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Popular fitness misconceptions

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Fitness is not only practice, it includes a theoretical component. In order to achieve success in training in the hall, you need to be sure that your knowledge is truthful.

Fitness is very popular, so any information about it gets instant dissemination. Most of the rumors about fitness are false, and believing them endangers the success of the training. In order to achieve your fitness goals, you need to be sure that your knowledge is true.

Aerobic exercise speeds up the metabolism for a few hours

This fact is partly true, but it has no practical value. After aerobic exercise metabolism is really a little increase, however, this acceleration is not so significant to be taken into account. In total, after workout cardio burned just 20 additional calories.

Running on the treadmill puts less strain on the knees than running on the street

When running on the track joints get the same load as when running on sidewalks on the street. The load on the knees is having the weight of the human body, the surface on which you run does not make the load higher or lower. In order to protect the knees, you need to alternate different types of workouts not only run, but also to practice the ellipse of the bike.

Yoga helps to get rid of back pain

It is impossible to say for sure yoga will help with back pain or not, the effectiveness of the training depends on what caused the pain. If discomfort in the back caused by problems with muscles, yoga helps to get rid of it. Yoga strengthens muscles, makes a stronger core. But if the back pain caused by an injury, then yoga will only worsen the problem. When back pain you need to see a doctor to figure out what was the cause.

Swimming helps to lose weight

Swimming really help to lose weight if you swim at a fast pace for several hours, people with medium and low training are not physically able to do so. Swimming gives tone to the muscles, expands lung capacity, but these loads is too little for weight loss, so the pool can be viewed as a Supplement to the main fitness program.

In good health you can’t overload yourself

Many people think that if they feel good, then any loads are good. Strain usually manifests itself immediately, but after a day or two after a workout. Any exercise should begin with low intensity and take place with a gradual increase of load.

If the training was a break, it is impossible to resume training with the same intensity, it is necessary to loosen the load that the body re-adapted to them.
Classes at the gym safe

Any exercises are safe if they comply with the level of development and are performed in the correct technique. If you do not configure the simulator for yourself, the risk of injury will be the same high as when working with free weights. When you first use the equipment should contact the staff of the hall, the technician correctly set up the simulator and will conduct training on its use.

Pain in training is normal

This is the most dangerous fitness misconception, you should not experience pain during a workout. Muscle pain after exertion is inevitable, but when it occurs during exercise indicates improper performance of, high risk to injure themselves or an existing injury. If you experience pain, you must make a pause, if the pain persists to go to the doctor.

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