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Power fitness: exercise with a barbell for beginners

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Power fitness: exercise with a barbell for beginners
The contents

  • Use fitness workouts with a jerk of the rod
  • Detailed description of the exercise equipment
  • Common mistakes in fitness

Crossfit includes exercises borrowed from different areas of fitness and professional sports. Jerk with a barbell is one of the exercise movements, which is included in the compulsory program of weightlifting, but successfully practised by lovers of crossfit because it has high performance. That is why all those wishing to achieve maximum results from fitness workouts worth the time and effort to learn correct weightlifting technique of the snatch with a barbell.

Use fitness workouts with a jerk of the rod

The main benefit the snatch with a barbell, and, therefore, fitness, which includes the training movement, this is a significant increase in the level of physical fitness. In addition, using this breakthrough in the training program, you can achieve the following positive results:

  • a significant increase in power performance;
  • additional stimulation of muscle growth;
  • the formation is proportional to sports figures.

Including a breakthrough in the basic program of fitness activities, along with effective training movements like deadlifts, squats and various presses, it is possible to diversify training and to increase the burden on the muscles. This approach to fitness training to achieve quick and impressive results.

Detailed description of the exercise equipment

Experienced lifters recommend to learn correct technique of the exercise, breaking the whole process into the following stages:

  • Lifting barbells, or taking the starting position.
  • Undermining (giving the projectile acceleration) and undergrowth.
  • The extension of the trunk.
  • Fixing and reset of the projectile.
  • To avoid breaking the equipment during fitness training, it is necessary to carefully examine every step in theory and practice it to perfection in practice. So, adopting original positions involves the following steps:

  • Stand straight, keeping your back straight and maintaining the lower back’s natural curvature.
  • To put feet on the width, about equal to the shoulders. While the socks have to go a little to the side, and the main weight of the body falls on the heel.
  • To raise the shoulders, spreading the chest and bring the shoulder blades together.
  • Lift the chin and pulled the top up, directing the gaze into the distance.
  • Keeping your back straight and pushing your pelvis back, sit down.
  • To take up the fingerboard as wide as possible grip. Experienced professionals recommend beginners only mastering this exercise, use bite,”castle”, in which slippage of the rod out of the palms is minimal.
  • Transferring the entire load on the lower limbs, with a rapid movement, called a “snatch pull”, to raise the bar to around knee level.
  • Learning to take the correct starting position, assuming a rise of the projectile from the floor, you can move on to mastering the next phase in the exercise. It includes two steps:

    • Undermining — boost the rod for subsequent excretion into position over the head.

    For its realization it is necessary to straighten the lower limbs, straighten the body and perking up a bit at the toes, so how would pushing the bullet upwards. Hand while cranking you should not.

    • The undergrowth.

    It needs to be executed in the period when the projectile is moved up at the expense of imparting acceleration. It is very important not to miss this moment in exercise, as in the upper rod position to carry out the undergrowth will not work. This fact is a key in the snatch of the rod, and beginners can spend a lot of time and effort to determining the need for the undergrowth of the moment. So do not despair if you cannot perform this step the first breakthrough in fitness classes. Usually with experience carrying out undergrowth is defined intuitively, and the equipment is brought to automatism.

    Having mastered undermining the undergrowth, go to the extension of the trunk. The technique of this phase of the exercise assumes that these nuances:

    • straightening your body, you should slightly take the pelvis back slightly caved in the back;
    • the back must remain flat throughout the period of execution of the snatch, and the stage of extension of the trunk — is no exception. Even a slight rounding of the back can lead to such unpleasant consequences as a sprain or other sports injury.
    • when the rod is in its upper position, need to control, that it is not too deviated forward or backward. Otherwise, the probability is high that it will just slip out of hands, then the injury is unlikely to avoid. If there is a feeling that the projectile begins to move in one direction or another, experts recommend, if possible, immediately lower the weight to the floor.

    The final stage in the exercise is fixing the body in the received position. For beginners the duration of this phase may take 1-2 seconds, and more experienced fans of crossfit and weightlifting — a much longer period of time during which it is necessary to strain the triceps.

    In this exercise, the phase of the return rod in the starting position itself is missing, so the shell you can just drop on the floor, of course, observing all necessary precautions.

    Common mistakes in fitness

    To fitness classes, the program of which included weightlifting snatch with a barbell was the most productive and very safe, you should avoid the following errors:

    • too big weight.

    This error most often made by newcomers who seek to achieve fast results, but still do not know how to calculate the forces. They believe that if you were able to take the weight off the floor, then hold it over your head, too, will not be difficult. To avoid this issue, during fitness training to follow the principle of gradual increase in weight;

    • the absence of an experienced instructor who could explain the proper technique and monitor its implementation.

    Beginners during the development of the snatch with a barbell, you should not ignore the advice of more experienced fans of crossfit and weightlifters to protect yourself from injury.

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