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Preparation for ageing: what is premenopause and how to receive it

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What is it?

It is a complex of symptoms that start before menstruation become irregular. During premenopause the woman remains fertile and can get pregnant, but the level of estrogen gradually decreases.

Predmenopause ends a year after I stopped menstruating. It is usually called the climax, even though it is correct — the transition to menopause.

What are the symptoms?

Symptoms of menopause may appear during premenopause, and after it. Here they are:

  • hot flashes and night sweats,
  • insomnia,
  • lack of energy,
  • mental symptoms (low mood, anxiety),
  • decreased libido,
  • dryness of the vagina, discomfort during sex,
  • dry skin and hair.

Most women begin to experience these symptoms after the age of 40, and even closer to 50. But for some it starts early: 5% of women right after 40, 1% – to 40, and every thousandth “lucky” to 30 years. Learn about it in advance and prevent — it’s impossible!

Upset, however, also not necessary, because the unpleasant symptoms of premenopause easily corrected.

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