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Play, hormone: how to recognize imbalances and to correct without drugs

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depends on our mood. That is, of course, hormones are much more, but we’ll talk about the main.

So this cortisol, insulin, testosterone, estrogen and thyroid hormones. The slightest failure in their production leads to metabolic disorders, changes mood, affects the well-being and can significantly affect health.

Of course, no one will be once a month to take a blood test, but there are symptoms that you should be alerted. The good news: small fluctuations in hormonal levels are adjusted by the change in diet!


It is called the stress hormone. When cortisol rises, you feel anxiety for no apparent reason. Many describe this as: “all the time afraid that I forgot something to do”, “the mood changes from terrible to wonderful and back again for no reason”, “I’m like a squirrel in a wheel, and don’t have time”. Other accompanying symptoms can be reduced libido, weight gain especially in the abdomen, insomnia and sugar cravings.

What to do?

Best food cure — dark chocolate. Pollici a day should relieve sugar cravings, increase mental alertness, level mood and improve sleep.


This hormone regulates the level of sugar in the body. With increased insulin, blood glucose becomes too much, which can cause diabetes. About the increase of insulin tells the uncontrollable sugar cravings, overeating, constant hunger, acne and irritability when any annoying little thing is perceived as a global catastrophe.

What to do?

Lowering glucose levels to normal will help the daily consumption of sauerkraut: for example, as a salad for lunch or as a side dish for dinner.


The other name of this sex hormone secreted by both men and women — the hormone of well-being. In addition to sexual function, he is responsible for our mood and sense of self-confidence. If you notice that lately has become a whiny, life seems to you dull and cheerless, did you notice that he became short-tempered and rough, your skin is greasier than usual, and the hair on his head began to fall — maybe it is the increased testosterone.

What to do?

The increase in testosterone normally caused by lack of zinc in their body. To fill this shortage, by adding to the diet of pumpkin seeds, green beans, lean beef and sesame!


The “female” hormone, which ensures the normal functioning of the body, particularly the reproductive system and also a healthy pregnancy. Its excess can cause menstruation become longer and more abundant, the emergence of unexplained weight gain, sensitivity of the breast, the appearance of puffiness and headaches.

What to do?

To lower the level of estrogen in the blood helps regular consumption of any varieties of cabbage as cellulose “delays” estrogens and removes the excess from the body.

Tireoidnye hormones

We combined them into a single paragraph, although thyroid hormones several. The most important are the hormones T3 and T4, as they affect our metabolism. Reducing their production causes the hair to become dry and brittle, the weight begins to grow rapidly, the liquid is poorly excreted from the body, constipation and bloating, a common symptom are constantly cold hands and feet.

What to do?

You need selenium, zinc and copper. To ensure their body will help nuts, especially Brazilian, legumes, seafood and cereals.

Please note: if you have any serious concerns for their health, speak to your doctor and ask them to assign you a blood test for hormones. If you changed diet and 2 weeks not noticed any change in his condition — to go to the doctor! Self-medication is dangerous and can lead to serious consequences.

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