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Power fitness: exercises at the gym

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Power fitness: exercises at the gym
The contents

  • How to strengthen the back muscles
  • Basic exercises for the back
  • Simulators for the development of the back muscles
  • Rules of the fitness classes at the gym
  • Exercises for the study of the widest back muscles
  • Training with dumbbells
    • Thrust dumbbells to his belt
    • Pull the dumbbell with one hand
  • Strengthening the lower back

Modern technology, plenty of gadgets, a sedentary lifestyle lead many people to back problems. Strong muscles that support the spine, provide not only a beautiful posture, but also health. It is therefore necessary to develop the muscles of the back. Due to the fact that these large muscles require more careful consideration, the best option are exercises at the gym. Doing them under the supervision of an instructor in the fitness center, and on your own, you can get in great shape.

How to strengthen the back muscles

The basis of the body — the spine. The correct position is important for all of the internal organs. Musculature of the back supports it. This involves latissimus, trapezius muscles, as well as the rectifiers.

The weakening of muscles can lead to irreversible changes in the spine and major body systems. Have herniation causing compression of the nerve endings and pain. The displacement of the vertebrae disturbs the circulation, including the brain. Therefore, to develop the back muscles so important.

More effective are training in the gym, since without special shells is not always possible to obtain adequate load. Beginners should include in their workout, basic exercises, and then go to the standard rate.

To replenish lost energy, and to ensure muscle development, it is necessary to follow the diet. You should choose foods rich in protein:

  • lean meat poultry (breast of chicken and Turkey);
  • fish fillets;
  • eggs;
  • dairy products (kefir, natural yoghurt, cottage cheese);
  • some types of vegetables.

Basic exercises for the back

With all its simplicity, the basic exercise for developing the back give a good result. In addition to training muscles, they promote weight loss and help prevent curvature of the spine.

  • The pull-UPS.

Proper technique will help to work out the latissimus dorsi. This requires a pull-up wide grip.

  • Deadlifts.

Helps to pump the muscles of the back and loading the legs, thighs, buttocks. The main thing — to observe safety precautions: the beginning of the movement should not be accompanied by a jerk, the legs must straighten simultaneously with the body. In order to protect from sprains in intensive training with large weights athletes use special weight lifting belt.

  • Thrust rod in the slope.

This is an advanced traction exercise should be done, slightly crouching and leaning forward at 35-45 degrees. Eye is up. The rod should be kept wide apart hands down at the level just below the knee. Taz pulled back, back straight. To shoulder blades, slowly pull the rod to the belt. Sliding rod at the hips and knees to slowly lower it.

Simulators for the development of the back muscles

Since the back muscles are designed for large groups, they require high loads. Engaged in their development just more effective at the gym that you can find in any fitness center. Before training you should consult with your instructor. There are many types of shells that are suitable for training of various types, pump any targeted muscles:

  • equipment for unloading of the spine;
  • pull top, bottom and side;
  • rod and others.

Rules of the fitness classes at the gym

Work the muscles in the gym with maximum effect, without pain and injury is possible, only following the rules:

  • exercises should be performed at a slow pace, without jerks, to avoid injury;
  • training intensity should increase gradually;
  • in the beginning of the lesson should take a few minutes to warm up to warm up and stretching and end your workout needs a hitch.

In any case, you first need to consult with the trainer and maybe take a private lesson. Next, gain experience, you can train solo.

Exercises for the study of the widest back muscles

It is impossible to imagine the perfect shape without developed the widest muscles of the back, the so-called “wings”.

  • Pull-UPS will help to load this group. Do they need with widely spaced hands. You can intensify the exercise by using weight. Due to its simplicity and effectively address several muscle groups the pull-UPS are often used at the stage of warm-up.
  • Deadlifts of all kinds — tilted, upright, with a barbell or on a flight simulator also allows you to load the back muscles.
  • The upper thrust block in the simulator. To perform it should be using the fretboard with a straight handle. You should try the basic movement to do due to the strength of the back, avoiding the arm muscles. Pull the neck to the chest and return it to its upper position should run smoothly.
  • Training with dumbbells

    Due to their availability and ease of exercise with dumbbells can be an alternative to going to the gym. After all, these shells are almost everyone that allows you to study independently. Rules of exercises with dumbbells:

    • you should move without jerks;
    • the lower back must be kept smoothly;
    • load focuses on the back, hands to help me.

    A set of exercises performed slowly, in 4 sets on 12 times.

    Thrust dumbbells to his belt

    • Stand up straight. Leaning forward and slightly bent, hold a dumbbell in straight arms at the bottom.
    • Connecting the scapula to raise the dumbbells to the belt.
    • Lower limbs.

    Pull the dumbbell with one hand

    • To stand with one knee on the bench, to rely on her the same hand. Take a dumbbell in the other hand.
    • Force the back muscles to raise the dumbbell.
    • Lower shell.
    • To fulfill the element of fitness required number of times.
    • Repeat with the other hand.

    Strengthening the lower back

    Hyperextension effectively strengthens the lumbar region and in addition loads the muscles of the buttocks and thighs. Use this exercise as athletes and people with back problems. After examination and consultation with a doctor it is used to treat certain diseases of the spine.

    Horizontal hyperextension can be performed at home.

  • Take a seat on the bench face down, legs locked, the torso does not lie on the bench, and placed freely above the floor. Back straight, hands folded on his head.
  • Slowly lower the body.
  • Lifting, pause for a couple seconds.
  • Perform 2-3 sets of 12 repetitions.
  • If rounding the back, arms crossed on his chest, you can take some of the load from the spine, which is important for back problems.

    The types of hyperextension:

    • the slant has a large amplitude;
    • side;
    • reverse — fixed housing and the moving legs.

    Effective are exercises on the fitball, when additionally loaded muscles-stabilizers.

    Some of these exercises may seem too difficult. It is not necessary to abandon training. It is better to choose more simple, but also effective elements without simulators, and perform them at home. Equipment you will need a Mat.

    • The bridge from a standing position.

    It strengthens muscles thanks to their easy stretch and align the spine vertically.

    • Exercises with gymnastic video.

    This shell helps to work the muscles in lower back and press.

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