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Preparation for practice: preparation of fitness programs

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Preparation for practice: preparation of fitness programs

The contents

  • When HLS fan better to do restorative fitness
  • Benefits and purposes of preparatory fitness training
  • Approximate program of training in the hall
  • How to organize a stage fitness classes at the gym
  • How to determine the right weight
  • How to choose a good gym

Coming to the gym, beginning the fans of a healthy way of life immediately start to work on the ground, completely ignoring the stage of preparation for power fitness. The effects usually appear a few years later in the form of permanent injuries or sudden cessation of progress. Professional bodybuilders believe that work to increase muscles, you need to pay attention to physical training. This period usually takes up to 3 years and is fully justified in the future.

When HLS fan better to do restorative fitness

Classes of General physical preparation should begin long before the first fitness workout aimed at building muscle. To strengthen the body in the gym or outdoors, but in the heat it is desirable to avoid on the street. Summer is generally not advised to return to the sport after a long break or to arrange your first training session. The autumn-winter period is considered more favorable for several reasons:

  • security. The heat in combination with physical activity affects the cardiovascular system;
  • the empty hall. Spring and summer sports clubs, there is a significant influx of “snowdrops” — the people who are trying to lose weight before the holiday season;
  • the lack of interference with familiarity with the equipment. Instructors give beginners more attention, and the aforementioned “snowdrops” do not give unsolicited advice.

Benefits and purposes of preparatory fitness training

The main goal of restorative fitness activities is to prepare muscles and joints for athletic activity, increase endurance and strength. Developed in parallel in the cardiovascular system, improves the flow of oxygen and nutrients to muscle tissue. The longer the fan of a healthy lifestyle is preparing for the first training on the ground, the better his work the capillaries.

It is believed that the preparatory fitness has maximum effect by the end of the third year of regular classes. Experts in bodybuilding say that trained athletes are much less likely to get injured. Developed muscles easily cope with heavy training, and enhanced stamina enables you to do long enough.

Approximate program of training in the hall

Duration of primary training to work on a lot is 6-8 weeks. Deal preferably not more than 1-1,5 hours in a row, arranging 3-4 fitness training weekly.

It is desirable that during class in the works include all muscle groups. In the summer it is recommended to give preference to gentle loads measured in the form of Jogging, swimming, push-UPS and pull-UPS on the horizontal bar. The fitness room is more suited for a cold time of year and must be built according to the scheme circular training. The versatile training program as follows:

  • jog for 30-40 minutes;
  • squats, 3-4 sets of 15-20 reps;
  • dips, 3-4 approach to the limit;
  • pushups.

Usually the muscles are worked from the bottom up or top down. If this approach seems uncomfortable, perform these exercises in any order, it will not affect the overall effectiveness of the training.

How to organize a stage fitness classes at the gym

After 8 weeks, strengthening exercises, start strength training in the gym. If you are a beginner, seek the assistance of a coach or more experienced comrades. The first fitness session should be devoted to the formulation of the correct equipment, which will largely determine your speed of development in the future.

If the instructor offers to make an individual program for you, better give up. This service is available for a fee, but is only useful for advanced athletes who pursue certain goals. Advice for all the aspiring fitness enthusiasts the same, because beginners need a basic exercise involving several joints simultaneously. These include squats, push-UPS, pull-UPS and bench that allows you to work the entire body in one workout.

There are two ways to organize training in the gym. The first is to use the simulators, while the second involves working with shells. If you paid enough attention to physical training, you can easily master the work with free weights.

How to determine the right weight

Many novice athletes have difficulty exercising even with a blank fretboard, but the primary physical training will allow you to skip this step. Experienced bodybuilders are recommended to practice the technique with a tangible weight to speed up preparations for high loads and get rid of the fear of significant weights.

The weight of the projectile pick up so that to perform 3-4 sets of 4-6 reps. The last movement should cause a feeling of fatigue and even pain, however it is not necessary to bring the muscle to failure. Running the 3-4 set, reduce the weight by 5-15 pounds and do another 4 sets of 8-12 times. Therefore, you must do all the exercises that are included in the programme of fitness classes. It is desirable to be from 5 to 8. A good example is squats, working out of the calves, bench press, push-UPS, pull-UPS, lifting barbells for biceps and every exercise for abdominals.

How to choose a good gym

Fitness more effective if the athlete has access to a large number of trainers, so give preference to well-equipped sports clubs. In the early stages you’ll need the rack for squats, the trainer of the Smith press machine, equipment for Sakr-squats, stationary bike and treadmill. This will greatly diversify the program of the preparatory fitness training, as you will be able to work the same muscle group in multiple ways. The monotony of a workout in the gym is the most common cause of rejection of the sport, so don’t hesitate to experiment.

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