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Principles of training for muscle fitness and nutrition

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Principles of training for muscle fitness and nutrition

The contents

  • The main mistakes of beginners in fitness, hindering muscle growth
  • Rules of fitness training for beginners
  • Rules of nutrition in exercise to gain muscle mass

Massive body musculature of men is most often caused by Association with the steroids. Rare people believe that to pump up these muscles is possible only through proper fitness and natural nutrition. But, as practice shows, thanks to the persistence and hard long work, you can achieve considerable success without the use of dangerous or prohibited drugs.

It should be understood that in the short term it is impossible to dramatically increase strength or to increase the volume of muscles several times. But, avoiding common mistakes beginners and putting daily effort can be significantly closer to his dream of a strong muscular body.

The main mistakes of beginners in fitness, hindering muscle growth

To gain muscle mass you need to properly build your fitness training and try to avoid the following errors.

  • It is impossible to train only arms and chest.

For a set of muscle mass it is important to pay attention to all major muscle groups, and to those also include the muscles of the back and legs. Because along with the presses and dumbbell lifts you need to perform different thrust and squats.

  • You should carefully monitor the body and prevent overtraining.

For beginners physical exercises and their effects on the body were new and unusual, therefore, in pursuit of a desired muscle volume, athletes strive to perform as much as possible, mindlessly increasing the hours of the gym. But the objective reality is that for muscle is important not only load, but also the recovery period that many beginners neglect.

  • Malnutrition is also one of the mistakes beginners.

For mass, you must create a calorie surplus of about 15%. In addition, you must remember that after the fitness exercise, the body needs increased protein and carbohydrate food to maintain the energy balance and more effective cell renewal. It is not enough to eat twice a day, 4-5 meals.

  • A wrong assessment of the role of sports nutrition.

In the beginning of my sports life, people often fall into two categories: one is painstakingly purchased a lot of protein, creatine, BCAA, safe in the knowledge that without them it is impossible to gain decent muscle mass. The second category of vehemently denying the use of sports nutrition, talking about the harm that it brings. But the views of both categories of people are wrong quality sports nutrition is harmless to the human body and helps replenish essential nutrients. But it should be understood that it does not work by itself, without fitness workouts and natural eating, so in the life of an athlete must be present as an important but subsidiary component.

  • Wrong way of life.

For muscle growth is not enough exercise: if after school a person goes to a night club, the training results will be nil. It is important to remember that for the result will have to reconsider the habits and priorities in life.

  • Working with extreme weights is also a common problem for beginners.

Starting exercise without knowing the proper technique, they load themselves to the maximum, which leads to improper movements, reduce the effectiveness of the exercise and increase of hazards.

This is the list of the most common mistakes in fitness classes that significantly inhibit muscle growth.

Rules of fitness training for beginners

With the above common mistakes can make a set of rules to govern those who want to increase muscle mass with a gym, without resorting to various drugs.

  • Training must include physical exercises on all major muscles of the body. The programme is made up of the basic elements, if necessary, adjusting its insulating.
  • Half of the beginner workout should consist of exercises for back and legs. To increase the level of testosterone mandatory elements of the program doing deadlifts and squats with the weights.
  • The weight of the projectile take to be able to perform 8 repetitions of an exercise without compromising proper technique of movements. If you have problems with the correct execution — a six-necessarily reduced.
  • Training must not exceed 2 hours. The optimal time is 70-90 minutes.
  • If you make three full meals a day is problematic — prepared protein shake or gainer.
  • The minimum number of fitness classes twice a week. You can also engage in more often, but we should not forget about the full recovery and good rest.

When muscle mass is necessary to restore the body. Additionally, you cannot forget about a healthy and prolonged sleep, during which there is a reinforced cell regeneration.

Rules of nutrition in exercise to gain muscle mass

Nutrition is an important factor when training for mass, so here it is also important to observe some rules. Absolutely impossible to carry out fitness training on an empty stomach, and be hungry at the end. Such a practice leads to the burning of protein — the basics muscle tissue. An hour before classes to take carbohydrate food to provide the body with energy. After a workout food should be protein-carbohydrate and contain more minerals and vitamins (to quickly and effectively restore balance in the muscle cells).

The diet must fit your own parameters. The differences in body type and metabolic processes forcing the athlete to choose the menu individually. People who are prone to accumulate fat reserves, you should focus on proteins and complex carbohydrates and avoiding simple. Useful protein foods are egg whites, lean meats, fish, cheese.

Athletes who have a tendency toward thinness and not gain weight, it is necessary to include in the diet of simple carbohydrates, preferably in the form of sweet fruit. High-intensity power fitness loads need to take additional multivitamin complex.

For a set of muscle mass will have to exert much effort: to exercise regularly, change your dietary habits, partly to change their way of life. We should not expect quick results: the process of building muscle mass can take several years.

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