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Press on Sheiko: the technique

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B. I. Sheiko is a Russian honored coach in powerlifting who has developed a special training program for the bench press. The technique of exercises compiled for 13 weeks, was not created for triathletes, but for clean athletes on the bench press.

Press on Sheiko includes 3 month plan, 2 of which preparatory and 1st competition. In fact, the training is tough and many even experienced athletes plunges into shock. However, those who manage to complete all the steps to achieve the best results.

Sheiko, contrary to the records of Paul Chernyshev about the need to only perform a bench press and not doing any other exercises (e.g., biceps, triceps, etc.), says that exercises all kinds of muscles, including chest, arms, legs, and back, are essential. The coach advises to exercise every day to achieve lightning fast results.

Development of methods

The founder of the method is De Lorma, who in the 1930s developed the principles of rapid muscle development and strength, which was to pick up the maximum possible weight with which the athlete would be able to complete 10 swings. Each exercise is done 3 sets of 10 repetitions, starting with half the maximum weight to raise the bar with a total possible for each individual athlete weight. There are modified methods of De Lorma in which there is a decrease in the number of repetitions while increasing the weights. Reverse technique (reduction of weight at higher repetitions) is called the method of Zinoviev or Oxford method.

B. I. Sheiko has combined these two methods into one, creating an effective way for those who love to work. Coach warns fans of bench presses with large weights because they run with very bent elbows. Such presses traumatic. It is better to do exercises with medium weight and slightly bent elbows. And if you lower the bar as low as possible, you can stretch the muscles of the chest, which will reduce the risk of injury.

Some believe that the technique Sheiko training often occurs on the chest muscles, so that they do not have time to recover. Actually this is because athletes train in different ways. Many take a percentage of the weight that my dream is to raise, not from its real possibilities.

The essence of the workout

The training program is as follows: calculate your personal maximum, the athlete performs the exercises in a strict order, as described Sheiko.

To calculate your personal maximum (PM), you need to use a sinking – specialized training aimed at the recognition of maximum weight with which to work.

If this method is carried out for the first time after passing it you need to a break from training at least a week. You are only allowed to perform sometimes a short warm-up exercise. After the start of training Sheiko in a few weeks again to repeat the execution of penetration, because the PM may change. In case of increase of PM should be based from the new result.

Basic training occurs from 70 – 85% weights weight below these numbers – a warm-up. In the middle of each week there is a “marathon”, which is to increase the weight of the rods in each subsequent approach, with fewer repetitions. So, for example, may be reduced from ten reps to one. Then, on the contrary, the weight decreases and the number of repetitions increases.

To start training on Sheiko should be being prepared: 6-8 weeks before you have to train in the 4-8 repetition. This will help to restore muscle fibers and ligaments, relieve nerves and allow you to Supplement creatine. Creatine is a substance that is a common type of food athletes for muscle building. It is recommended to take supplements during strength training on the methodology of the cervix. You also need to increase carbohydrate intake, sleep quality and limit other activities. To achieve maximum results, you need to perform the exercise without being distracted more than anything. Here is meant to work, love Affairs, get-togethers with friends, exams and other activities. If you’re good at something diverted, in addition to training, you will not be able to achieve a good result, it requires motivation and relentless pursuit of victory.

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