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Power fitness: exercises for the legs in the Smith machine

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Power fitness: exercises for the legs in the Smith machine
The contents

  • Trainer for the power of fitness
  • Exercises for the legs in the simulator Smith
  • The advantages and disadvantages of exercise in the Smith machine

The Smith machine sport device, familiar to all who practice the power bar. In training it is used by both beginners and experienced athletes. In the Smith machine to perform squats without fear of injury. And this is not the only advantage of this projectile. Let us consider what is trainer Smith as it is to properly train, what is its pros and cons.

Trainer for the power of fitness

Trainer Smith is used in the power gym to gain muscle mass and improve muscle relief. This is one of the most popular law enforcement rounds, it was available in every fitness club. Besides squats, there are performing bench press, military press, deadlift, thrust rod to the chin, thrust rod in the slope and other exercise of the power of fitness. In the simulator Smith’s work and newcomers, and bodybuilders with the experience.

The Smith machine consists of a robust frame and horizontal neck, which can move inside the uprights. The neck is threaded for the installation disks and hooks that cling to the stops on the racks. The design makes a stable counterweight located behind the frame. When performing squats barbell slides along the uprights for a strictly specified trajectory (up and down). The guides, which moves the neck may be placed at a right angle to the floor or at a slight angle. The clips on the fretboard and stops on the racks allow you to stop the rod at different points of the trajectory. Simulator securely locks the post and prevents it from falling and allows the athlete to safely get out from under it after the end of the approach.

Exercises for the legs in the simulator Smith

Squats — main power exercise for legs and buttocks. And it is one of the most important for muscle mass. Squats with a heavy weight on his shoulders, tone the entire muscular system and cause the body to produce large amounts of anabolic hormones.

Squats performed in a Smith machine, much like the classic element of fitness with free weights, but there are differences. Consider the technique of performing sit-UPS in the simulator step by step:

  • Install the neck to the desired height and the load it drives.
  • Go under the fretboard and clamp it on the top of the trapezoid.
  • Set foot forward over the line of the neck and spread your legs shoulder width apart.
  • Remove the rod with clamps on the inhale bend your legs and sit down to a right angle at knees — thighs parallel to the floor.
  • At the bottom hold for 2-3 seconds.
  • On the exhale, stand up from the squat. Knees until the end straighten.

In this exercise, you same rules as when performing squats with free weights:

  • foot firmly pressed to the floor;
  • socks are slightly turned outward;
  • lower back small deflection;
  • shoulders back, shoulder blades together;
  • the head is raised;
  • during the movement the body stays straight;
  • the weight of the body rests on the heels.

The simulator allows Smith to bring the foot forward over the shoulders. This formulation makes more effective butt workout due to better tension at the bottom point. Working with a regular barbell, so put your feet up will not work. But in the simulator you can rest against the neck back and not to lose balance. That’s what you need to put your foot, working in the Smith machine. When setting foot in the usual way (under the neck) to the knees are overstretched.

Squats in the simulator Smith performed in 3 sets of 10-12 reps each. Distribution of load in exercise depends on the distance between the feet. For accent on the front and outer thighs you need to put foot shoulders already, but not close to each other. To shift the load on the inner thighs and buttocks, you need to put your feet out wide (wider than shoulders) and strongly turn the socks to the side.

There are other ways to perform squats in the simulator Smith. For example, you can squat on one leg. Such elements are well-worked glutes. This is a challenging but effective exercise. One leg while standing on the floor and keeps the weight of the body. The second leg, inoperative, is moved back and placed on the bench. Possible and this option: the non-working leg is bent and placed on the hip of the supporting leg, put up a half-step forward.

In the front squat the barbell is on the chest. The main burden falls on the quadriceps. Squats-scissors combine two exercises for the legs: squats and lunges. They are also called static lunges. But, unlike the lunge, the feet remain in one place throughout a series of repetitions (10-12 repetitions). One leg is exposed forward, the other backwards — in this position and are performed squats. 10-12 reps leg are reversed.

The advantages and disadvantages of exercise in the Smith machine

Squats in the simulator Smith have their pros and cons. Among the main advantages worth noting:

  • The convenience and safety of operation.

The design of the simulator does not allow the rod to fall or deviate from a predetermined path. A trainee do not need to make efforts to maintain equilibrium and ensure the correct trajectory of the projectile.

  • The ability to do without a partner.

Athlete performing exercises for the legs in the simulator Smith, needs no safety net. It can fix the shell on the supporting frames at any time, as soon as you feel that he did not have enough strength to continue training.

  • Reduced load on the lower back.

Trainer Smith allows you to perform squats the athletes who are afraid to train with free weights due to back problems or knees. The load on the back in the Smith machine declines, as the simulator allows you to hold the back vertically.

  • Expanding the range of exercises.

Squatting in the Smith rack, you can push your legs forward, and thus otherwise to distribute the load on the muscles when doing normal sit-UPS impossible.

The disadvantages of the simulator include:

  • Massonary less pronounced effect.

When performing squats in the Smith machine is activated a smaller number of muscles and joints, than when working with free weights, which has a more powerful anabolic effect on the body. The simulator is probably easier to focus on the development of particular muscle groups — the quadriceps, buttocks.

  • The exception of the work of stabilizing muscles.

When performing squats in the simulator these muscles are almost developed.

  • A fixed trajectory.

On the one hand, fixed path facilitates the execution of squats, and also creates certain inconvenience. When the fan of the power of fitness working with weights, he can choose the most convenient path movements, corresponding to its anatomical features. The simulator does not give such possibility.

Despite some shortcomings, workout in the gym is an integral part of the training process of each bodybuilder. The Smith machine is commonly used by beginners and advanced athletes. It helps to master the heavy basic exercises, makes a variety of classes, gives you the opportunity to practice without the safety net of a partner and serves as a substitute free weights if you have problems with the spine and joints.

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