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Physical exercise with dumbbells for a slim figure

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Physical exercise with dumbbells for a slim figure
The contents

  • Tips for doing these exercises with dumbbells
  • Exercises for leg slimming
  • Exercises for back muscles
  • Exercises for the abs, arms and chest
  • Planning physical activity

Absolutely every girl wants to look good. So, it is necessary to maintain the beauty of your own body through exercise. Most often the ladies share the same problem — excess weight. Unfortunately, fighting is not always the right methods: girls start to adhere to too rigid a diet, push yourself back-breaking workouts in the gym. Such extreme weight loss can result in health problems.

For starters it is better to try to do at home, because the key to successful weight loss is not a fitness club or gym. These classes will save not only your time but also money. All you need to get dumbbells to do home workouts as effective as possible.

Tips for doing these exercises with dumbbells

  • Make training plan according to which you will do on certain days of the week. Give yourself a specific period of time during which you are more comfortable training. Coordinate your plan with your loved ones, ask them not to distract you during exercise.
  • Never attempt to exercise immediately after eating. Start her after at least two hours after a meal.
  • Do not exercise late in the evening. Minimum time between performing exercises with dumbbells and sleep — an hour and a half.
  • The key to any good workout is a positive attitude. Do not conduct training in a bad mood when your thoughts are not correct technique of the exercise and the desired outcome.
  • For training at home look for collapsible dumbbells weighing from 2 to 12 kg. It is very practical, because with their help, exercise, if necessary, can be easily increased or decreased.
  • Take time to warm-up and hitch. Warming up, gently warm up the muscles and tendons that will be involved in the fiznagruzki — this will greatly reduce the risk of injury. During a hitch relaxes muscles and reduces pain in them after the training with additional weights.

Exercises for leg slimming

  • Squats with weights.

They performed for the pumping of the muscles of the buttocks, biceps of thighs, quadriceps, calf muscles. As the work is carried out with the extra weight, exercise this element focuses on abs, arms, back, shoulder girdle.

Spread your feet to shoulder width Department, straighten your back. Hand weights pull along the body. Inhaling, sit down, the angle at the knees should be approximately 90 degrees. You stay a little longer in this pose, and then take the start.

  • Leg lift to the side with a dumbbell.

In the element involved primarily the muscles of thighs and buttocks. Get on all fours, well uprites hands on the floor. Hold a dumbbell behind the knee, make sure she was tightly secured. Lift the leg parallel to the floor, then slowly return it to starting position. Doing 15-20 reps, go to the second leg.

  • Lunges with dumbbells.

A good exercise is pumping the quadriceps muscles of the thighs, the gluteus Maximus muscle.

Pick up a shell, do a lunge. Try to rest on the heel of the ahead foot. The angle in the bent knee should be about 90 degrees. Make it feasible for you the first number of repetitions on one leg, then another.

  • Bulgarian lunges.

Physical activity is mainly aimed at the quadriceps, hamstrings, calves. Well-worked muscles-stabilizers — medium and small gluteal, muscles of whole body. Perform this exercise with dumbbells provides a small static tension of muscles of hands.

Stand with your back to a chair or sofa, put your foot on it. Hold dumbbells in the hands. Exhale begin to squat, forming the knee of the working leg angle of 90 degrees. It is desirable that the knee of the leg resting on the chair, touch the floor. Focusing on the heel to accept the initial position.

Exercises for back muscles

  • Pull the dumbbells standing in the slope (without the bench).

This exercise with dumbbells, in addition to the muscles of the back will involve the biceps and forearms.

Take the extra weight. Slightly bend your knees, give the body forward (the optimal tilt angle — 45 degrees). Hands bend at the elbows and trying not to take them in hand, start to lift the weights up. At the end point the dumbbells should be at stomach level. You could stay awhile in this position, then return to the start.

  • Deadlifts.

The item mainly involves the muscles of the back (especially the lumbar part) and the legs, buttocks and forearms.

Standing straight, slightly bend your knees, keep your back straight. Holding dumbbells in hands, bend slightly forward. You should feel the tension of the muscles back of the thighs and buttocks. Taking the initial position, do not straighten legs fully to working muscles do not relax. Straighten up, taking the weights as close as possible to the feet, and then return to the starting position.

Exercises for the abs, arms and chest

  • Dumbbell bench press.

Lie on the horizontal surface. Grab a dumbbell, bend them at the elbows, spread on both sides of the chest. On the exhale, raise your arms vertically, completely straight them. Pausing for a few seconds at a time, return to the starting position. Control the timing of the hands to physical load is evenly distributed.

  • Twisting.

Take supine position. Lift legs, bend them so that between them and the floor formed an angle of 45 degrees. Hands, previously diluted in hand, together in front of him, while the body lift from the floor. With an inhalation, take the starting position.

Planning physical activity

If your goal is weight loss in the shortest time, do the presented exercises at least three times a week. To make it easier to get used to regular exercise, try to conduct trainings on the same days. For example, exercise on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, and on Sundays give yourself an additional rest day.

  • Monday. Follow the exercises with dumbbells to strengthen the muscles of the legs and the press.
  • Environment. Do the elements in the elaboration of the abdominal muscles and back.
  • Friday. Follow the exercises on the muscles of the arms, chest and legs.

Starting to learn the above training movements, do for each of them at least 2 approaches for 15-25 repetitions (focus on your endurance). When this load will be enough, you can increase the number of sets and repetitions.

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