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Plateau with weight loss

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Nowadays there are many methods of weight loss, including individual program depending on original data losing weight. But absolutely all of them come to a standstill when the weight just stops.

It’s not even that stops a person from losing weight to follow the diet recommendations of the sports and commonplace breaks. Even continuing to follow a balanced diet and exercise, you are not immune from this behavior. It’s called “plateau”.

What is the effect of a plateau when losing weight?

Weight loss often occurs unevenly. Obvious results we can see in the first month, when the process of nutrition and sports just launched and the body responds well. There is a loss of fluid in a reduced consumption of sugars and salt. Also fast disappearing fresh, not entrenched fat.

After such a heavy discharge of mass the rate decreases, and fat burning is being phased out. It is easy to explain – the body adapts to the new rhythm of life, diet and physical activity. The redistribution of internal resources, and the fat that is lavishly spent previously, starts back to settle “in reserve”. You continue to work hard, eat low calories, but the result will not see.

This is the effect plateau. And his existence, in General, not so bad. Plateau – point fixing, fixing your weight, which is difficult to recover, gaining weight again. At this time, the body gets used to the new shapes, volumes. You can say something like adaptation to new conditions. Such a period is normal, and worse if the plateau does not occur. Then the body easily make up to throw weight. Points of stabilization for the entire process of losing weight can be several. But they are all surmountable and are positive anchors in your fight with obesity.

A plateau can last from a couple of weeks to a couple months. The most difficult thing in this period – not to relax, not to lose faith in yourself, do not leave things halfway. You have to remember about motivation, continuing to diet and workout while making minor adjustments.

Why is it a plateau?

The most significant reason being a monotonous diet with a fixed calorie content. The body gets qualitatively different food and transmits the signal to the brain. And that, in turn, decides to suspend the consumption of fat reserves.

Also the plateau may be caused by disorders of hormonal levels, particularly common in girls with excessive body mass. This bell to see a specialist – endocrinologist. After exclusion of the nuances of this side can return to the process of losing weight and training.

So, you eat right, exercise, but the scale and volumes are in place? Need to cheer up a bit and change tactics. Will help the body to overcome this barrier. It is important to remember that if the weight is stuck, and the volume decrease, then everything is going his way and not to worry. Simply continue working in the same rhythm. Just stop both indicators indicates the effect of the plateau.

How to overcome plateau during weight loss?

Unequivocal method of overcoming of this boundary does not exist. There are several ways in which testing, you will definitely find your. Listen to your body, it will tell you the right path.

1. Boot day

Try to fool the body. Give it more calories than usual, about 400-500. That you will show the body that not going to starve and hoard the fat for a rainy day is optional. Just don’t overdo it. Do not overly burden already weaned from the heavy meals stomach, he can not cope with the overload, causing you discomfort.

2. Cleaning day

You can do the opposite, staging a day of light power of approximately 800-1000 calories. But only for one day, immediately after returning to your regular food the next. Important: to apply unloading is possible only with a healthy gastrointestinal tract. Otherwise you can hurt yourself.

For efficient unloading alternately, use fruits, vegetables and protein fasting days. It is strictly forbidden to reduce the amount of calories below 600!

Loading and unloading can be carried out not more often than once a week.

3. The changing patterns of physical activity

Effective method shift from a dead point, a change in training. If every time you perform the same exercises on a standard pattern – the body ceases to perceive it as a burden, the process becomes routine. Change the cardio to aerobics or Vice versa. The equipment in powerlifting. Surprise your body, and notice changes.

4. Fresh air

Turn in daily life exposure to fresh air. Particularly useful are sports outdoors – swimming and Jogging in summer, skiing and skating in winter. All this will have a beneficial effect on the process of weight reduction.

5. Variety in the diet

Another effective way might be to change the power scheme, graphics, menu. All this needs to be verified empirically, watching the reaction of the body.

Our main enemy is monotony.
6. High-intensity workouts

There are interval training is showing good results. Use circular types of periodically, not letting the body get used to them. So it is possible to achieve better results.

7. Try the sauna or pool

Elevated temperatures accelerate the metabolism. Therefore, a sauna, and a in conjunction with diet and exercise may be the impetus for the decline. No wonder in many sports clubs have a sauna. They work well in combination with physical activity, especially strength training.

Tip: if you are planning a visit to the sauna, you should limit the consumption of foods with a high content of salt and fat.

Not recommended when the effect of plateau
1. To fall into aggression, nervous

Of course, after good progress in weight loss, you may be upset by the lack of movement of the weight. Especially if it’ll last a few weeks. And every day, coming to the scales, not to see the positive dynamics – it might upset anyone. The main thing in that moment – not to fall into depression and despair, do not try to console yourself with diet violation.

2. Quit losing weight

Should not be considered a plateau of failure and lack of results. It’s a natural process where the body establishes new performance, remembers the new weight and volume.

3. Stricter diet

It is even more alarming the body, and he frantically begins to put off fat reserve. But you risk at least not to see progress, and then start the reverse process. The body will be depleted without getting the required number of calories. Such a diet threatens your health.

To summarize

A perfect recipe for losing weight when you plateau there. In order to overcome it, try the above methods and look for your way. Most importantly – do not give up and not to forget the goal – to lose weight without harm to health.

If you are unable to help our recommendations, you may want to address to experts – to dieticians. You should also exclude chronic disease, having a full medical examination.

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