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Press Wheel – Pros and Cons

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Exercise machines for working on the shape of the figure can be different. Compact and universal, which can be practiced at home, are in special demand. These include the press wheel, with its help you can not only work out the muscles of the abdominal press, but also tidy up your posture and positively affect the work of internal organs. But even such a simple simulator needs to be mastered, to understand the principle of its operation. Here you will find the advantages of a press wheel and its disadvantages.

The wheel and roller for the press is suitable for those who would like to get rid of the consequences of a sedentary lifestyle at home. If the abdominal muscles do not get a load in everyday life, they become flabby, the stomach sagging. A roller with two handles makes the press work.

In order to learn how to use the simulator faster, you can purchase a model not with one roller, but with two, such a wheel will be more stable and stable.

Press Wheel Benefits

Unlike other simulators working on the abdominal press, the wheel is compact. A small fixture, which is easy to store and use in an ordinary apartment, with proper handling will provide the same level of load as bulky fixtures in the hall. Plus, not only in size, but also in cost, few are willing to buy an expensive simulator for home use without going to the gym, but everyone can afford to buy a press roller.

It’s interesting to train with the press wheel, if you constantly use different exercises, classes won’t be bored. A large selection of exercises and the ability to complicate many of them provide not only high motivation for training, but also quick results.

Disadvantages of a wheel for a press

Before you purchase any simulator, you need to familiarize yourself not only with the advantages, but also with the disadvantages. The main one is the high level of complexity of the first training. From the side it seems that rolling a wheel on the floor is very simple, in fact, many muscle groups are involved in the work. If you like to overcome difficulties, then this will be a plus, otherwise physical difficulties can lead to disappointment.

The versatility of the press wheel extends to healthy people, for some diseases, training on it is contraindicated. These include problems with the spine and musculoskeletal system, heart and vascular diseases, and other chronic diseases.

pump press

Rules for training with a press wheel

Training with the wheel can be different – short and long, more or less intense, with different levels of difficulty. But all of them must pass in accordance with the rules.

Nothing should restrict movement and restrict vision, clothing should be comfortable, long hair – gathered in a bun;
You will need a soft mat, as the exercises will be performed on the floor;
You need to breathe in training through the nose, this allows you to save more strength and make the training more productive. Tilts should be done on inspiration, on exhalation – return to the starting position, this will allow you to get more oxygen and expand your training volume;
You can’t start the classes right away, you need to take at least 5-10 minutes to warm up with warming up the muscles;
In the first training session, you do not need to do more than eight repetitions in the approach. After a few lessons, you can increase the number of repetitions to 12-15, each exercise is done in 2-3 approaches. Training should be difficult, but not overly difficult;
In the first trainings, exercises with emphasis on the feet should be modified – not to rely on the feet, but on the knees. Such a relief will allow you to master the principle of working with the wheel;
In order to use more muscles, it is recommended to roll the wheel not only along a straight path, but also along the diagonal;
The roller must be rolled slowly, greatly straining the muscles of the press.

In training with a press wheel, more than two dozen muscles work simultaneously; these are not only the muscles of the abdomen and back, the load is received by the arms and even legs. Choosing the exercises appropriate for your purpose, the wheel can be used to lose weight, tighten the shape of the figure and even to increase muscle mass.


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