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Power fitness and cardio training: comprehensive exercise program

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Power fitness and cardio training: comprehensive exercise program
The contents

  • Where to start classes in the hall
  • The basics of nutrition for weight loss
  • The number of exercises and reps
  • The choice of weights and the breaks between sets
  • Model program fitness training
  • Tips want to lose weight

Often people are recorded to the gym to lose weight. But reducing weight is not easy, if you do not know the basic principles of weight loss. The system, which will help to gain slim body and relief muscle includes not only the proper exercise. It should also adhere to the principles of proper nutrition, enough drink of water and give the body to recover.

Where to start classes in the hall

For people with considerable extra weight, you should start with too intense workouts. They pose a risk to the heart and blood vessels, which are subjected to loads due to the extra weight.

Beginners should perform simple exercises in low pace. Then gradually increase the load, constantly monitoring the health and blood pressure and pulse.

Build the right weight loss program better fitness coach.

The basics of nutrition for weight loss

Most weight problems occur if the person eats properly in his diet lots of sugar and simple carbohydrates, preservatives, salt, he eats too large portions, eat fast food.

Any exercise for weight loss will be useless if you do not change the diet.

First, you must determine the body’s need for proteins, fats and carbohydrates. This will help the registered dietitian or coach who calculate all the indicators, focusing on the condition of the athlete and his purpose.

For successful weight loss it is necessary to slightly reduce the intake of carbohydrates in relation to the individual norm. The power supply system should include the necessary amount of protein, complex carbohydrates, healthy fats.

You should eat differently. You can also take vitamin-mineral complexes containing all necessary macro – and micronutrients.

The number of exercises and reps

To achieve maximum weight loss, you need to build up fitness training.

  • Cardio.

Classes should begin with cardio. Exercise on a stationary bike, ellipsoid or treadmill does not have to be long and too intense. In the early stages need only 10-minute cardio warm-up. Choosing a trainer for aerobic exercise, you should consider the condition of the heart and joints. If the problems on this part, you can do on a treadmill: start with a slow walk gradually increasing the pace and eventually go on a run.

  • Strength training.

This is the main part of lessons, which aim is to spend as much energy as possible. Fat burning is greatest when you perform 15-20 reps of each exercise. Because at the initial stage of weight loss of muscle hidden under a layer of fat, to build muscle makes no sense. It is only to strengthen the muscles. Using a combination of basic exercises for a lot of energy and ancillary elements to bring the muscles in tone, to achieve the desired results.

The choice of weights and the breaks between sets

To successfully burn fat, you must engage in the power of fitness with medium weights. The weight selection is done correctly, if you have the strength for conventional 15-20 reps plus 2 extra.

Breaks between sets should be no more than 45 seconds to perform the exercises should be carefully, slowly, but with full dedication.

Model program fitness training

To lose weight comfortably and for a long time, you should engage a specialist to develop an individual training plan. Here is an system of exercises, which can be taken as a basis and to adjust taking into account individual characteristics of the athlete.

  • The weekly program includes 3 training sessions a day with breaks in between. You should give rest to your body that it time to recover and the weight loss was faster.
  • In the first two weeks of classes should perform half of the specified number of repetitions. Then gradually increase their number.
  • In the beginning of the exercise should be cardio training with a duration of 30-40 minutes at a moderate pace. To complete the exercise to 15-minute aerobic exercises, going from the middle to the slower pace of implementation.
  • All exercises of the power unit sequentially, not swapping them. The number of repetitions of each fitness element — 15-20, approaches 2-4. Approximate number indicated in the brackets: the first number means approaches the second repetition.
  • Day 1.

    • Bench press — 3/15.
    • Direct breeding hands with dumbbells lying down — 3/15.
    • Direct breeding hands with dumbbells standing up, by tilting the body forward — 3/20.
    • A press of a bar sitting — 3/15.
    • French bench press — 2/20.
    • The thrust of the upper block standing — 4/20.
    • Twisting on the floor 3/20.
    • The rise of straight or bent legs in vis on the bar — 2/20.

    Day 2.

    • Pull the top of the block behind the head standing — 3/20.
    • Pull the lower block — 3/15.
    • Hyperextension without causing — 3/20.
    • Bending of hands with dumbbells on a biceps, standing — 3/15.
    • Lifting dumbbells neutral grip (hammer) sitting — 2/15.
    • Breeding dumbbells standing — 2/20.
    • Raising one dumbbell in front of you — 2/15.
    • Twisting on the simulator “Roman chair” without weights — 3/20.

    Day 3.

    • Squats — 2/20.
    • Extension and flexion of the legs in the simulator 2/20 for each exercise.
    • The leg press in the simulator with the change of position of the limbs in each set — 3 sets of 20 with feet in the center, on the top and bottom of the platform.
    • Lifting on socks with different position of feet in each set — 5 sets of 20 times.
    • Sitting dumbbell bench press — 3/15.
    • Breeding dumbbells straight arms through the sides standing — 3/15.
    • Twisting on the simulator “Roman chair” without weights — 3/15.

    Tips want to lose weight

    When a person begins the path to a slim body, it needs to consider the following:

  • The unprepared organism it is easy to overload, therefore it is not necessary to increase the working weight. If exercise was easy, it is better to add a set or reps.
  • Abdominal exercises and back should be done without weights. The weight loss will come much faster if you perform a large number of repetitions.
  • To perfect this technique, you can take a couple of individual workouts. The specialist will show you how to do exercises properly, and podkorrektirovatj their implementation, if necessary. Further learning can be monitored equipment, looking at myself in the mirror.
  • Cardio load should be increased gradually. Most simulators have a choice of programs for different level of training.
  • Exercising, you should drink plenty of water: in the normal range calculated based on the weight of the athlete.
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