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Placement in open category and 212 lb on the Olympia Weekend-2018

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After the pre-show posing at the Mr. Olympia 2018 became known to the judicial distribution of the athletes of the open category and the lightweight division 212 lb to go-to comparison in the finals. Surprise was the poor readiness of last year’s Vice-champion Rami Mamdu Elsbieta and excellent shape injured this season Shawn Rhoden. Veteran bodibilderami scene Dexter Jackson has strongly handed over and has gained momentum the athlete from Curacao Rolly Winklaar. So, outputs open category for Olympia 2018 distributed now in this way:

1st Callout

Phil Heath
Shawn Rhoden
Roelly Winklaar
Brandon Curry
William Bonac
Big Ramy

2nd Callout

Nathan De Asha
Dexter Jackson
Cedric McMillan

3rd Callout

Lucas Osladil
Charles Griffen
Alexis Rivera
Steve Kuclo

4th Callout

Josh Wade
Sergio Oliva Jr.
Michael Lockett
Justin Rodriguez
Lain Valliere
Juan Morel

If no one will improve up to the final performances, the small changes in the pedestal of top bodybuilding is possible this year.

The situation in the lighter category Men’s 212 was more predictable, but it was a strange defeat of Nicolas Voulu (Nicolas Vullioud) in the first round.

1st Callout

Jose Raymond
Shaun Clarida
Flex Lewis
Derek Lunsford
Kamal Elgargni
Ahmad Ashkanani
David Henry
2nd Callout

Sami Al Haddad
Dwayne Quamina
Nicolas Vullioud
Zane Watson
Ricardo Correia
Samir Troudi
3rd Callout

Ahmad Ahmad
Mahmood Al Durrah
Alex Cambronero
Charles Dixon
Ahmad Elsadany

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