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Power exercise to increase strength and muscle growth

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Power exercise to increase strength and muscle growth
The contents

  • Types of power of physical activity
  • Recommendations for organization of fitness training
  • Rules of injury prevention in the gym

Power regular exercise helps to strengthen muscles and increases muscle mass and improves physical capabilities of the body, such as strength, endurance and coordination. In addition, doing strength training, you can spend a large amount of calories and make you slimmer and trimmer.

Types of power of physical activity

To achieve high performance strength, build muscle and improve fitness levels of you can use the following power areas of fitness:

  • Homemade anaerobic fitness classes.

Assuming simple exercise movements from their own weight or minimal weights. Most often this training is carried out using the circular technique, providing the implementation of a series of exercises aimed at the elaboration of the whole body or specific muscle groups. Home strength training strengthen muscles, improve endurance, develop the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, but to achieve a considerable increase in the volume of muscle with the help of such physical exertion almost impossible.

  • Workout, or work on the horizontal bar and parallel bars.

This activity significantly develops grip strength and improve overall strength, because during fitness training on the horizontal bar, parallel bars or the gravitron exercise machine that simulates the above-mentioned sports equipment, a person needs to constantly hold the weight of your own body and to overcome the force of gravity. In addition, exercises workout, you can increase the load by using different weights.

  • Powerlifting.

The basis of such fitness training consists of three basic exercises: deadlifts, squats and the chest press in different variations and in different combinations. Complementing a core set of other, surgical training movements, it is possible to achieve rapid and quality growth of muscle, form a beautiful relief of muscle and improve strength. It is noteworthy that such physical activity is not contraindicated even for people who have back problems and spine. They can replace sit-UPS with weights bench press legs in the simulator, and deadlift — hyperextension performed with weighting.

  • Crossfit, or circular fitness workout.

This kind of fitness promotes not only to increase strength but also endurance. In addition, classes crossfit is aimed at strengthening and developing the muscles of the whole body in the complex. Some elements of this direction of fitness you can perform at home, but serious exercise of crossfit involve conducting classes in specially equipped gym.

Recommendations for organization of fitness training

Before you start power fitness, beginners should definitely take into consideration and actively implement the following recommendations of experienced instructors on the power types of fitness:

  • must pass a medical examination and consult with your doctor to determine the presence or absence of contra-indications to occupations by power trends of fitness. Such physical exertion is prohibited to people with serious dysfunction of the cardiovascular and respiratory systems, diabetes, epilepsy, vision impairment and a number of other serious diseases;
  • every fitness training, regardless of its type and location, it is necessary to start with a warm up to increase blood flow to muscle tissues to stimulate the production of synovial fluid and increase the elasticity of the ligaments. Thus, the warm-up prepares the body for intense exertion, improves the efficiency of training and reduces the risk of injury to a minimum;
  • doing the power trends of fitness, you need to make changes in the usual diet. These changes suggest the increase in caloric intake and the inclusion in the menu of foods rich in protein and slow carbs. In making such adjustments, it is possible to provide the body with all the necessary conditions for the formation of new cells and muscle tissue after strenuous physical activity;
  • good and full recovery after strength training is just as important as the regularity and intensity of fitness and proper technique of exercises. Muscle tissue necessary to restore at least 72 hours, during which must be complied with the following conditions: adequate sleep, proper nutrition and treatments that stimulate blood flow to soft tissues. Therefore, the optimal schedule fitness workouts is considered no more than 3 sessions per week;
  • if you experience sudden pain you must stop and figure out what was the cause of their appearance. In most cases, a sharp pain occurs when the failure to observe exercise and too much exertion, caused by incorrectly chosen working weight;
  • the first strength training should be under the control of an experienced coach. He can explain proper technique and monitor its implementation, and will help to make the most appropriate individual training program.

Rules of injury prevention in the gym

Power fitness classes are characterized by high level of injuries, especially if you work with more free weights. To minimize the risk of injury, you must follow some important rules:

  • any physical activity can not be carried out immediately after a meal. Between the last meal and exercise must pass 1-1. 5 hours;
  • in the room, which provides fitness training, there should be no drafts, but at the same time there should be good ventilation, to provide oxygen to the body when performing physical activity;
  • to increase the working weight must be gradually, reaching a sufficient level of physical training.

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