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Physical exertion for back at home

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Physical exertion for back at home

The contents

  • The best exercise for the back of the house
  • Mode home training
  • Complex # 1: physical activity for beginners
  • Complex # 2: training for the athletes the average level
  • Complex # 3: exercises for advanced athletes

It is impossible to achieve a strong and healthy back without special exercises. Physical activity not only helps to make the muscles strong, tough, but also provides the back there is a beautiful relief, an attractive silhouette and a straight posture. Due to the developed musculature of the lumbar properly supported upper case, whereby a person is able to hold your own body weight. In order to avoid charleneli and develop the spinal muscles, it is sufficient to refer to the home training. Even without going to the gym you can improve the health and appearance of the back.

The best exercise for the back of the house

Exercises are divided into sports and fitness and power. The first is to enhance the health of the spine, the second on the study of the topography of the muscles. However, all these physical exertion combine the basic elements, which simultaneously heals the spine, and harmoniously develop the back from the aesthetic side.

Effective in home training for your back can include a range of loadings of varying difficulty and intensity.

  • The pull-UPS.

This is a basic exercise that is suitable for both women and men. If the house has a bar, then training will be more effective. It is difficult to imagine a more multi-component physical activity than pull-UPS. They develop not only the muscles of the back and arms, but also help improve the elasticity and flexibility of the muscle fibers and ligaments. The best variation of pull-UPS for back development — wide grip pull-up bar. In this case, the physical load is transferred from the biceps and triceps on the back of the Delta owner, infraspinatus muscle of the back, a large, circular muscle and the widest muscles. The result depends on the range of motion and tempo. Full pull to the chin at a rapid pace to provide a strong resilient back and toned upper body. When you run the training at a slower pace with fewer repetitions — muscle growth and development of beautiful terrain. Women, especially beginners, can catch up reclining on the bar wall bars, and men can use additional weights in the form of belts and cuffs-weighting.

  • Breeding dumbbell in hand in the slope.

This insulating fiznagruzki is develops and strengthens the latissimus, trapezius, rhomboid, and subscapularis muscles. To perform the item, you have to tilt from a standing position. In hands take dumbbells that you exhale should be diluted in different directions at arm’s length to tension in the interscapular area and shoulder blades. Such physical activity is not only working the targeted muscles, but also is an effective remedy for back pain and scoliosis. The main thing — not to make the angle of body tilt more than 40 degrees. In this element the optimum weight dumbbells for men — 10 kg, women 5 kg.

  • Pull the neck to the waist.

This version of the exercise with a barbell is suitable for people wishing to include in their training a more powerful load. However, do not need to use much weight at once, for your first training option would be the fretboard without weighting. After mastering the equipment item weight equipment can be increased by 1-3 kg. in Addition to the widest muscle in the training process actively involved the external oblique muscles of the abdomen, the middle gluteal muscles, small muscles of the lower back and bark. The basic variation is performed in an inclined position with a slight bend in the lumbar. For the redistribution of physical load on the back of the neck should take a medium or wide grip. On the inhale pulls the projectile to the stomach, then, while straightening your arms, returning to starting point.

  • Mahi with weights.

If the house is a kettlebell, a list of effective exercises you can replenish jerks that effectively develop the spinal muscles. Especially the work with kettlebells activates the rhomboid muscles of the back, wide and big round muscles. Additionally worked rear deltoid muscles. Your dominant hand should take the weight, breathing through sharp jolt with a jerk, to move the projectile in one motion up and fixed over the head for 2-3 seconds. Next you need to go back to the original position and repeat the element with the other hand.

  • “Boat”.

A simple but powerful exercise to strengthen the muscles of the back and correcting posture. This element can be done by people of any age. Lie on your stomach, extend hands forward. On the inhale simultaneously lift up the straight arms and extended legs. Move main stress on the back muscles and the lumbar spine scrugli. Static softservices for 5-7 seconds. Go back to the original position.

  • “The bridge”.

For people with poor flexibility in this fitness item can seem daunting, but with the support of a friend or relative any beginner can learn it. It has a great impact on human health: straightens his shoulders, releases tension from the spine, relaxes the cervical vertebrae. With regular exercise, the posture is corrected, and the muscles of the back are strengthened. Just lie on your back, legs bend at the knees, get hands back into support. Lift the torso off the floor and softservices static, relying on the hands and feet. Hold in this position the maximum amount of time.

  • Vis on the crossbar.

Perfect relaxing load a static type that strengthens muscle fibers of the back. The most powerful impact on the spine is when taking the bar wide and reverse grip.

Mode home training

Mode home physical exercise for the back is built depending on the physical fitness of the person and his goals:

  • To build muscle and leveling of the terrain — 3-4 training per week, playing on a circular type, 5-6 sets of 10-12 repetitions.
  • To strengthen the back — 3-4 workouts per week no more than 40 minutes, 2-3 sets of 14-18 repetitions.
  • Obscheozdoravlivayuschim home gymnastics for the spine — 5-6 times a week for 15-20 minutes of light exercise in any amount.
  • Complex # 1: physical activity for beginners

  • “Boat” (3h14).
  • Pull free of the neck to the belt (3×10).
  • Vis on the crossbar (3h14).
  • Complex # 2: training for the athletes the average level

  • “Boat” (5×12).
  • Pushes the weights up in each hand (5×8).
  • Pull the neck to the belt (5×8).
  • Breeding dumbbells in an inclined position (5×12).
  • Complex # 3: exercises for advanced athletes

  • Pull on the bar (7×8).
  • Pushes the weights up in each hand (6X10).
  • Breeding of dumbbells in the slope (6X10).
  • Pull the neck to the belt (7×8).
  • Vis on the bar (7×8).
  • Beautiful back and a good posture — the key to health and longevity. For General health and improve the condition of your spine do not have to enroll in a fitness center. Effective training can be done at home with minimal equipment. The main thing — to create a workout program, to observe the items and don’t forget about the recovery comfortable.

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