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Power fitness: strengthen muscles in the arms

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Power fitness: strengthen muscles in the arms
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  • Power fitness: tips for effective workout hands
  • Exercises for men
  • Exercises for women

Training of arms in bodybuilding takes a special place. Exercises for the muscles of the hands is very popular among visitors gyms. Both beginners and experienced athletes hard shake hands, because when you look at the figure of the powerful biceps and triceps first to catch the eye. To make the muscles of the arms and embossed surround, need a full-fledged training consisting of basic and isolation exercises.

Power fitness: tips for effective workout hands

To ensure the effective exercise of the hands, you need to follow the following rules:

  • In a training program for a mass of not less than 80% of the exercises to be basic. In the basic exercises, lift heavy weights, giving the muscles the ultimate load. Isolated exercises, which focused on individual muscles, large hands are not pumped. Small muscles are growing together with large muscle groups, and large amounts of muscles being worked by using the stem-rods, pull-UPS, bench presses and squats. In the environment of bodybuilders and even there’s an expression: “if you Want big arms — swing foot.” Small and large muscles can be grouped in different ways. For example, the biceps are often trained in one day with the back muscles, as they both are involved in pulling movements. Accordingly, triceps combined with chest, as iMovie muscle groups. But one workout can be combined and antagonists: back and triceps, chest and biceps. Sometimes it makes sense to train arms separately from other muscle groups.
  • Place of isolation exercises in the second part of training after basic loads. The less muscle, the faster it gets tired. If you wear down the fine muscles of isolating loads in the first part of the training, they will not be able to fully assist major muscle groups in the core exercise left for later. So first you need to perform the full range of basic exercises, and then to finish the individual muscle isolation. Although sometimes in the bodybuilding method is applied prior exhaustion: targeted muscles become fatigued especially isolation exercises, and then runs the base.
  • Bending hands with a barbell is used to refer to the basic exercises, despite the fact that the flexion is only one joint (actually, two pairs of the elbow joint). The flexion of the hands of the post has a key role in the development of the biceps muscles, but in training your biceps, you cannot rely on this exercise. In addition to flexion, hypertrophy of the biceps muscle stimulate pullups on the bar. This is a typical basic exercise, which gives the load a large number of muscles and when you perform a reverse grip with the narrow formulation of the hands effectively trains the biceps.
  • Doing practice owner, you need to follow to avoid any imbalance in the development of the biceps and triceps. The biceps forms the anterior surface of the shoulder, triceps — back. The biceps flexes the arm, the triceps extends. Both of these muscles are equally important and should be worked evenly. But in the pursuit of big arms, some athletes have to give less load to the triceps. The result is unevenly pumped shoulder looks disproportionately. Moreover, it loses a significant part of the muscle volume. The fact that the triceps account for approximately two-thirds of the muscle mass of the shoulder, that is, the muscle is making even greater contribution to muscle mass than the biceps. To work out the triceps, you need to do push-UPS on the parallel bars and perform the bench press narrow grip.
  • Special attention should be paid to the development of the power grip. The selection of exercises for arms must include movements that strengthen the hand, wrist and forearm. The strength of grip depends on the success of many strength exercises. Develops grip strength fitness with carpal expander, and to strengthen the muscles of the forearms you can do flexion and extension of hands in wrists to the pole.

In the military fitness is no purely female and purely male exercises — there are differences only in the amount and intensity of physical activity. Under load means the number of repetitions, sets and exercises, and under the intensity of work weight.

Exercises for men

When combined within the same class of exercises for back and biceps first exercise for back, and then for biceps. To finalize the biceps after back training is enough to perform a lifting rod for biceps and lifting the dumbbells grip the “hammer”. The movements are repeated 8-12 times in the approach, each exercise is done 3-4 approach. In flexion it is possible to use a rod with a curved fretboard. “Hammer” can be replaced by lifting a barbell on a biceps by a reverse grab — these two exercises actively works not only the biceps, but underneath brachialis. In addition, in order to better pump the biceps is recommended to add compound exercises for your back pull-UPS reverse grip.

If triceps are worked out in cooperation with the breast, including basic exercises, bench press narrow grip (6-12 reps, 3-4 approach), and then after training your chest is to finalize the triceps with extension of the arms with a dumbbell and extension arms on the block (direct or reverse grip). Alternatively, instead of the extension arms with a dumbbell to use a French press instead of bench press — dips. The volume load in isolated exercises: 3-4 sets of 8-12 repetitions. The same set of exercises you can use if the biceps and triceps are trained together in a separate day of the week.

Exercises for women

Male and female training programs tend to differ, because men and women usually have different training goals. Since women usually do not want to build up bulk biceps and triceps, them to strengthen the hands of 3-4 exercises. Biceps can be strengthened by the lifting of a weight with a flat or curved the fretboard and alternate flexion hands with dumbbell. And triceps, you can work out the French press and the extension arms on the block. Women to increase the number of repetitions to 10-15, and the number of sets is reduced to 2-3. The reason for the sagging hands can be not only weak muscles and excess fat. To clean it will help aerobic fitness, basic weight training and proper nutrition.

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