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Power fitness for women: the universal set of exercises

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Power fitness for women: the universal set of exercises
The contents

  • Strength training and the risk of the pump
  • Efficient strength program fitness training
  • A simple program of strength fitness
  • The role of aerobic exercise in the fitness training

It is believed that strength training, especially with weights, is the prerogative of the male part of fans of a healthy lifestyle. But the motivation in training women have more: for a beautiful body they are willing to starve to do for hours in the gym or at home, buy expensive cosmetics. And since strength training is a necessary condition for building a beautiful figure, without the correction of the body is not enough.

Strength training and the risk of the pump

One of the major physiological differences between a man and a woman is the balance of hormones, especially sexual. In the case of muscle it plays a key role. Some girls are worried that doing active pumping of muscle mass, it is possible to obtain a masculine figure. In reality (without the use of special drugs) such a result is practically impossible. This is due to the low content in the female body testosterone, is responsible, among other things, and the number of muscle fibers.

Another one of the nuances is the level of norepinephrine, a hormone which, together with testosterone is responsible for aggressive behavior. His females are much smaller. This is especially important under conditions when effective muscle building need each time to exceed previous results. Women are much more difficult to engage in a fitness program.

There are other peculiarities of female physiology, affecting the outcome of strength training. Key among them are:

  • Slower metabolism implies low cost of calories for 1 kg weight.

To work the muscles need more energy than fat accumulation. The fair sex less muscle than men, but that absolutely biologically justified, more fat mass.

  • The most developed muscles in the lower extremities.

Accordingly, they are the first to react to the load when the fitness workouts. The muscles of the arms, back, neck to pump much harder. The same applies to the press. Women in the lower abdomen fewer nerve endings. Which turn reduces the density of neuromuscular connections.

  • Monthly menstruation also play a role.

With this time connected the following periodization of loads in fitness. The most intense workout must be the first two weeks of the new cycle.

  • Bulging muscles accumulate glycogen effectively, which accelerates obtaining the desired results.

Here the most effective high volume training — a lot of repetitions and approaches. One of the successful examples of such fitness training is to work on fat loss with the use of different shells.

  • Stress loads the body uses fat quite effectively.

Optimal for this purpose it will load with low intensity more than 30 minutes with a heart rate of 110-120 beats/min.

Don’t forget that for women large amounts of carbohydrates in the diet is doubly dangerous. For effective fat burning should be somewhat less than that required to cover all energy costs.

Efficient strength program fitness training

There are many variations in programs of law enforcement training. But not all of them suit everyone — from beginners to professionals in fitness. Consider the universal program that will make it possible to pump for one workout all the major muscles of the body. With the development of power characteristics, young women should reduce the intervals between sets and gradually increase the weight in the gym and the bar. All this must be done gradually and under the guidance of a fitness trainer.

This training includes 5 components:

  • twisting lying down: 6 sets with a maximum possible number of repetitions (threshold interval is 35 seconds, less — effective);
  • squats with barbell: 5 sets of 10-15 times, with a break of 1 minute after each set;
  • vertical thrust block wide grip: 6 sets of 10-15 repetitions with 1 minute intervals for working through the widest muscle of the back;
  • bench press narrow grip: 6 sets of 10-12 times effective chest workouts;
  • thrust rod to the chin — the number of sets and reps as in the previous exercise.

To the training required to provide approximately 1 hour. Such complex allows to achieve optimal weight loss. It takes into account all the nuances of the female physiology.

Over time, the basic exercises you can add more. Most effective in fat loss and body shaping:

  • lift bent knees or straightened legs;
  • the rise of the horizontal block;
  • deadlift on straight legs;
  • Mahi dumbbells in the direction;
  • lifting weights to the biceps standing.

This volume of loads designed for the peak 2 weeks after the start of a new cycle of menstruation.

A simple program of strength fitness

Further, until the beginning of the next period of menstruation, it is recommended to use a light program fitness workouts. It looks like the following:

  • Vertical thrust block.
  • Bench press narrow grip.
  • Thrust rod to the chin.
  • Cardio at a leisurely pace: running, aerobics, exercises with step-platform.

All elements are performed at a moderate tempo in 4 sets of 20 repetitions.

Removing the load on the abdominals and lower body to minimize the adverse consequences of overload in a period when the body is weakened. Moreover, according to the principle of periodization of loads, such wavelike changes should increase the result of each subsequent cycle. During menstruation, in the case of poor physical condition, you can pause a few days at the fitness training.

The role of aerobic exercise in the fitness training

The best result in the struggle for harmony is achieved through a combination of force and cardio, but the widespread opinion that aerobic fitness training allow the best way to burn fat is very controversial.

In favor of strength exercises to achieve this goal include the following arguments:

  • The more developed muscle mass, the more calories spent by the body for basal metabolism at rest. Maintaining muscle tone allows in rest days and even weeks of vacation to keep the “overclocked” the level of metabolism. After cardio it speeds up only for a few hours.
  • Through fitness in the gym you can do the correction of the shape of individual body parts, that little is feasible in the classroom, for example, Jogging.
  • During weight loads is effective fat burning, with cardio the same 40-50% of the energy comes from the carbohydrates received from food.
  • This is not to deny the benefit of aerobic exercise to maintain General good health, the health of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, improvement of blood supply of internal organs, flexibility, and coordination.

    The variety and combination of different types of fitness loads allows to achieve the desired results in building a perfect body.

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