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Power fitness for beginners: exercises for women

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Power fitness for beginners: exercises for women

The contents

  • Power fitness for beginners: womens workout
  • A set of exercises for the core muscles
  • Basic yoga exercises

Starting work on improving the figure, most women prefer aerobic exercise, leaving weight training men. It is believed that aerobic exercise stimulate weight loss. But fitness and strength are able to provide effective fat loss, in addition it eliminates sagging skin and forms a beautiful relief of the body. However, many girls are frightened by the prospect of pumping muscle and become muscular muscled-bodybuilder. This fear is completely unfounded: because of genetic characteristics it is harder for women to pump up the surround muscles than men. So girls can safely pick up the weights and start strength training for weight loss.

Power fitness for beginners: womens workout

Why we are talking about losing weight? The fact that the majority of women, going to the gym in the first place seek to get rid of excess weight. May it help the power bar? Yes, it’s one of its functions:

  • Weight training burn a lot of calories.
  • Resistance training significantly accelerates the metabolism, and it stays accelerated even after you graduate. And the more active metabolism, the faster calories are consumed.
  • Strength exercises not just burn fat, they replace it with muscle tissue. And hard muscle tissue consumes calories even when the body does not make active actions, i.e. it is at rest. The more muscle tissue in the body, the stronger the energy, the smaller the chance to gain extra pounds.

But weight loss is not the main benefit of strength training. Their main advantage — the creation of attractive muscle shape with rounded elastic forms. Where to start for beginners who have never exercised with weights?

Consider a few of the mistakes they most often make novice Amateur power of fitness:

  • Too sudden start. I want to get everything at once, but in fitness it’s not working. Here the load is increased gradually and progress gradually. Excessive enthusiasm in the initial phase of strength training is a mistake typical of beginners. Exhausting work wear does not accelerate the achievement of the desired result and will lead to overtraining, which will have to postpone classes for a while.
  • Emphasis on isolation exercises. Familiarity with the power fitness can begin with exercising in the gym, providing an isolated study of muscles: the movement of feet in a block training simulator, leg straightening, etc. exercise in the gym is safer than working with free weights. However, isolated exercises will not work quickly and efficiently to build muscle. This requires a base load. The insulation is good to strengthen the ligaments for the revision of certain muscles, or in the case where the heavy base load is contraindicated, for example due to a weak knee joints. Base load can be undesirable and in that case, if the girl, for example, is too developed muscles of the thighs is here to pump better buttocks not squats and abduction of the foot on the block.
  • Work with maximum weight. First, you need to take the weights of small and average weight. If muscles are unaccustomed to heavy loads, with maximum weights to avoid violations of equipment and injuries: sprains, bruises, sprains, aggravation of degenerative disc disease, disc protrusion and intervertebral hernia.

Another important recommendation to beginners — at the beginning of the training should pay attention to strengthening the core muscles. It is a complex of muscles of the abdominals, buttocks, hips, back, which provides support for the spine and stabilizing the pelvis. How strong core muscles, depends on the health of the spine and correct posture, and ease working with heavy weights.

A set of exercises for the core muscles

In pumping the core muscles essential different types of planks:

  • Horizontal plank on straight arms. Adopted a support position, the body and lower limbs are aligned in straight. The press is kept busy. The position is fixed at least 30 seconds.
  • Reverse plank with leg lifts. Taken a sitting position on the floor, hands placed slightly behind. The pelvis is raised and the housing is aligned. The shoulders are deployed, the blades are reduced. Bent the legs tightened to a stomach — 20 repetitions.
  • Strap side. Of the horizontal plank body rotates on its side: the emphasis will be shifted to the right hand and foot. Body and feet are aligned. The other arm reaches upward. The exercise is performed for both sides of the body.

A set of exercises for the core muscles can expand due to the “climber” and elevations of the pelvis:

  • “The Iceman”. Adopted a support position for performing push UPS. Turns bend legs and tightened to the abdomen 30 reps;
  • The raising of the pelvis. Lying on your back, arms stretched out at sides palms down, legs bent. Emphasis on one leg, the other leg straightens. Gluteal muscles tense, and the pelvis raised. Made a slight pause. Performed 10 repetitions with the change of the supporting leg.

Basic yoga exercises

The women who want training in the gym, should be based on the following set of exercises:

  • Squats with weights. Beginners should practice squats with no additional weight. You can then pick up the dumbbells weighing 4 kg. it is important to learn how to take your pelvis back while keeping a fixed and level position of the back.
  • Lunges with dumbbells. And lunges and squats effectively train the glutes and hamstrings, and also give a good incentive overall muscle growth.
  • Deadlift on straight legs (dead lift). Exercise allows to exclude from work the front part of the thighs, and to involve the back surface and the buttocks. There is also an extensor of the back.
  • Deadlifts. Loaded buttocks, front and back sides of the hips, spinal muscles.
  • Pushups to pump your chest and triceps. Reverse push UPS (back to bench) for the triceps.
  • Dumbbell bench press sitting or lying down. Strengthens the shoulder girdle.
  • Inclined bench press to work the chest. Weight is better to take small.
  • Thrust blocks or pull on the bar.

A set of core exercises is the Foundation of training. Isolated load complement him. Women are more suitable mnogopoliarnym operation from-ironically, structure and amount of muscle and lower testosterone levels compared to men. It is difficult for them to run to failure with maximum weights. It is better to combine the circular training with medium weights and minimal rest between sets and workout with heavy weights and small reps.

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