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Physical exertion on a treadmill

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Physical exertion on a treadmill

The contents

  • The rules of the gym on the treadmill
  • The basics of fitness training & cross trainer
  • Program of exercise on a treadmill

Running is aerobic exercise, which can reduce excess weight. However, it has one drawback — it is impossible to carry out Jogging when the weather is bad outside. In such situations helps a treadmill, which allows you to train indoors and not depend on climatic conditions.

The rules of the gym on the treadmill

To fitness training on a treadmill has been the most productive and safe, they must follow these rules:

  • correct body position on the simulator assumes that the back should be straight, shoulders back, elbows bent at a right angle to provide the opposite direction, which additionally increases blood circulation;
  • it is important during fitness classes on the treadmill to breathe correctly, deeply inhaling through the nose;
  • to start a run on the simulator should be walking with a gradual increase in speed for 7-10 minutes. This will be enough in order to prepare the body for the following loads;
  • to carry out a fitness workout is impossible, if you are concerned about a previously received injury, headache or increased body temperature;
  • while running you need to monitor the pulse. The heart rate should be maintained between 65-75% of the maximum permissible value. If during fitness classes the heart rate decreases, you must increase the speed of the simulator, or change the angle of incline;
  • if you feel fatigue, you should reduce the speed of your run or go for a walk, but to stop abruptly;
  • while running, it is not recommended to hold the handrails of the treadmill, as in this case violated the right body position and physical load exerted on the muscles of the lower extremities is redistributed to the hands;
  • doing cross-country simulator, it is necessary to look forward and not moving on the canvas, so as not to lose balance and fall;
  • to run on the simulator as on the street should be a special running sneakers that have good cushioning properties and reduce the negative impact of impact of physical load on the foot and joints.

The basics of fitness training & cross trainer

Fitness training, which includes work on the treadmill, you can hold at any time. Some people prefer Jogging in the morning, and the other free half-hour are given only in the evening. Jogging charged with vivacity, and evening — to help relieve stress. In any case it is impossible to run on an empty stomach. Before exercise can drink kefir, a protein shake or eat a small portion of oatmeal. After an evening jog is not recommended tightly to dinner, especially if training on treadmill the aim is to reduce excess weight. To run in the evening no later than 2-3 hours before bedtime.

The intensity of physical loads exerted on the body during work on a treadmill, depends on the following factors:

  • speed.

Start to run should be with a slow tempo and gradually increase speed to maximum. In addition, every 1-2 weeks you need to try to increase the load to increase the energy of the body and develop stamina;

  • heart rate.

To enhance the process of fat burning heart rate during fitness training necessary to maintain in the range of 65-75% from the maximum values calculated individually using the formula: 220 minus the age of the trainee;

  • the duration of the run.

The time spent on the treadmill, depends on fitness level and training goal. Beginners usually can not physically withstand more than half an hour active running on the simulator, and for the breakdown of fat cells need to train for at least 30 minutes. In accordance with these facts and should plan the duration and intensity of Jogging on a treadmill;

  • frequency fitness workouts.

Classes should be regular, but not daily, so the body time to recover.

On a treadmill can not only run, but also to walk to achieve such objectives:

  • provide physical warm-up activity before the main part of the workout;
  • conduct a cool down after cardio training;
  • provide rest periods during class with cardio, especially interval technique.

In addition, walking on the treadmill for obese people, is almost the only way of exerting physical stress on the body.

Program of exercise on a treadmill

A universal program of physical activity, including work on a treadmill consists of the following components:

  • warm-up, which is a 5-minute walk;
  • 20 minutes of running at a moderate pace;
  • running at high speed for the maximum possible period of time;
  • A 5-minute hitch, which includes a walk with a gradual slowing of pace.

Running on the simulator can be used in a variety of fitness programs aimed at solving a specific problem with the figure and the elaboration of specific disadvantages. For example, for gluteal experts recommend to use during fitness activities such scheme:

  • To begin work on the treadmill with a speed of 5 km/h and every minute increase the speed by 0.5 km/h.
  • After 10 minutes of brisk walking, rolling in running, you set the maximum angle of incline and go energetic step, maintaining a constant speed, for 4 minutes.
  • Translate the the treadmill to run without an incline and walk for one minute at a speed of 2 km/h.
  • Repeat the whole sequence starting with the minute increase the speed.
  • Interval technique during exercise on a treadmill, you can use this pattern of physical activity:

  • Jogging at a comfortable pace to warm up for 5 minutes
  • Minute maximum acceleration for rendering a heavy load.
  • The recovery period of 3 minutes, during which it is necessary to go at a comfortable pace.
  • The alternate intense and recovery periods for 20 minutes.
  • Five minutes of running as aminocell exercise.
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