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Power fitness: exercise for beginners

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Power fitness: exercise for beginners
The contents

  • The main mistakes of beginners in fitness training
  • Recommendations for organization of fitness
  • The role of nutrition in the effectiveness of physical activity

People who have little experience in fitness, often make serious mistakes, does not allow to achieve positive results. To avoid such situation, you need to start training theoretically prepared, after analyzing the General training rules and nuances of the chosen direction of fitness. Only with this approach to training physical exercise will bring the maximum benefit.

The main mistakes of beginners in fitness training

Among the most common errors of beginners in strength fitness classes are the following:

  • the lack of patience and speeding events.

Getting started with strength training, you need to understand that to achieve instant results. The formation of the perfect sports figure — a lengthy process during which there will inevitably be difficulties, for example, “plateau”, the disparity in the development of muscles and so on. Therefore, beginners in fitness training, you should be patient and persistently move towards your goal;

  • naivety and setting unrealistic goals.

Novice fitness enthusiasts often have misconceptions about what results can be achieved with exercise. In most cases, these delusions are formed under the influence of advertising and the results of the professional athletes involved in fitness for many years. Not having achieved the expected results in a very short time, beginners are frustrated in the gym and stop training. To avoid this, you need to approach fitness, sober, and consciously, realistically assessing their capabilities and physiological features of the body;

  • fanaticism.

Too frequent and intense fitness training will usually lead to the overtraining effect. This mode of training does not allow the body to fully recover, and under the influence of stress failures occur in all systems. Meanwhile, the muscles strengthen and develop in the recovery period, so the normalized physical activity is much more effective than the fanatical work aimed at the increase of muscle mass;

  • the wrong fitness program.

All people are unique, and the work plan, which is effective for one person may not work for another. For this reason, beginners with minimal experience in fitness it is not recommended to choose exercises that are mandatory for execution, and should consult a professional instructor. Trainer based on their knowledge and practical experience can help to create the best individual program of fitness training in each case;

  • the absence of base.

Obviously, when the minimum level of training of the muscles the person will be unaffordable to the complex power exercises with weights and other heavy exercise. This work is not only ineffective but in most cases ends up with injuries. Therefore, beginners must first to increase the level of training and skill to work correct performing basic exercise movements, and then to go to increase the weights.

Recommendations for organization of fitness

Fitness workout will be productive, comfortable and safe, but novices will make mistakes that affect the effectiveness of the training if you adopt the following recommendations of experienced instructors:

  • must buy a minimum set of sports equipment (collapsible dumbbells, jump rope, tape-absorber) and such related accessories, such as cuff-weights, form and footwear for sports, sports water bottles and cocktails. All this will be useful for those who want to train at home, and those who bought a subscription to a gym when the fitness club is for any reason impossible, and the interrupt system of physical activity you do not want;
  • it is important to choose the right fitness program, which solves the problems with the figure and takes into account the physiological characteristics, health status and level of training. For example, having excess weight, you must first get rid of excessive fat and promote fitness classes on a set of muscle mass, so the program needs to focus on cardio training;
  • the correct technique of exercises is the basis of the effectiveness and safety of physical activity. Given this fact, beginners during their first training should focus on the technical skills to automaticity;
  • keeping a training diary helps to track progress, so to neglect it is not worth taking. Journaling, you need to record planned and performed exercises, weight, weighing and measuring the volume of the body, as well as intermediate goals. Having all these information, it is easy to control the training process and, if necessary, to enhance physical activity.

The role of nutrition in the effectiveness of physical activity

The effectiveness of the exercise and the end result of their provision is largely dependent on diet and nutrition. Beginners must adjust their dietary habits in accordance with those objectives they want to achieve through fitness. The basis of the diet and nutrition of people wanting to have a sports figure should be based on the following principles:

  • exclusion from the diet all foods that are not related to the category of healthy and useful;
  • compliance with the daily calorie intake. For weight loss should 10% gleaning the number of calories prescribed daily norm, thus creating an energy deficit. For muscle growth the daily rate can exceed 15% through protein foods and slow carbohydrates give energy for fitness classes;
  • drinking enough water. Proper water treatment accelerates metabolism, helps to get rid of post-workout pain (delayed onset muscle soreness);
  • the inclusion in the diet of vitamin complexes (including fish oil) and a special sports supplements based on protein and amino acids that promote muscle growth in the result of regular rendering power physical exercise.

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