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Power fitness: exercise block devices

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Power fitness: exercise block devices
The contents

  • Gym fitness: the block device
  • The complex of exercises for upper and lower block
  • Practice crossover

Block weights is a sport equipment for strength training. They increase the impact on muscles during exercise due to the additional weight built into the design of the simulator. Block devices are used for spot study of certain muscles or muscle groups.

Gym fitness: the block device

To enhance the load on the muscles bodybuilders use free weights and weight machines. A block device is a strength training equipment with built-in weight. The extra weight is a stack of flat blocks built into the design of the machine. The athlete pulls the handle, lifts the cargo units and thus trains the specific areas of the body. The desired weight is placed with the help of rolling pin.

The main advantages of modular simulators — safety, reliability and ease of use. While working with free weights is necessary to control accurately the position of the body and every movement in order not to lose your balance, not to disrupt the technique of the exercise and not to let go of the weights. When working in the equipment control is also essential, but it is even easier. In the simulator the motion is clearly predetermined path, which facilitates the work and holding the body in a stable position. There is no risk to drop a heavy shell.

From the above we can conclude that fitness on the blocks more suitable for beginners, as the most safe and comfortable workout. However, experts recommend beginners to start with heavy exercises with free weights, because they effectively raise muscle mass and strengthen the neuromuscular connection. Fitness on block simulators masonboro does not give a pronounced effect. These devices load the muscles point and are more suitable for completion of lagging muscles or individual muscle bundles.

Block simulators are widely used at the stage of drying. In masonary period they also involve, but not from the first days of school, and only as a Supplement to the exercises with free weights. Block trainers can begin their training in the gym girls, because they usually do not aim to build more muscle volume. Block trainers actively involved in the rehabilitation of athletes after injuries.

The complex of exercises for upper and lower block

On the block device can perform movements at different angles. The handle of the unit you can pull the top down, bottom up, in itself, to the side, diagonally. Due to this the muscles being worked maximally diverse. If the upper or lower unit will be used in mussabini training, you need to start with mastering the following exercises:

  • Thrust block to the waist. Performed in the sitting position. Sitting the athlete holds the handle of the unit with both hands and pulls her to himself. The handle moves in a horizontal plane. Uprajneniyami megosztani. It engages multiple muscle groups, giving the opportunity to work with quite large weights. The main burden here falls on the back muscles. Traction unit to the belt it is better to put closer to the end of the lesson after the deadlift and thrust rod in the slope. For the handle of the simulator can be taken in different ways: direct and reverse grip, narrow and wide. Alternatively, it is possible to operate with one hand: it will increase range of motion.
  • Top pull to your chest. The exercise uses the upper block. Work is done sitting. Get a load of the back muscles and shoulder girdle. Can be used with different handle and different grip positions. The handle drawn to chest, moving downwards. The thrust of the upper block can be performed after compound exercises with free weights or to use to warm up the muscles of the shoulder girdle in the beginning.
  • Lower the thrust to the chin. Exercise focuses the load on the middle beam of the deltoid muscle. The effect is enhanced if you put arms wide. In training the delts, this exercise should come after the overhead presses, but before the exercise of the deltas, which is only one joint.
  • The bottom thrust between her legs. Exercise reminds the Romanian deadlifts. Runs back to a block device. The athlete leans forward, stretching his arms between his legs. Then straightens up, taking the handle forward and pulling on the rope. Thus it is possible to strengthen thighs, buttocks and lower back. The exercise is performed after squats and hyperextension.

Practice crossover

Crossover (a block frame) is a multifunctional trainer that is used to study a variety of muscle groups. It consists of traction units, facing each other. To each is attached a rope and handle. The crossover performed the following exercises:

  • The reduction of arms. The athlete gets in the blocks, grasps the handle and brings his hands together in front of him. There are many ways to perform this exercise. You can use the top blocks and the arms to pull the handle down. With this method of execution is stronger than the lower part of the chest. If you are using lower units, the focus is shifted to the upper portion of the chest muscles. You can position the torso: completely straight, with a slight tilt forward, with a strong slope. Reduction of the hands it is recommended to put the latter in the selection of exercises for chest muscles.
  • The bending of the arms. The exercise uses the power of fitness enthusiasts to train biceps. The technique is simple: the athlete bends the elbow, holding in the hand the handle of the lower block.
  • Straightening hands. In the initial position, the athlete stands with his back to the upper block, arm raised and bent back, in the hands of the rope handle. From this position executes extension: arms straight, stretched rope. Extension of the pumped triceps. Especially effective they load the long head of the muscle. Extension of hands in the crossover must complete a set of exercises for the triceps.
  • Lead hands. The hand with the handle of the unit is given to the side against the resistance of the trainer. Exercise is used for isolated leveling deltas.
  • Twisting. In twists on the unit used additional weight, which distinguishes this exercise from other types of twists that are usually executed from it’s own weight. The athlete rotates to the upper block back and kneels down. Then he bent forward, pulling the rope with both hands, holding the handle of the block overhead. When considering oblique muscles, the exercise is performed standing up. Twisting in the crossover it is better to put at the beginning of the set of exercises on a press. But if they are in a large number of repetitions with a small weight, you can move them closer to the end of the class.

The complex of exercises for block devices recommended for use by experienced bodybuilders in massonary training and at the stage of drying.

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