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Physical load on the stepper: use and rules of the classroom

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Physical load on the stepper: use and rules of the classroom
The contents

  • Types of Steppers to simulate a walk during fitness workouts
  • Benefits and contraindications to physical exercise on the stepper
  • Rules and guidelines for conducting fitness activities

Walking — the most natural and most accessible to human physical activity. Even when for various reasons there is no opportunity to practice walking on the street, you can buy stepper exercise machine for simulating steps to do at home. To make this activity as productive as possible, should take responsibility for the choice of this sports equipment and to organize the training process.

Types of Steppers to simulate a walk during fitness workouts

Despite the fact that all Steppers have the same type of physical activity, similar to that which a person experiences when walking, this sports equipment is of several types:

  • Ministepper.

These models of equipment are usually small in size, so they are often purchased for home use. The advantages of ministeppers include compactness and low cost while the disadvantages — limited functionality and, as a consequence, the impossibility of a quantum increase in load when performing fitness workouts.

  • Professional sportsmachine.

The size of these simulators are quite big and their price is several times the cost of ministepper, however, the functionality of such sportmatic allows to significantly improve the efficiency of fitness.

In addition to this classification, Steppers differ on the mechanics of movements and come in three types:

  • Classic.

These models are simple and simulate the leg movements that a person performs when climbing the stairs.

  • Balancing.

Such Steppers are additionally equipped with special balancing mechanism that during fitness training with the use of this simulator to the work involved the core muscles.

  • Rotary.

In these models, there are handrails that need to turn left or right when making each step. Such Steppers provide a physical load on the muscles of the legs and bark, but also the muscles of the upper limbs.

According to the principle of Steppers come in two types:

  • Mechanical.

Which are set in motion by hydraulics: when one presses on one pedal, the other rises. Mechanical Steppers have low cost need no power supply and noiseless.

  • Electromagnetic.

These sportsmachine work by magnetic resistance, and need external power source. Their cost is much higher mechanical models, but they have an extended useful functionality that can make fitness workout as comfortable as possible.

Benefits and contraindications to physical exercise on the stepper

When working on the stepper of humans is aerobic exercise, contribute to such positive changes in the body:

  • to strengthen the heart muscles and exercise the entire circulatory system;
  • the clean tone of a large number of muscle groups;
  • the burning of calories and hence, effective weight loss;
  • the acceleration of metabolic processes;
  • the endurance and coordination;
  • improving the immunity.

During physical exercise, using a stepper are actively working these muscle groups:

  • calf;
  • the muscles of the thighs;
  • gluteal;
  • press.

And assuming that stepper equipped with a rotating mechanism during the fitness classes it can work such muscle groups:

  • triceps;
  • biceps;
  • Delta;
  • the muscles of the back.

Contraindications to the gym with stepper are the following health problems:

  • injuries and diseases of the articular-ligamentous apparatus and vertebral column;
  • kidney failure;
  • hypertension;
  • diabetes in the final stages;
  • pregnancy occurring with the disease;
  • exacerbation of chronic diseases.

Rules and guidelines for conducting fitness activities

To fitness classes, using a stepper was extremely useful, effective and safe, when organizing and holding you should follow some simple rules and guidelines:

  • you need to pre-consult with a doctor and make sure that no contraindications to walking on the stepper no;
  • before work on the treadmill workout should be no longer than 10 minutes. During this time you have to work out the joints and speed up the heart rate, preparing the body for the main exercise;
  • you should train in clothing that will not restrict movement. The leg should not be confused between the legs. Soles of shoes to practice walking should have good cushioning characteristics and to provide a secure grip of the foot with the surface of the pedals;
  • intensity of physical activity should increase gradually. The duration of the first training may not exceed 10 minutes, but over time the duration of the work on the stepper you need to bring to 30-45 minutes;
  • while walking on the treadmill on the pedal need to put the entire foot otherwise ankle joint will be subjected to strong exercise. To reduce the load exerted on the knee joints should not completely straighten the knees when walking;
  • catching up on the stepper, it is necessary to control the heart rate, not allowing the heart rate to increase up to the maximum individual, as this may have a negative impact on health. The individual maximum can be calculated, if you take away from the constant factor 220 number of full years of the person;
  • to train regularly, spending at least three classes per week. Only with this intensive schedule classes on the stepper can provide all the possible benefits on the body. In the case when with the help of such physical exertion necessary to get rid of extra pounds, exercise daily, working on the stepper at least 40 minutes;
  • the effectiveness of the walk on the stepper in the struggle with excess weight and figure flaws can be increased several times, if the background of such trainings should adhere to the principles of a healthy diet and regularly carry out the cosmetic procedure that increases the blood circulation in the problematic body parts.

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