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Physical activity in the fall: things to do at leisure?

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Physical activity in the fall: things to do at leisure?

The contents

  • Reasons to promote physical activity in the fall
  • Adjustable intensity of physical activity in the fall
  • What types of physical activity to promote health and recreation preferred in the fall?

Cold. Slush. Autumn landscape evokes the Blues, short daylight hours causes me nothing but sleepiness. Know the situation? However, it is autumn, the end of the holidays and begin working life, is to make a list of daily activities and sports training. What is it — physical activity in the fall and what you should know if you wish to get in shape?

Reasons to promote physical activity in the fall

In the summer it’s hard to force myself to do, because it’s too hot, and in winter we were driven in a warm and welcoming house very cold. With the arrival of autumn debilitating heat subsides, and the severe frosts and snowstorms far away, so this time can be called perfect for correcting your figure. Rested over the summer and recharged in the form of vitamins and minerals the body is physically ready for work and new challenges, and psychologically there is a desire to increase vitality and mood.

It is precisely with the advent of autumn, people are looking for new opportunities to improve their lives and themselves — a new academic year begins in the educational institutions, there is a set for various courses and trainings, the season begins in theatres and cinemas. And if, in obedience to the universal mood, you also want to try something new, may it be physical activity in the form of a new sport. The main thing — to consider all the details of the classes at this time of year and choose the most acceptable variant of the activity without harming their health.

Adjustable intensity of physical activity in the fall

First cold slow down the usual pace of life, so it is difficult sometimes to decide to change something in the established daily routine, and experienced athletes to maintain the frequency and intensity of physical activity at the same level. You need to remember that autumn and spring is always stressful for the body and no wonder it was at this time, all exacerbated by existing chronic disease. Therefore, when choosing a form of exercise it is necessary to consider this aspect, and also the fact that at that time the beginning of the season of viral infections and colds in the first place against people with weakened organism, subjecting himself to exhausting training.

Adjustments in sports activities and make a weather conditions — extreme temperatures, biting wind and rain, changes in atmospheric pressure. Together with the decrease in daylight and the biological slowing down of the metabolism in the pre-winter period we get a lot of obstacles before want to play sports, but if you approach this issue wisely, the exercise will bring only joy and benefit.

When scheduling your workouts, you should adjust the following:

  • the pace and intensity of physical activity

Of course, to regularly attending the gym won’t be a problem to maintain the same strength and performance but newcomers experiencing an increasing pressure of stress associated with the development of autumn Blues, will have hard times. Not to stop halfway and not go on about the capricious body needs to slow down, reducing the pace and continuity of training. It is possible to reduce the usual number of sets or reduce the reps. As a variant — to increase the rest time in between;

  • strength change endurance

Aerobic exercise is useful at any time of year but in autumn it is worth to bet on strength training combined with moderate cardio. Replace a morning run in rainy and windy weather for Nordic walking in the woods or Park, and often work with dumbbells to strengthen the muscles;

  • fiber is everything

With the advent of autumn, the number of seasonal vegetables and fruit in the stores is dramatically reduced, but that is no reason to feed your body the “wrong” food. Cabbage, carrots, apples, celery, lettuce available to us all year round, so we should actively add them while cooking;

  • training

If earlier you were free to choose to physical exertion any time, with the early sunset have to make adjustments in your routine. If possible, it is better to do in the morning or the afternoon. Then the quality of sleep much better, because overexcited after an evening training session the body will be heavier to sleep;

  • choice of clothing

So after the first practice, in the condition of the piercing cold wind and nasty slush not to come down with fever and sore throat, care should be taken to the appropriate gear. It is better to buy clothes in special sports stores, adapted for sport activities in cold weather.

What types of physical activity to promote health and recreation preferred in the fall?

Take care of yourself and keep yourself in shape should be all year round, but there are types of physical activities suitable for this time of year, here are some of them:

  • Nordic walking

This sport is quite significantly different from running and ordinary walking. If you have joint problems, then the best exercise you can find. Used for walking sticks allow you to increase the tension of the arms and shoulders, reducing stress on knee joints and hips. This sport has a beneficial effect on the heart and lungs, strengthens the spine and acts as a prevention of diseases of locomotor apparatus. This sport is amazing for the elderly, and it’s nice to enjoy the autumn beauty in good company!;

  • swimming or water aerobics

These types of physical activities also have virtually no health restrictions. Swimming is useful to all, besides, it is one of the few sports which involve in work all group of muscles at once. Besides lessons in the water hardens the body, which is very important in the season of flu and colds, and weight loss contribute not less;

  • yoga

Everyone knows that it’s not just exercise, it’s a philosophy! And when not in the fall immersed in thought about the meaning of life and find reasons to be happy. Yoga is not intended to increase the intensity and quality of physical activity, but she is able to change your Outlook and prepare the body for more serious cold;

  • dancing

Hate the sport with all his heart can choose the dancing to increase your physical activity and nothing to lose, only to win. Hot Latino, belly dance, hip-hop — whichever direction you are not attracted, you can easily lead yourself into shape and get a charge of vivacity and positive, that will be enough until spring;

  • bike or rollers

The first has long ceased to be a sports agent, and has become a popular form of transport, which drive not only the younger generation but also older persons, regardless of their social status. Rollers also learn not only the young athletes. Both equipment will allow to spend free time in the Park or the square, receiving a dose of oxygen, pump the muscles of the legs and thighs and sakaliev the body. Such training will strengthen the cardiovascular system and the immune system, favorably affect the brain and body.

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