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Physical activity in the gym: strength training methods

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Physical activity in the gym: strength training methods
The contents

  • The types of power loads for a sports body
  • How to calculate physical activity
  • Re-AC method fitness workouts
  • Circular method of exercise
  • Method of training speed and power qualities
  • Best effort method
  • The method of static forces
  • Program for beginners

Coming to the gym, you often perform the same athletic program. And thereby create additional obstacles on the path to realizing the dream of a beautiful figure, the muscles quickly become accustomed to repetitive physical stress and subsequently almost not react to them. Also monotonous exercises cause boredom and discourage any desire to perform the same exercises.

Use the gym at 100% of its capabilities. For example, introduce different methods of strength training to create a versatile sports programs. You will immediately see how the muscles gain strength and tone. To do will be more effective than several times.

The types of power loads for a sports body

All fitness training can be divided into 2 categories: increase strength and increase endurance. With the first category of training you can achieve lifting the maximum weight for a short time. The second category is to increase muscle endurance for longer perform the selected exercises.

Sports complexes are dynamic and static. Dynamic involve the execution of movements, stretching and lengthening muscle fibers. Static Flex without changing their shape. And those and others strengthen the body and give it an attractive shape. The alternation of types of physical activity do not give the body to relax and will keep it in good shape during and after workouts.

How to calculate physical activity

To determine working weight, number of sets and repetitions, the concept was introduced as “one repetition maximum”. Is the weight of weighting agent in which the athlete is able to lift 1 time, using all their strength. If you are a beginner and have no idea what you are capable of your body, it is better to trust the coach. It is due to my experience I will quickly provide you with the optimal weight.

Use perform strength exercises is as follows:

  • accelerates the metabolism and decreases the volume of adipose tissue;
  • strengthen muscle fibers and ligaments, prevents the appearance of sprains and tears;
  • tighten problem areas, and the body becomes a relief.

There are many methods of strength training, among which you will find the best option for themselves. Please note that some of them are not recommended for beginners.

Re-AC method fitness workouts

This is the most common method of preparation of sports programs. Exercises are chosen based on the needs of the body to pump a particular muscle group. Tempo run slow is selected, with a clear adherence to proper technique. The weight of the projectile should be at least 50 %, but not more than 80% of one repetition maximum.

Each exercise is performed in 3-10 approaches of 15-20 reps. At run time, you must gradually increase the weight until it reaches its maximum. This method of fitness training is very popular as it allows you to quickly achieve results and leads to injury. It can be used to increase endurance and muscle strength, and increase their working masses.

Circular method of exercise

This physical exercise allows you to train all body parts in one session. Choosing the circular method, you’ll quickly lose that weight and will reduce the volume of problem areas. Remember the relay race in school physical education lessons? This method uses a similar approach: you perform exercises on different muscle groups, keeping the maximum speed. While weight training alternating with cardio and static efforts. Breaks can only be done after completing a full cycle with a duration of no more than 30 seconds.

This is fueling interest in training and evokes the competitive spirit, especially if you engage in the team.

Method of training speed and power qualities

It is suitable for experienced athletes, as it has a high injury risk. To perform the strength exercise uses 30 % of one repetition maximum. Each of them has 5-8 approaches.Training takes place at a rapid pace.

This method allows for short term to fulfill the required number of movements needed the exercise and to develop in 1 day several muscle groups. To avoid stresses and tears, it is recommended to master the technique and then to use the method of speed-power qualities.

Best effort method

This method is used to increase muscle strength. It does not increase the amount of muscle and carry it quite difficult. For effective fitness workouts is taken 100-105 % of one repetition maximum. The complex is slow to 4-5 reps.

Due to the fact that you are using a lot of weight, this method is considered to be traumatic. Ask someone to insure you. Be prepared for the fact that tired during class. After a workout give your muscles to rest at least 1-2 days.

The method of static forces

These sessions are used static exercises: for example, from the techniques of Pilates, yoga or physical therapy. They are recommended to people with contraindications to dynamic exercise and those who need to restore muscle function after injuries or illnesses.

This physical activity involves the consumption of a small amount of energy, so to lose a lot of weight does not work, but to tighten the muscles is possible with high efficiency. The training is aimed at certain body parts, so these lessons will be useful for those who want to adjust the shape and fix problem areas. To perform the use your own body weight or small weights.

Program for beginners

This complex is suitable for re-AC method with the performance of 3 approaches for 12-15 repetitions and the method of circuit training: during the performance of 4 rounds of 10-12 reps.

  • squats with the weights;
  • bench sports bench;
  • lunges with the weights;
  • lifts dumbbells in hand;
  • hyperextension with weights;
  • vertical thrust block for the head;
  • twisting.

In addition to these methods of strength training, there are many other options of training. But they are used more for professional performance in various sports. Those who goes to the gym to have a beautiful athletic body, it is sufficient to use the simplest base system.

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