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Pregnancy and sport: 5 tips to stay in shape and not to harm the child

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First things first. Sport during pregnancy. More recently, doctors believed that it is better not to do vigorous activity, but now it is known. it is better to do something than nothing. Physical activity help to moderate weight gain, reduce pain and even reduce the risk of gestational diabetes. Here are some exercises, however, should be avoided.

1. Sports with high loads

To those during pregnancy include, for example, downhill skiing, Boxing and team sports like volleyball and basketball, where you need a lot of jumping.

2. Don’t do a lot of exercises on the back

It can be dangerous, because the bladder puts pressure on the veins that can interfere with normal blood flow.

3. Avoid weights

Exercise at weights much blood rushes to the muscles, and the child gets less. Better to train with weight up to 5 kg, but with a large number of approaches.

4. Forget about hot yoga

During pregnancy should not be carried away by the loads associated with the increase of temperature or sweating.

5. If it hurts, stop

In this period, the body undergoes many changes, so many of the exercises that were previously performed easily become too complex. No need to try through the pain, your task now is not it.

Other exercises that are not included in this list are considered safe. If you are not engaged in sports constantly, be sure to consult with your doctor. Walk, swim, ride the bike (until the third trimester), to do light yoga and Pilates classes — you can! As kegels, which will help to give birth with fewer complications.

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