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Popular myths about stretching

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Popular myths about stretching
The contents

  • Stretching exercises prevent injury
  • Stretching is always a painful and difficult
  • Stretching contribute to weight loss
  • Stretching suitable only for women

Stretching is an indispensable part of the training. Stretching makes you nimble and flexible, helps improve athletic performance, prepare for the load. Often visitors of fitness clubs and doing stretching exercises not only for the development of mobility of the body, but for weight loss. Whether stretching helps burn fat? It turns out that it’s just a common myth. What other misconceptions are there about stretching?

Stretching exercises prevent injury

Every visitor to the fitness club certainly knows that stretching exercises must be included in the program to make the load safe, and comfortable. The elements of stretching warmed up muscles — it can confirm any fitness trainer. It is best to stretch after the workout and before. Or even to adopt a set of exercises from stretching.

There is a belief that regular stretching reduces the risk of injury. However, the scientific evidence in support of that statement are still not available. Stretching will not prevent possible sprains, strains and other misfortunes. To protect yourself, before training is required to do a warm-up. It can include dynamic stretches and various leg swings, arms, lunges, etc.

Despite the fact that stretching doesn’t prevent injury, without it the athlete can not do. The stretching makes you flexible. Exercises increase blood flow to muscles, thereby improving their nutrition with oxygen, valuable substances. Stretching develops flexibility of the joints. But, unfortunately, it does not make the exercise less painful and less traumatic.

Stretching is always a painful and difficult

Often people give up exercise from stretching out of fear that their progress will appear a lot of pain. However, conventional health stretching for the average person it should not cause strong discomfort. Improving flexibility is needed, taking into account your health, physical capabilities. Therefore, to practice stretching should be a way to avoid pronounced pain.

Stretched to the limit, through the pain allowed only professional gymnasts, dancers, circus artists, etc. Often to avoid serious discomfort, it fails, and the training needed for the development of twine. But in everyday life, the stretching should be applied in doses. Stretching exercises should give freedom of movement, improved posture. They can not do without people with sedentary work.

So stretching didn’t bring pain, it is important not only to listen to your body. Ideally, you should train under the supervision of an experienced mentor, to follow all the recommendations of a fitness instructor. Only in this case, stretching will benefit. The class will bring the body in tone, will help to say goodbye to the pain in the spine, will give the fluidity of movement and endurance.

Stretching contribute to weight loss

Stretching becomes an increasingly popular fitness trend. Classes on stretching come to do the splits, cheer yourself up and feel the lightness in the body. Often training also choose to fight against overweight. However, the stretching is less suitable for those who aim at losing weight, compared to conventional power or aerobic load.

To make the stretching effective in the fight against excess weight can be, if you combine stretching exercises with other types of loads. For example, Zumba, Aqua fitness, crossfit. The direction you need to choose based on your health condition, body weight, and preferences. If you want you can train at home to improve weight loss. To increase the cost of energy to stretch is to add some elements from yoga, to focus on dynamic exercises.

Stretching can and should be used for people with excess weight to saturate the muscles with oxygen, improving the overall condition. For increased flexibility and achieving the desired harmony to do stretching are required regularly. The big advantage of stretching is the fact that it is not contraindicated in obesity.

In addition to fitness, to eliminate unnecessary kilos need to review the nutrition is to reduce the number of calories consumed, to make the diet balanced. And be sure to drink plenty of pure water. It is needed for enhancing metabolism, and also for “feeding” the muscles.

Stretching suitable only for women

Another series of myths about stretching based on gender differences. There is a misconception that stretching is only suitable for women. But in fact, men stretching can also be of great benefit. Yes, women are often more flexible by nature. However, much depends on genetic predisposition. And even the most inflexible person with regular stretching may improve your posture and do the splits.

The stretch marks have developed a myth that the practice of stretching is possible only at a young age. Of course, in his youth, the joints more agile and ligaments and muscles stretch. With age flexibility is reduced by about 50%, according to research. But if you want, you can train well into adulthood. Proper stretching will eliminate back pain, relieve stiffness and increase range of motion.

Stretching to bring maximum benefit to health and shape, you need to practice regularly. As with any other physical activity, while flexibility exercises should take breaks to rest. So to stretch every day, trying to do the splits in a short time, is not necessary. Sufficient to devote to the exercises 2-3 days a week.

Before stretching be sure to do the workout. All movements must be performed smoothly, without jerks. In addition to compliance with the recommendations of the coach, it is important to avoid visiting lessons on stretching in a state of fatigue, illness, during menstruation.

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