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Pilates at home: basic principles of system

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Pilates at home: basic principles of system

The contents

  • The basics of proper execution of Pilates exercises
  • Complex Pilates for beginners fans HLS
  • Pilates at home for trained fitness enthusiasts
  • Pilates for pregnant women

Training system Pilates is designed to develop and strengthen the core muscles of the body. Regular exercise will help keep them in good shape, make a shape neat and attractive. Features of breath in the process of performing complex, helps to saturate the body with oxygen, accelerate metabolism and preserve youth. Pilates does not require special equipment, they only need the Mat. Sometimes, in more complex techniques use a fitball.

The basics of proper execution of Pilates exercises

Regardless, do Pilates at home or attend this fitness center, the system requires knowledge of the basic rules that will help you understand the principles of training and teach the conscious implementation.

  • Concentration.

Pilates exercises involve continued focus on executing movements. Watching TV or extraneous conversations in the process will not give to feel and to understand the work of the muscles. For training choose a quiet time and fully dedicate myself to them.

  • Control.

Muscle work happens consciously, during a workout, man runs with his body.

  • The definition of the center of the body.

Pilates for beginners is sometimes difficult because of this item, because every movement requires to determine the point, which accounts for the weight of the body. The most common areas are the back and stomach, pelvic and femoral region.

  • Accuracy.

All their movements must be precise and calculated. No need to make unnecessary strokes, jerks and effort.

  • Smooth.

All movements in Pilates are produced slowly and quietly, ending one position, gradually “flow” into the other.

  • Correct breathing.

The breaths should be deep and strong. The oxygenation of the body — based technique.

The principles of Pilates are simple but effective. Compliance with the rules will teach you to feel your body, manage it, and load weaknesses. Regular exercise and proper breathing will improve blood circulation, health of the body of the fan of a healthy lifestyle.

Complex Pilates for beginners fans HLS

All Pilates exercises beginners perform 10-15 times, if the description does not indicate otherwise. Complex will help strengthen and stretch muscles, preparing them to power loads.

  • “Hundreds”. Performed lying down, lower back pressed to the floor, legs raised and pulled the socks up. Department shoulder off from the floor, scroogled him, and pulled forward. Hands pull along the body, not touching the floor. Make a series of short strokes with the palms over the air. The number of repeats depends on the degree of preparedness, but each should strive to 100.
  • Twisting. In the supine position, the foot rests on the floor, the abdominal muscles retracted. Starting from the nape, slowly lifted from the floor, taking a seated position. Then, just as slowly sink back.
  • In the supine position, draw the abdominal muscles and inhale raise the legs up, leaving as a support shoulder Department (“birch”). The force of the muscles of the lower extremity is lowered behind your head. Then back to original position.
  • Starting position: lying on floor on back, hands at the back, the abdominal muscles tense, toes draw. Slow motion raise your upper body, lowering her outstretched legs.
  • Lying down, lower back pressed to the floor, legs bent and pulled up to his chest. Head and shoulder Department are twisted and extend to the feet. Straightening one leg, grab her hands and pull to itself, keeping a straight line. The other leg this time pulling parallel to the surface.

Pilates at home should not be difficult for beginners fitness. Exercises do not require much effort and is quite easy for an inexperienced person. Pilates for beginners is designed to adapt the organism to subsequent stress. It is necessary to regularly engage in a month and a half.

Pilates at home for trained fitness enthusiasts

Regularly performing primary exercises will strengthen and prepare the muscles. After this set of workouts Pilates strengthen, otherwise the body will quickly get used to the loads and will lose effectiveness.

  • Take the emphasis lying, as for the classical push-UPS. The abdominal muscles should remain contracted. Shift the body weight on the legs, trying to press your heels to the floor. Alternately raise your legs up. Do 3-5 repetitions on each limb.
  • In the sitting position, rested his elbows on his floor, throwing the body back. Straight leg raising on the inhale draw them circle in the air. On the exhale, stay in the original position. Do 3-5 circles in both directions.
  • Sitting on the side, pull closed legs. Pushing his palm to the floor, body pulling in the string. After a slight pause, slowly return to the sitting position. Perform 3-5 times on each side.
  • Lying on his stomach, hands seize the ankles, bending your body. On the inhale, shift the weight forward, exhale back . Make 5-10 times in both directions.

In each exercise one of the most important conditions for obtaining a result is progress. Therefore, he felt that Pilates exercises began to run easily, you should things easy other movements.

Pilates for pregnant women

Pilates — a system of slow and thoughtful movements based on breathing techniques. It is breathing, it is important for women in childbirth, so the pregnancy will be a great period for learning certain exercises that will help during the responsible moment. It is not necessary to use exercises from complex Pilates for beginners — the tension in the abdominal muscles may damage the unborn child.

A pregnant woman should learn how to relax:

  • to relax the neck lie on the floor and nose draw a sign of infinity;
  • sitting on his haunches, put his knees, slowly lean forward, touching forehead to the floor, doing a series of deep breaths;
  • to relieve tension of the muscles of the body: sitting fitball, gently moving your hips in different directions;
  • kneeling in front of the ball, put the chest and head on him, relaxing muscles and breathing deeply.

Pilates at home pregnant will require strict control of their forces. You should not start exercising when you’re exhausted or unwell. Main task is the development of breathing techniques. You should avoid exercises that create pressure on the abdomen or tense abdominal muscles.

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