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Power fitness: exercises with dumbbells

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Power fitness: exercises with dumbbells
The contents

  • Features a gym with dumbbells
  • The benefits of exercises with dumbbells
  • Examples of fitness workouts with dumbbells

To increase muscle mass you need to perform regular exercises with weights. Dumbbells — this is the sports equipment, which is almost as often as the rod, is used as a weighting. Working with weights has advantages and disadvantages that must be explored and taken into account before drawing up the program of strength fitness workouts.

Features a gym with dumbbells

Power fitness classes, during which the quality of the weights used dumbbells have the following features:

  • due to the fact that the sports projectile has a limited prospect of increasing in weight, performing exercises with dumbbells the greatest possible muscle building to achieve it is problematic. In other words, to reach genetic limit in the growth and development of the muscle required a fairly wide range of dumbbells weighing from 8 to 50 kg, with a progression in weight a maximum of 6 kg. the Acquisition of such ammo inefficient, especially if the fitness training is conducted at home, because they functionally can replace a small set of dumbbells and a barbell;
  • training with dumbbells, it is important to observe the periodization of loads using projectiles of different masses depending on the intensity of fitness activities, which is provided by the training program;
  • for steadily progressive muscle growth, you should periodically increase the weight of burdens, to extend the time physical effects on the muscle group, decrease the rest period between sets of exercises. In such circumstances, the muscle fibers are constantly receiving small injuries in the process of regeneration which the formation of new cells muscles and increases total muscle volume;
  • working with weights should be varied, so that the muscles do not have time to adapt to similar kind of pressure when you perform the same exercises. For this reason, the program of basic strength training with weights, be sure to include new training moves and to exclude those that were performed a long time. With the exception of fitness workouts any exercise, you must leave the base, which consists of squats, deadlift, bench press and sitting. Squats with the weights provide quality physical load on the muscles of the lower limbs, deadlifts with dumbbells — back muscles, bench press — for chest muscles and sitting on the muscles of the shoulders.

The benefits of exercises with dumbbells

Fitness training with dumbbells has the following advantages over a classroom, in which a weighting is used, the rod or work on a strength training:

  • working with dumbbells is ideal for people with a low level of training of the muscles and lack of experience in fitness. Training with these apparatuses, they can quickly improve your fitness, strengthen the major muscle groups, including the entire muscular system, to develop skills with free weights. Thus, newcomers have the opportunity to form a good base for further, more intensive work to increase muscle mass;
  • experienced gym attendees can use dumbbells to maintain high muscle tone and overall physical fitness, as well as using heavy projectiles, to achieve a definition of relief of muscle and separation of individual muscle groups.
  • when you exercise with dumbbells, in addition to the major muscle groups involved in a small muscles-stabilizers, so the load is more intensive. This can be experienced by every visitor to the gym, if you compare your feelings when you perform the bench press with a barbell or with dumbbells. Despite the same mass of shells, crank operating weight with dumbbells is much harder than with a barbell;
  • work in the gym compared to performing the identical exercises with free weights is much easier, because the muscles-stabilizers are excluded from the training;
  • dumbbells are safer to use exercise equipment than the rod;
  • a huge range of exercises with dumbbells gives you the opportunity to add variety to strength training. Almost every training movement with this exercise equipment can be performed in different variations using one or two dumbbells, carrying out a movement both upper limbs or one after the other;
  • working with dumbbells, it is very easy to adjust the weight. It is enough to take a shell of smaller mass, whereas when conducting fitness classes the post correction work weight by replacing the pancakes on the fretboard takes time and effort. In some cases, may change the weights without assistance is not possible;
  • weights, and especially their portable models are perfect for exercise at home. The small size of these shells they are easy to store, and for training with them does not require lots of space.

Examples of fitness workouts with dumbbells

Beginners in the sport for ease of operation can use the following program fitness training involving three sessions per week. According to a predetermined plan in the first training day (Monday) you must complete the following set of exercises with dumbbells, she came to him only after a proper warm-up:

  • The breeding of the upper limbs, lying on a flat bench (4 sets of 8 reps).
  • Bench press (for 6 repetitions in each of the 5 approaches).
  • The elbow extension in the tilt all the way to the bench or dumbbell row (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Deadlift (12 times in each of the 4 approaches).
  • Flexion of the upper extremities to work with biceps shoulders in the sitting position (3 sets of 12 flexion in each).

The second training day (Wednesday) after a thorough warm-up is recommended to perform this set of exercises:

  • Squats with dumbbells (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Dumbbell bench press on incline bench (3 sets for 12 reps).
  • Jim Arnold (8 repetitions in each of the 4 approaches).
  • French press (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Flexion of the upper extremities in the sitting position to work out the biceps (4 sets of 8 repetitions).

The last training day of the week (Friday) training may consist of these exercises with dumbbells:

  • Deadlift (5 sets of 6 repetitions).
  • Standard bench presses (4 sets 8 reps).
  • Attacks (12 times in each of 3 sets).
  • Traction to the belt in the slope (4 sets of 8 times).
  • Press on the bench with a negative slope (12 times in each of the 3 approaches).

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