with optimum training;
  • Creating conditions for proper weight loss

Of course, even the best quality, BCAA will not work if the athlete trains without commitment, and eat right. Amino acid complexes are a quick fuel for training, not a replacement for all the uneaten portions of meat, and not drinking protein.


In the additive glutamine, leucine, isoleucine and valine. Calories – 5 kcal per 100 g. In the composition also has sodium, calcium, various flavorings and additives for taste. One serving contains 19 g total of 8 g BCAA. For this manufacturer and criticize on the forums, as an attempt to “gain volume” cheaper glutamine is regarded by many users as a hoax.

How to take PRO BCAA from Optimum Nutrition

Application method depends on the goals of the athlete. The most common is to mix 2 scoops of Supplement in water and drink before workout. Second dose usually “knead” and take with you to drink during class, and during cardio after a workout. Sometimes, BCAA taken before bedtime to enhance the secretion of growth hormone. It is known that higher doses of glutamine affect the growth hormone. In the practice of bodybuilding are not the only methods of application. BCAA. Those who practice morning “starvation” cardio on drying can have a portion of amino acids to protect muscle from catabolism. Some sources on strength training called higher effective dosages, BCAA. This is 25 grams per day only one of the branched chain amino acids, excluding glutamine. Such dosages are necessary to the athletes, specifically working on power plan, seeking to develop muscle strength and mass. If we are talking about the girl, or the athlete-weight dealing for the purposes of fitness, the dosage can be considered high. But no problems with extra BCAA in the body does not happen, the human body simply removes excess amino acids. So the whole discussion rests only in the cost of supplements.

BCAA improve the other supplements in sports nutrition. For example, they can be taken with creatine or nitrogen. But add them to a protein shake is meaningless. It does not allow the body to absorb amino acids as protein and BCAA.

There is evidence that intake of BCAA with L-carnitine improves “the percentage of fat burning”, that is, allows more energy to obtain from fat, not from the catabolism of muscle tissue.


This product collects the positive feedback from professional athletes and Amateurs. Many appreciate it for its taste. It is known that natural, BCAA different unpleasant bitter-sour taste. Those athletes who are forced to take them without additives, negative assessments of palatability. But PRO BCAA from Optimum Nutrition contain high-quality modern sweeteners and flavor additives that change the taste of the product on. The most popular flavor from this brand is raspberry lemonade. Some prefer to mix additive with no taste of juice, but it is an option for those who don’t is drying.

Complaints of gastrointestinal disorders, and malfunction of the digestive system on the forums and in the open resources reviews was observed. Sometimes criticize the high price, but that feature high-quality brands of sports nutrition. The product is of high quality, and many of those who tried it, would buy it again.

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