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Physical activity in the elderly

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Physical activity in the elderly

The contents

  • The benefits of exercise for seniors
  • The best types of physical activity
  • Regular training
  • A few rules from the doctor

Various physical activity is an important part of the lives of people who care about their health. Of course sport is important and in the elderly. Many doctors believe that with age must adopt a more active lifestyle, it will help to improve the quality of life and add to her comfort. But older people may be contraindicated in some exercise due to various health problems. To choose the most appropriate types of physical activity will help a qualified doctor.

The benefits of exercise for seniors

Regular exercise in old age bring many benefits:

  • Increase strength, prolonging the ability to self.
  • Positively affect the balance and sense of balance that helps prevent falls.
  • Add forces.
  • Help to avoid the development of diabetes, osteoporosis and cardiovascular problems. Exercise can also slow the spread of such diseases.
  • Improve mood and prevent depression.
  • A positive impact on the brain, helping to avoid dementia.

Doctors believe that sport can be an important part of life of practically all people aged over 65 years. Physical exercise will be helpful even in chronic ailments. But the safety of performing various exercises will not be amiss to discuss with your doctor.

The best types of physical activity

To improve the work of the body and prevent health problems, you need to include in your usual rhythm of life four types of physical activity. Proper exercise will help increase:

  • Endurance. These activities help rhythmically breathing, stabilize heart rate, add health the heart, lungs and circulatory system. In addition, they contribute to the accumulation of energy. These include walking (including Nordic), dancing, swimming. In General, these loads also include working in the garden or in the garden.
  • Force. Such exercises aimed at strengthening muscle strength. These include lifting weights and working with resistance (special expander). In older age weight lifting could pass the use of small dumbbells.
  • Balance. These exercises help to maintain balance and avoid falling. These include standing on one leg, walking with perevalivanie on foot, yoga, etc.
  • Flexibility. Such exercises are great stretch the muscles, adding them flexibility and mobility. These include stretching and yoga.

Of course, it is not necessary to deal with all types of physical activity in one day. Doctors recommend that it is reasonable to disperse the exercises on different days of the week.

In many cities in the gyms and health clubs operate special clubs for the elderly. They can not only exercise, but also to find a new social circle.

Regular training

Doctors advise people aged over 65 years to engage in physical activity at least 2.5 hours a week. It is best to distribute them so as to get about 30 minutes a day. It is imperative a daily exercise to develop flexibility and balance.

A simple exercise can be an important part of everyday life. In particular, you can:

  • To walk up the stairs, not the lift.
  • To Park away from your destination.
  • To go short distances always walk or ride a bike.
  • To get a pet and walk it regularly.
  • Working in the garden or the garden.
  • To combine watching TV with exercise. An excellent option could be stretching or simple exercises with dumbbells.

If you do a little morning warm-up-exercises habit, the benefits will be felt pretty quickly. Importantly, do not forget about regular workouts.

A few rules from the doctor

To sports in the elderly was safe and healthy, should follow a few important recommendations:

  • Before conducting a workout it is important to warm up. This can be done in 5 minutes to do a slow walk and stretching. After exercise, it is important to make so-called “hitch” — you can also slightly stretch and walk about.
  • Those people who are not involved in sports earlier, it is important before you start exercising to consult a doctor. The doctor can assess the condition of the body, and suggest the most optimal rhythm training. To determine safety of physical activity, you may need to conduct special tests such as an electrocardiogram with a load.
  • It is very important to consult a specialist also in the presence of certain violations of health and health problems. Need a doctor for those who are experiencing dizziness or shortness of breath, tightness in the chest or pain. It is also an indication for consultation with a specialist is considered recent surgery, edema, the presence of herniation, infection, and nonhealing ulcers.
  • In sports it is very important to wear comfortable, natural and quite loose-fitting clothes and sturdy shoes that fits good on the foot and compresses it. It is advisable to train in shoes with proper arch support and quality cushioning heel. These requirements correspond to shoes made specifically for certain types of physical activity.
  • Physical activity in the elderly should begin gradually. It is important to start with those exercises that are comfortable in performing.
  • All kinds of physical exercise will be helpful only when during their run well-being is not disturbed. It is essential to give up another workout with General malaise, headache, temperature, aches and pains, etc.

If the next day after the muscles and joints tangibly hurt, most likely the load was particularly intense. In such a situation it is better to reduce the pace of training and work awhile in less intense rhythm.

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