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Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition

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Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition is a protein a new generation. Some sources erroneously referred to as a complex protein or “serum”. The second is partly true. The product obtained from whey by hydrolysis. He became the leader in the polls among premium sports nutrition products, and in 2010 was the best protein of the year.

Hydrolysate is the most simple for assimilation to the body. It allows you to obtain all the necessary amino acids even those whose digestion is impaired, or overwhelmed by the large number of protein products. This protein, which was created for professional athletes. But simple fitness lovers are also able to obtain from its use a lot.

Protein is Platinum Hydrowhey from Optimum Nutrition helps:

  • To get the right amount of protein on the ground or on drying, and to assimilate all the amino acids and not just drink protein to half of the amino acids is not digested;
  • To defeat disorders of the gastrointestinal tract from the excessive consumption of protein mixtures;
  • To improve strength and endurance;
  • Recover from exercise faster;
  • To improve the quality of muscles and stiffness;
  • To hold less water on masonboro;
  • To burn fat and eat on drying

The hydrolyzate is good a high absorption rate and what does not put any strain on the digestive system. It is therefore ideal for those who find it difficult to gain the macronutrients, with the usual food who have reduced secretory activity and problems with pishevarenie.

Important: the protein hydrolysates was developed not only as an innovative product, but as a special protein Supplement for people that are hard to digest protein from food.


One serving of protein (39g) contains:

  • 1G of fat;
  • 3G carbohydrate;
  • 30g of protein;
  • 140 calories.

One serving of protein contains only 140 calories. Low amount of fat and carbohydrates allows you to use the protein and diet too.

How to take

Planning the intake of this protein, we must remember that it is very quickly absorbed. If the normal protein we drink 5 minutes after finishing your workout, this can take 20, but not in half an hour. Professionals drink 3 servings a day. Start the morning with protein, and surround your workout, drinking a portion in 20 minutes, and another one after class.

Is it possible to combine the product with other types of protein? If there is such a need, you can take casein, especially when the shortage of protein.

On non-training days 1 serving in the morning and 1 between meals.

Many professional athletes Supplement protein creatine or BCAA. Actually, this is entirely optional, if you don’t have deficit of these substances. But if it is, diet is not full, or you want to take creatine to improve physical performance, you can add it to the protein.

Scoop of protein dissolved in 200 ml of water or milk. Should I use the juices? This option with creatine fits hardgainers that cannot increase their muscle mass by classical methods.

It is not recommended to cook with the hydrolysate cakes, biscuits, pancakes. For the purpose of improving the quality of food on the drying it is better to use specialized blinnye compounds and compositions for muffins. They are designed for baking. A hydrolysate can denature and lose all its useful qualities.

Important: the amount of protein in the diet is calculated individually, depending on the weight of the athlete. And recommend to pass tests, and find out what kind of amino acid is not enough. If there is a shortage of the hydrolysate will help to fill it.


This product is one of the most sold in Russia and in the world. It suggests that Pro-athletes, and he has good taste. Popular “chocolate” and “vanilla”, which is not too sweet, but pleasant. However, he is quite expensive. This is the cause of negative feedback on Russian forums. Fans complain that they have to pay too much money for a jar of protein. In fact, the hydrolysate can’t be cheap, as the production is the most expensive protein. For people who have disorders of the digestive tract and digest ordinary protein, even such a price may result in savings, because the protein can accept without enzymes.

On the taste, quality and digestibility of the negative reviews there. Cases where the athlete is not digested, this protein, the forums are not found. Sometimes complain the more “dense” and reminiscent of candy and cookie flavors. But hydrolyzate according to its chemical structure is closer to the amino acids, not protein. So thick and “milk” shakes – it’s not about him. But the result it gives excellent reception.

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